I think this just about says it all. At this point, Urkel has managed to make GWB look like a rocket scientist.

White House Corrects Conference Call Number After Directing Reporters to Sex Line

Journalists seeking to talk a little foreign policy with high-profile Obama administration officials live from the G20 meetings in London this week were solicited for phone sex instead after ringing up the toll-free number given by the White House.

In a press release, the White House accidentally listed a sex line number for journalists seeking an “on-the-record briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Jim Jones to discuss the NATO summit.”

But after dialing, a soft-voiced female recording that was clearly not Clinton asked for a credit card number if you “feel like getting nasty.”

After several efforts to make sure that the phone number was correctly dialed, a call to the White House resulted in a corrected press release. “If you are having trouble dialing into the call, please try this number as an alternative,” and listed the international line included for reporters abroad to dial.

By this time, the conference call was already under way.

Asked for comment about this mishap, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton responded: “A corrected phone number on a press release is probably one of the stupider things FOX News has covered lately.”

I’m so proud. Aren’t you?

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  1. palin2012 says:

    This is so funny, it can’t be true :-). Can you even imagine this happening to GW = OMG. I’m telling you, as disappointed as I was in him: he is a Saint compared to what’s going on – Holy Hope and Change! Let’s play “CONSPIRACY” – maybe they did this on purpose – Madame Michelle and her “arms” are ready for business.

  2. daredevilaccordian says:

    A sex-line # that Hilary’s answers? Sounds like a Bill Clinton practical joke, no? And does it surprise anyone that BO has an advisor named Jim Jones… with millions of idiots drinking koolade?

  3. Sable007 says:

    Hey, a little slack, please. The POTUS with the TOTUS is just trying to have an administration that is sensitive to the memory of those years that impeached ex-president clinton was in the oval office.

  4. ashleymatt says:

    OK I can’t ding The Messiah because just reading that added so much joy and laughter to my little proletariat life.

    Maybe it was a trick Hillary played on Bill. What do you bet she checks the credit card statement for a charge with that phone number?

    Feel like getting nasty?

  5. LtE126 says:

    Tammy, this woman is running for Rahm’s old seat. Leader of the Illinois MinuteMen


  6. snowcloud says:

    This is another move by the Obama administration that is too stupid to make up. No one would ever believe it.

  7. George Atkisson says:

    It’s clear that some staffer grabbed some other staffer’s phone list rather than research the proper number. That other staffer obviously wasn’t going to put “Porn Service” as the tag for that phone number and used an apparently official name so they could keep the list handy.


    Just a recurring sign of the laziness and incompetence at the top.

  8. AlexM says:

    The Administration almost told the truth yesterday when it gave out a phone number to the press for the “real inside info” from Hillary about the results of the G-20 meeting. The number was for a phone sex service and asked for a credit card number if the caller wanted to do something “nasty”.

    They soon decided it wasn’t in their best interest to tell the truth… that they were over there using a credit card and our money, to screw (up) the American people and our way of life.

  9. Ripper says:

    So when you get caught (figuratively) with your pants down because you are an incompetent idiot – blame FOX News.

  10. artgal says:


    Boy, talk about an administration’s ‘compulsion to confess’ moment…

    It is funny, though embarrassing, and fitting that a phone sex number would be distributed as a direct line to our Suckretary of State. How perfect is that?

    Considering the phone number ‘mistake’, it makes sense Obama would bow down toward the Saudi king’s groin.

    Now that the world knows what a ‘kitty’ our president is, we shouldn’t be afraid to kick his wimpy ass out of office! And we’d better do it NOW!

  11. CinderellaMan says:

    Maybe they just got the Rolodex mixed up with one of Bill’s old black books.

    I heard Hillary was busy… Michelle assigned her the task of finding the First Puppy:


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