First, thanks everyone for your well-wishes and notes of concern. All is well at Chez Bruce. Here now is my update.

Well, today ended up being even more eventful than usual. As many of you know, today’s earthquake struck as I was on the air with Tammy Radio. So many of you sent along well wishes and good vibes, which were very kind. You also asked for an update on what happened, and I have lots of requests asking for details on how Sydney and Snoopy handled their first earthquake. Let’s just say they each handled it very differently 😉

First of all, as we all now know, the quake was a 5.4 magnitude. That was about the size of the average aftershock of the 1994 big equake. I’m a native Los Angeleno so you get rather used to little shaking, so the scariest thing about an earthquake is not quite knowing how big it’s going to be. The shaking starts out slow, and then increases exponentially, and you never tell how big its going to be until the shaking finally starts to slow down. Theres no tell-tale sign of what you’ve got. Today’s was the sort where its big enough where you get excited but not really frightened, and you know at home items on shelves probably fell down but things like glasses and plates stayed in their place.

My big concern was the impact and Syd and Snoop.

Often I take Syd to doggy daycare during the show. Sometime, as many of you have heard via the occasional bark, I bring her to the studio, but today she was with her pals at daycare. I tried right away to call and see how Syd made it through, but while phone lines were up, it was tough to get through because of the call volume. In the meantime, I shot home to check on Snoop. As predicted, some pics had fallen off shelves, and other things had been moved around, but all was well. Snoop, however, was no where to be seen. Her usual hiding places were empty and she wouldn’t come when called.

I was scheduled for the the O’Reilly Factor today, so I wasn’t able to stay home and had to leave knowing Syd was in the house, likely unhurt and just scared. I reached the doggy daycare people finally and other than a bunch of barking (the dogs knew the quake was going to hit about a minute before it did apparently) and all was good there, too.

Finally I get back from Fox, and it’s been 5 hours or so since the quake, I get Syd, she’s good, get back home, but no Snoopy. Now I’m getting worried and start to do some hunting. after calling and calling and scouring every room, I hear Snoopy’s tiny little meow-squeak (she’s never had a normal meow) and it’s Sydney who tracks her down…stuck between the wall and dryer in the laundry room. She look perfectly happy, but obviously had jumped down from the top of the dryer and got wedged between it and the wall. After some appliance moving, Ms. Bruce came running out wondering, no doubt, what the hell was going on.

Now to cap off my day I have taken half a Tylenol PM and am watching “Species” with Natasha Henstridge and Marg Helgenberger. By the time I wake up in the morning, I’ll have suspended disbelief and expect the world to be back right where we left it this morning, being irritated with B. Hussein and John as we try to manage all the trucking crap liberals keep throwing our way.

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  1. Talkin Horse says:

    Cats turn invisible when they get flustered. The phenomenon can be troublesome.

  2. PeteRFNY says:

    Amazing…I thought my cat was the only one to ever get wedged between the dryer and the wall. Mind you, she’s also a calico. Ours are not so easy to move – I had to completely rip apart the laundry cubby – and that area is now strictly feline-verbotten.

    Glad to hear that everyone is OK – you should post or replay the moment the quake hit so that those of us that missed the third hour yesterday can re-live the moment…I’m guessing the reaction must have been “interesting”…!

  3. Brooke says:

    Hey, I’m glad everyone is OK out there in earthquake land…

    Tammy, do you ever wonder if the country is trying to shake off California? Just sayin’… 😉

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