It is 2010, right? Not 1950? I get so confused. And this from the company that’s in bed with China. Impressive.

Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ to Go Prowl Elsewhere

If you’re a woman who would like to date younger men, you can find lots of articles about these relationships by doing a Google search.

But as a woman looking for a man, you might be a little confused by the advertisements that accompany these articles. One promises to help you find sexy Latin women, and another, hot Latvian ladies. But there are no links to the growing number of “cougar” dating sites, matching older women with younger men, on content sites that show up in a Google search. Google has recently deemed those dating sites “nonfamily safe,” and therefore its ads for such sites containing the word “cougar” will not be allowed on so-called content pages.

Google continues to allow similar advertising for the many sites that match older men and younger women, like, which assures its clients they can meet “sugar babies.”

So cougars and cubs are out, but sugar daddies and sugar babies are in.

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  1. makeshifty says:

    I suggest a correction. Google was in bed with China. They shut down their branch there recently, due to a hacking incident that originated in China, and the fact that Google’s market share was in the teens and dropping.

    I agree with you though about Google’s poor choice of ad discrimination. Based on your description I don’t understand what gives. There are dating sites like which for years have allowed people who are married to find “companions”. And this is not because they don’t check first. They specifically allow you to say “married” as your status. I heard of a dating site the other day which is specifically aimed at people who are married. I mean, give me a break! Does Google seriously want to call these sites “family safe”?

    • Tammy says:

      Well, the latest I saw was that Google moved from “China” to “Hong Kong” which, of course, is still “China.” A little spin by Google, and they may be able to avoid censorship from servers there, but Google is still in China, and serving China. I think it’s window dressing, myself.

      • makeshifty says:

        I had not heard that. Thanks for the information. The public information they were putting out certainly left one with the impression that they were leaving. At first I applauded the idea. I thought they never should’ve agreed to enter the market by paying the price of censoring what the Chinese could see. But then I heard about Chinese dissidents who were selectively using Google’s services to further their cause, and it left me with the thought, “Well, maybe they were doing some good after all.” From what your cited article says Google has now taken all filtering off of searches at its Hong Kong site. This doesn’t mean that all Chinese can now have access to Google. The Chinese government has firewall technology that allows them to block what their own citizens can and can’t see. There’s no reason to believe they’re not applying that to Google as well. As I recall, Google helped them get that technology. Well they’ve made their bed, and they’re still laying in it.

      • thierry says:

        they may be able to see the links in google hong kong but on the main land the government of china has firewalls up to prevent people from accessing them.

  2. thierry says:

    google has also banned conservative and anti-jihadi web sites in a similar fashion- including jawa report and michnews.

    really really attractive older women must be like hate speech or something. it actually betrays their fear of women defining and owning their own sexuality. it’s ok however for the family if young women make themselves available for a price to rich old men. that used to be called prostitution- hardly a family value. encouraging girls that their only worth is as sex objects and that that worth comes with an expiration date isn’t objectionable? at least they fare better than female infants in china one supposes.

    apple- the company banning an app quoting hateful parts of the koran- and google are heavily linked so much so they’re being investigated by the federal trade commission. a mac person, i was on the point of ordering a new laptop however the pulling of the koran app while leaving up a bible bashing app has me reconsidering. the company that bans porn is one thing- the company that bans critique of islam but not of other religions is quite another.

    al gore is on the board of directors of apple and he has been a senior advisor on ‘ search quality’ to google.

    google- keeping the world safe from the truth about radical islam, the truth about liberals and the truth about women still being hot after 40. i feel safe. liberals- scared to death of radical jihad backlash and attractive women of a certain age.

  3. mvupoars says:

    Uh, so finding a willing young man is easier with GOOGLE? I wish.

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