Matthew Hahn speaks to a Mercury News reporter from inside Elmwood jail

I know we’re all Law & Order types here, and for good reason. But when you read the story of what Matthew Ryan Hahn did after he allegedly broke into a home and burglarized it, well, it’s undeniable this guy deserves a break. His heroic actions should eclipse any punishment he is supposed to receive as a potential third-stirker.

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  1. Canadian Infidel says:

    He did a great thing getting that piece of plague off the streets but still he deserves no break regarding criminal charges. First he is not even up for the burglary regarding the safe, but facing other charges. He is simply trying to barter down his current charges with his previous good deed. If he was never arrested the source of that memory stick would still be anonymous and the tipster unknown. Yes he has some common decency to him, yet he is still a thief, and a recidivist one at that as it doesn’t sound like he stopped after the Aitken’s heist. Cut him some slack and you will only see him back before the courts at a later date after victimizing more citizens with his trade. At which time he will once again remind the judge about his great deed to mankind. Kudos to Mr. Hahn for exposing Mr. Aitken, but listen, your a criminal, and you need to do your sentence according to the law. It has been said that there is honor among thieves, let him be happy with that.

  2. Xrlq says:

    Could you please elaborate? My company’s version of Web “Sense” thinks your link is to a porn site.

  3. Carpediem says:

    Most definitely Hahn should be pardoned for his offenses in return for his yes, HEROIC unselfish action in sending the evidence to the police so this pondscum could be brought to justice. As for Aitken , the death penalty and rot in hell . To me there is no crime more deserving of death than sexually abusing a child.

  4. ahwatukeejohn says:

    Cases like this are the reason governors and presidents are empowered to override the courts, mandentory sentensing etc. with pardons and the like. This would be a good chance, if done right, for someone to score some big points with the electorate and do the right thing at the same time.

    “We will reward your help in getting an animal off the streets with a pass this time. That doesn’t mean you won’t be back in for the next offence.” (That is what I would do anyway) Easy to say when you do not have to face the consiquenses I guess.

    I am sure this burglar would not count on every one he robbed being dirty.

  5. voiceboy says:

    The larger issue here I think is the inequity of the mandatory three strikes sentencing.Yes this guy should get some sort of a break,but as CI stated,the crime he is currently up for was yet another issue.He obviously did not have a realization that the criminal life has some serious drawbacks, he just kept on stealing despite his turning the predator in.

  6. marianpaul says:

    I have to agree with Canadian Infidel. What he did getting that pieceo of scum off the street was a great thing but he is still a criminal and he needs to pay for the actions he did. He did the right thing so even someone like him can have a streak of decency but in the end he still is self-absorbed and will try to use his deed to knock some time off of his sentence.

  7. predoc says:

    Hahn most certainly did the right thing by the child, but I think he should still face the consequences of his criminal actions. I see them as two separate events. I don’t have a problem commending him for one action while at the same time condeming him for the other.

  8. ahwatukeejohn says:

    It appears that I find myself in the akward possition of being too nice a guy.

  9. Tink says:

    This guy has obviously proven that his conscience is still operational, so I would without question let him off with probation and community service. He deserves at least one more chance. This could be the big turning point in his life. God works in mysterious way.

  10. Marie says:

    I agree with Tink…I think probation with mandatory job training to complete his second chance to become a honest member of society…

    As a Grandmother of three, I want to thank Hahn for his selfless act of courage..

    Aitken, he needs to die…I still think we need to bring back public hangings…c’mon, it’s just a thought!!

  11. St. Thor says:

    I note that Mr. Hahn is only 26. Around 40 years ago a wise judge told me that one of my burglarous clients would grow out of it at around 30 to 35 when his anti-social personality changed to law abiding. And, sure enough, my client, who had been having fun with the legal system from 18 until 30, changed his ways, settled down, and became a law abiding citizen. If you met him today you would never guess that his profession was burglar in his younger days. Fortunately, although our state had enhanced sentencing up to life in prison for prior felonies, he was able to avoid a life sentence due to a combination of wise judges and mistakes by prosecutors. Mr. Hahn should e commended for his actions, and his present trial should be tried as a first offense crime. He may be salvagable. The pedophile is not.

  12. political_junkie says:

    I am going to throw a “ditto” to St. Thor. There is a distinct chance that this man is reedemable. The three strikes law has some deep weaknesses and this is one of them. I hope that a way is found to achieve true justice in this situation and for this man to pay society for his crimes in a way other than to go to jail. As for the molester… Well, prison has a unique way of dealing with monsters like that, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy….

  13. Xrlq says:

    I agree, this guy should NOT get any leniency. It would be different if his third strike charge were for this particular incident, and he had only been arrested because he did the right thing and went to authorities. Then, I’d say give him a slap on the wrist, if only to encourage the next burglar who happens upon a child molester to do the same. But this guy faces third strike charges independently of his semi-good, non-Samaritan burglary. No leniency there – I hope.

  14. Dave J says:

    “If he was never arrested the source of that memory stick would still be anonymous and the tipster unknown.”

    Yeah, and then good luck getting any of that stuff into evidence. Without Hahn, I doubt a jury would ever hear about it.

    As for Hahn’s future, I agree with XRLQ up to a point. No mercy in prosecution now, yes, but since he’s facing life on a third strike, I’d say there’s fair grounds for the Governor to consider clemency at some point.

  15. His heroic actions should eclipse any punishment he is supposed to receive as a potential third-stirker.

    Sorry, but I must dissent.

    As we’ve all said time and time again within the context of the immigration debate…..our laws must be respected and upheld.

    What he thankfully did was out of an innate sense of morality [at least in regards to sex crimes] and quite frankly should have nothing to do with the fact that he committed a crime.

    As a past victim of both burglary and armed robbery, I’d be very curious to know how his victims would feel about it.

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