My new column has posted over at, “McCain’s Camp Praises Sanford and Trashes Palin?” which addresses the rather bizarre defense of Mark Sanford by Meghan McCain while other John McCain operatives/supporters attempt a renewed jihad against Sarah Palin. I hope you’re able to take a look 🙂

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  1. mmeusa says:

    This goes back to what I was referring to as the “Old Guard”…they have been the death of the Republican Party (just like communists became the death of the Democratic Party, if I’m calling it correctly) and they will stop at nothing to character-assassinate Palin in tandem with the Left.

    First, thank you for posting this and for your brilliant article. This needs to continue to be exposed and fleshed out.

    Second, Meghan McCain is an absolute idiot. She is the very “bimbo” our enemies keep trying to attribute to Palin. It’s utterly absurd. I grew up with “Valley Girls”, and I can assure you Megham McCain has more air in her head than the likes of which the song, “Valley Girl” were written about! She should stick to shopping and spas, if I can be so bold as to assume that’s where she came from. This is not to say that all shopping- and spa-goers are idiots (I enjoy shopping and spas plenty :)), but this one apparently hasn’t done much else. Hence, the immense ignorance she thrusts upon the populace via the mainstream media. Sort of like the ignorance you see from Hollywood when it’s not Jon Voight or similar patriots thrusting themselves into the political spotlight. For the most part, they really should stick to acting.

    And, as you reasoned, and as I just posted on a comment on your site, the McCain campaign was quite the disaster, at no fault whatsoever of Palin’s. In fact, the only thing that got that campaign as far as it went was Palin. It was McCain and the Party that lost that Election, with a lot of help from Obama election fraud ala ACORN and its mutants. Palin outshined Obama, Biden, and McCain. It was too complex a situation, apparently, for most Americans to wrap their heads around. Too bad for America, for God’s sake!

    My partner and I were appalled by the idiocy of the McCain “dynamic” in that campaign, and we fought for America by supporting Palin wholeheartedly, as if she was running for President. What else could we do?!

    I remain a registered “Reagan” Republican (I voted for him twice, starting with my first ability to vote), despite my temptations to re-register as a Libertarian or Independent at this point. From that vantage point, and I know from others, you are right on: “Independent Conservatives know there are two revolutions needed, one to take back the GOP from limp, visionless faux “conservatives,” and then on to Congress stopping Obama’s destructive and reckless agenda in its tracks.” Amen, Tammy.

    How about we get Meghan McCain on a show with Liz Cheney. Enough said. 🙂

  2. CatB1 says:

    Meghan McCain–the poster child for birth control!

    Ouch…Meghan (if I only had a brain) McCain vs Liz (I have a brain and I use it) Cheney…that would be brutal.

    • thomaslhill says:

      That would be worse than brutal. Liz Cheney is in the league of Henry Clay. Heck Ms Cheney could out debate the entire McCain clan.

  3. 1elder1 says:

    Mark Sanford is a love sick puppy who looks into the TV camera and says his girlfriend is his”soul -mate” . He seems to have begged his wife to give him persmission to visit the other woman.

    It all says , to me, he is burned out. How long it takes him to either burn to a crisp or rise from the ashes is up to him and his close relatives. He does indeed need to take a rest and we need to be able to take a rest from seeing him. He is confusing people like Meghan and others who do not know what to do with him. His close relatives should help him find a place to rest. So, Governor Sanford RESIGN and go some place where you do not have to give pressers and end up tellling us how in love you are. It is OK to have a break-down but it is not OK to do it on the nightly news more than once.

    Tammy Bruce’s suggestion that the Mrs. should run for governor is a good idea. She looks like the kind of honest southern conservative we need in office. I may be assuming she is conservative but at first impression she would be a better candidate than Mark.

  4. xly0052 says:

    McQuack and company need to get over it, the only reason his campaign got as far as it did was Sarah Palin. He would have lost 50 of 50 if it were not for her.

    • CatB1 says:

      I totally agree…I wasn’t going to vote for him…until he brought on Sarah….if they hadn’t “handled” her I am sure she could have handled herself in the press just fine. I saw her at a rally in Florida she was so impressive, that is the one where she told the heckler that her son was fighting so that he could have free speech….the place exploded in support.

      • mmeusa says:

        That was a great rally…wonderful you got to be there! It’s true what you both say, so we really need to focus on what went wrong with the conservatives who rejected her. It was expected that the Left would attack and be malign toward her, but had conservatives recognized the kinds of things we’re talking about, we just might have been able to win the Election, despite Obama’s fraud machine (both in terms of his campaign lies and his election fraud rewarded and orchestrated through ACORN and others). During the campaign, I made 300 phone calls to survey and campaign to Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, and I can assure that the negative reaction to Palin BY conservatives was very disconcerting (and a battle in itself) and evidence that we have a serious challenge with conservatives, albeit not as hopeless as with liberals, it is still getting in the way of us getting this country on track. So, Tammy is right, it’s going to take a revolution by both Independents and conservatives (including Republicans and Libertarians) who have the laser vision of what needs to happen to restore and revive our national sovereignty and national security (by restoring our Constitution). We need leaders who understand that vision and are willing to do what it takes to realize it.

  5. Pat_S says:

    Meghan “Deep Thoughts” McCain. Priceless.

    Is it a surprise that Sanford’s betrayal is taken lightly by people who are betraying Sarah Palin? It is Sarah’s virtues that so many find irritating: loyalty, honor, bravery, diligence, steadiness and decency. What a simpleton. She is clearly a woman who lacks sophistication. The enlightened understand that things are, you know, complex.

    It is because of the complexity of life that civilized people established principles and ideals. It is far too easy to make excuses and let yourself go. The difficult part of life is sticking to principles and doing the right thing when it’s not easy, fun or profitable. Sarah Palin makes doing the right thing look easy. That makes her a menace in today’s world. She is a compassionate, non-judgmental person but her very existence rebukes the narcissistic whiners who are taking over the world. Who wants that in front of their faces all the time?

  6. stevenlaib says:

    I’m another one of those commentators who is convinced that the only reason McCain did as well as he did was because of Sarah Palin. She is being maligned because she is an outsider, an independent, and because she has a firm ability to alter the political landscape by capturing the imagination and the votes of a majority of Americans as President Reagan did. The insiders don’t want this. They will fight it tooth and nail.
    Steven Laib
    Assoc. Editor,

  7. paboki says:

    Many people these days do not know what the word “virtue” means anymore. then Sarah Palin comes into the light for all the world to see what the word “virtue” means, and all realize they themselves have NO virtues at all. That is what scares them the most, is just how absolutely empty they all are.

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