As I noted on Twitter this evening, I’m Deeply disappointed SCOTUS didn’t even bother to hear the Texas case. The American people deserve at the very least a hearing & opinion explaining in detail. With trust in govt & its legitimacy at stake for a variety of reasons, this does not help.

But this is not the time to quit. When General Washington lost New York to the British he didn’t quit. Creating the nation was worth it, so he kept going, against all odds. Saving the country from the malevolent left is the least we owe everyone who gave all creating & protecting our great nation.

Via Breitbart.

…Giuliani said, “The case wasn’t rejected on the merits, the case was rejected on standing. So the answer to that is to bring the case now to the district court by the president, by some of the electors, alleging some of the same facts where there would be standing and therefore get a hearing…”

“The president’s reaction is to look at other options. I mean, we always knew that this was an option, that we would have to convert this into — in fact, originally, we thought about this as possibly four or five separate cases. So that is the option we are going to have to go to. There’s nothing that prevents us from filing these cases immediately in the district court in which the president, of course, would have standing, some of the electors would have standing in that their constitutional rights have been violated.”

He added, “We’re not finished. Believe me.”

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  1. Skyheart says:

    Wish there were an explanation as to why they didn’t take the case. Giuliani’s statement that it was rejected on standing is vague.

    However, your analogy of General Washington’s defeat and perseverance indicates it really is not the time to quit.

  2. MaryVal says:

    I’d like to believe all the maneuvering and lawsuits are going somewhere, but so far it’s all talk. Whether Trump is retained in office or not – and I think it will be not – he’s not going away, and he won’t be keeping a low profile. The libs think they’re rid of Trump, they’re going to be disappointed. Biden will have a rocky one term presidency. He does not, and will not ever have the support of the entire country.

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