As expected, Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal was met with mocking on social media; FBN’s Dagen Mcdowell noted on Twitter: In the South this kind of “Green Dream” brilliance could be explained by too many Jell-O shots; while @texasroofclean commented: If this were Jeopardy the question would be: Things a 10 year old that attends public school would say.

And WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel, in a series of tweets: ‘I Was Laughing So Hard I Nearly Cried’

But as Tammy noted earlier this week, before this disastrous roll-out, via Fox News: Tammy Bruce: ‘New Green Deal’ = New Green Hoax

Here’s a scoop for you: The so-called “Green New Deal,” onto which 70 leading Democrats have signed, doesn’t exist. Like a salesman parked at a corner hawking a small bottle filled with a mystery substance that will cure everything from insomnia to cancer, the Democratic Party is promoting a fraud-work quilt promising a cure for all.

In reality, this hoax targeting the liberal base, GenXers and progressives, is nothing more than an elaborate Get Out the Vote organizing effort….

Via Daily Caller.

Freshman Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez contradicted herself Thursday, telling NPR one thing in the morning and saying the exact opposite to NBC’s Chuck Todd just hours later.

The dramatic flip-flop was caught by Grabien founder Tom S. Elliott, who spliced the two segments together in a tweet, noting that they had occurred fewer than 12 hours apart.

And by the end of the day, the entire gaffe-filled mess Green Plan was taken offline:

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  1. MACVEL says:

    They will need bandages for their bloody feet.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Link to an NRO Letter from Canada on Carbon Tax. Good light read.
    British Columbia enacted a Carbon Tax 11 yrs. ago that promised to be Tax Neutral. Eg, taxes raised would lower income personal & business taxes. For a few years, it operated that way. But then politicians discovered that the lower income taxes didn’t give them any benefit, so they stopped trying to be tax neutral. They now just use as another tax to spend more.
    Trudeau wants to implement Nation-wide. To show his commitment to tax neutral, he plans to send everyone a $450 check first. Betting is that will end after a few years and end up as just another tax to spend more.

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