I really just have no words. Except….this guy is the biggest ass ever, anywhere. At any time. My gawd, the hubris! It just never ends.

From the official Obama/Biden Tumblr. Obama’s the one with the Dumbo ears there in the middle of the pic.

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  1. persecutor says:

    It’s all about him, doncha know!

  2. midget says:

    Hello moon, how are you? I don’t really care.No really I do. No I don’t, now back to me.

  3. MaryVal says:

    Is Obama getting worse? Is the narcissism progressing? Or is he hiding it less. He’s a lunatic.

  4. otlset says:

    The Islamic symbol of crescent moon and star above is just a coincidence of course.

    • dennisl59 says:


      Source Daniel Pipes Dot Com:

      In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, published in The New York Times, March 6th, 2007, Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, “with a first-class [Arabic] accent.”

      The opening lines of the Adhan (Azaan) is the Shahada:

      “Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
      Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
      I witness that there is no god but Allah
      I witness that there is no god but Allah
      I witness that Muhammad is his prophet… ”

      According to Islamic scholars, reciting the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, makes one a Muslim. This simple yet profound statement expresses a Muslim’s complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam.

      “Obama knows this from his Quranic studies — and he knows the New York Times will publish this fact and it will be seen throughout the Islamic world.

      Regardless of Obama’s religion, what message is he sending the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims?

      I suppose it’s easy for Obama to remember the Shahada for the 35 years since he left Indonesia — and in ‘first-class’ Arabic — especially since he believes the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.”

      The fact that Obama can recall the Shahada after 35 years and the fact that he believes that the daily call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth” say that those Muslim prayers run through his head often — what does that make him?”-Daniel Pipes

      posted 8/27 315pm Texas[If it quacks like a duck…]Time

  5. midget says:

    ooh otlset- good one !

  6. Pat_S says:

    And a tiny, tiny moon.

    Dare we notice it is a crescent moon without being accused of speaking in code? Or may we accuse Obama of sending coded messages?

  7. FrankRemley says:

    Jeremiah Wright probably told the Dumb Bastard that the moon landings were staged by the CIA in order to enslave black people. Thus his contempt for the space program.

  8. rickh says:

    King of Ass-Hat Junction.

  9. strider says:

    Our President without his teleprompter.

  10. trevy says:

    I guess we know now why he does nothing for Christmas or Easter. People will really expect him to honor Jesus Christ instead of his own narcissistic self.

    Go with God Neil Armstrong. The rest of the country honors you. Say “hi” to Gus Grissom for us.

  11. TigerAim says:

    Sorry trash!

  12. pamelarice says:

    There is something about this man that is truely frightening, and it becomes clearer every day. If you have’nt, as of yet, seen 2012 – go!

  13. Mutnodjmet says:

    Obama: Hits rock bottom, then grabs a jackhammer.

  14. ReardenSteel says:

    Headshake, fecepalm, words almost fail me with this one. What a Grade-A, genuine horse’s ass this guy is. Never thought I would say we need to elect a President that is actually PRO-AMERICAN!! Here we are though. GO MITT GO!! America for Americans. Communists will be escorted out of the country. BY FORCE! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!!!!

  15. I also hate all of this half baked poetic nonsense! …taught us all the power of one small step??? WTF? I think Mr. Armstrong did many leaps and bounds and great personal feats, in order to even be selected to be the first man on the moon, not to mention actually executing the mission. The power of one small step?? Did Armstrong just roll our of bed one day and get inspired to put on his shoes and go out and get the paper? No, sorry, if you go get a job and stop collecting food stamps and welfare, then those are very good small steps, but you are still nowhere from being able to land on the moon. Once again, we have a statement that truly belittles anyone’s personal achievements in life. I am sure Niel had a wonderful 4th grade school teacher.

    Niel Armstrong taught us to dream big, really big, …to risk your life for something great. …to risk your life for your country. He taught us all to have faith, to have courage! He taught us all humility, and grace. He delivered on the hopes and dreams of a nation. I can go on and on. BO is a hopeless lost human being. His ego is like Clinton’s on steroids. He even tries to take some credit for being one of many who has the spirit of Niel Armstrong living in him, as he credits those who make sure we reach higher and go further in space. Like politicians who will properly fund such programs, and lead in give direction like Kennedy? like Reagan? like Bush tried to do in his second term after making sure we were safe at home?? In BO’s belated congratulations/campaign call to JPL he said that they can all count on him to fund such programs in the future. What a rotten liar!

    • Foreverautumn says:

      But Prince, Armstrong didn’t do that! It was all GOVERNMENT!

      I contend that the Apollo space program is a classic example of just what can go wrong with Big Government projects. Keep in mind we never went back to the moon after Apollo 17, mostly because we went in the first place for all the WRONG reasons! Simply to “beat the Russians”! That’s IT! And now NASA’s become a bloated pig that doesn’t even have a manned space vehicle anymore, and has to resupply the ISS (has ANYTHING useful come from that?) using 3rd party hardware, and the Chicago Jesus has to make the Muslims FEEL GOOD about themselves, don’t you know?

      And the only ones actually ACCOMPLISHING much in space anymore, it seems, is SpaceX, Advanced Composites, and Virgin Galactic, et al – all PRIVATE companies.

      Okay, I’m done with my head explosion now. I think I’m getting to be more and more like Tammy. I dunno, Tammy, is it possible to be a male lesbian?

  16. Gordon says:

    A Japanese phrase comes to mind to describe the DB…Baka, Baka, BAKAYARO!!!!

  17. Paul Anderson says:

    Actually, he was just looking up to see if he could spot Biden out there somewhere…….

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