Now we have Hillary’s confession, an off-handed but rather telling remark, and it’s not exactly presidential in scope. This sort of comment is not made by a person who expects to win, and belies any sense of confidence. At the same time, working in a diner might educate her about the importance of tips.

Ultimately, while I do not want the Clintons near the White House ever again, I do find it difficult not to feel sorry for her.

I can always get a job in a diner, says Hillary

Hillary Clinton joked yesterday that if her bid for the White House failed she could always work in a diner.

The former First Lady may have been speaking in jest, but her remarks betray an awareness that she may lose one of the potentially decisive primary elections in Ohio and Texas next Tuesday. During a campaign stop at the Bob Evans restaurant in Rio Grande, Ohio, Mrs Clinton shook hands with kitchen staff and then stood behind the counter to pose for pictures.

“I am just going to take a few orders here,” she smiled, adding: “In case this other endeavour doesn’t work out I can come back to Bob Evans.”

Diana Lemaster, a waitress photographed with Mrs Clinton, said: “She would be welcome working here any time. She was very, very nice.”

Believe me, this is not the sort of exchange Obama is having with diner owners, or anyone else, for that matter.

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  1. jeweytunes says:

    We should follow up our “Tide Pen” campaign by sending her aprons. Hey Hil, kiss my grits! J

  2. ltlme says:

    l can’t picture her carrying a tray of food. After all, that’s manual labor.

  3. Sean Arther says:

    She’d be fired on the first day. I could just see a veteran waitress trying to train her, like Flo from the show Alice.

    Flo would have to pull her aside and say, “Now, Hillary, we’ve been over and over this several times and I thought you understood. You’ve got to stop chasing customers into the parking lot and telling them they have to give you a bigger tip. It doesn’t work that way. The CUSTOMER gets to decide how much money to leave you. Okay, darlin’?”

    Hillary would just have this bewildered look in her eyes (like Vera) and say, “The CUSTOMER decides how much my tip is?! The CUSTOMER?! Are you sure about that, Flo? That’s not how it was at my last job. In fact, I’ve never held a job with that rule before…”

    Liberals are generally both incapable and unwilling to hold down jobs where the receipt of their paycheck is contingent upon performance. They are also contemptuous of any job where (1) someone else tells them to do things, and (2) to remain employed, they actually have to do those things. They see this as a draconian, oppressive arrangement and will have none of it. The only thing Hillary is capable of doing in a restaurant is eating.

  4. PeteRFNY says:

    Hillary must have a thing for “loose meat”. I mean, look who she’s married to…

  5. The Friendly Grizzly says:

    One can but hope that she would encounter folks who tip like she does.

  6. joeblough says:

    With her entitled snarky attitude, actually no, she couldn’t work in a diner.

    She’d starve if she had to live on tips voluntarily given.

    She’s much more suited to extracting her pay by force … you know, like taxes.


    And also no, I don’t feel any sympathy for her.

    I’m starting to wonder about the healthiness of feeling normal human sympathy for bad, destructive people.

    It may be a form of healthy mental hygiene to withold that sympathy.

    I assure you that she’d have none for you if you were dying in a hospital waiting line in her nationalized “heath care” hell.

  7. infidel says:

    Being a proud Jersey boy (who migrated to the midwest) I can assure you that it is not in The Dragon Lady’s DNA to call a diner’s patron “hon”.

    I’d love to leave her a penny if she served me.
    You Jersey folks know what a statement that kind of tip is.

  8. usaguys says:

    I sent her an application for Greeter at Wal-Mart.

  9. helpunderdog says:

    With the liberal attitude of never being accountable for one’s actions (only conservatives are held to such a standard), incompetence, apathy, and a condescending attitude would rule in Hillary’s performance as a waitress.
    Hollering across the room to a disgruntled customer while she sits and smokes: “What? You wanted toast with that? Not my fault. And remember, you’ve got to pay the 15% tip whether you like it or not. I live on tips, so pay your fair share so I can live the cushy lifestyle I deserve”.

  10. Senrab says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  11. DEM because I say so.. says:

    Not only would I leave her a “penny” tip, I’d put it in the water glass.

    No, she doesn’t have my sympathy. All I have to do is remember her disgusting comments to General Petreaus. That keeps me in check.

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