Finally. When you’ve got a kid vomiting during a television interview because the situation is so stressful and you don’t remove him and keep doing the interview and schedule more, that’s a sign something need to be looked at.

Balloon case referred to child-protection workers

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said today that his agency has talked with the county’s child-protection agency about the Fort Collins family who lost control of an experimental balloon Thursday.

The Sheriff’s Office is now planning to re-interview Richard Heene, his wife and children, after a television appearance in which 6-year-old Falcon Heene said the balloon escape and belief he was aboard was part of “a show.” […]

The Associated Press reported this afternoon that sheriff’s deputies went to the home in February after a 911 hang-up call originated there. A deputy noted that he heard a man inside yelling and that Mayumi Heene had a mark on her face and broken blood vessels in her eye that she said resulted from a problem with contact lenses.

Richard Heene said he had been yelling because the children had stayed up too late. No arrest was made, though the deputy noted in a report that it appeared a physical altercation had occurred.

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  1. jmucciola says:

    After listening to that 911 call I’m more convinced than ever it was a total scam perpetrated by the hairbrained slimebag parents. They both need a kick in the nuts.

  2. AnotherTweet says:

    Looks like there is a lot more to come out in this story. 🙂

  3. gbelzer4 says:

    I can’t believe it took so long for authorities to figure this out. One look at that underinflated so-called balloon should tell you it could barely lift itself off the ground. There is no way a kid could have ever been in there in the first place. The investigation should have started right then instead of this media circus. Besides, what kind of nut-case makes a balloon in the shape of a flying saucer anyway? Get a clue folks. These parents are certified wacky and those kids are at risk.

  4. AnotherTweet says:

    Fox and CNN are all over this tonight…

  5. morecowbell says:

    This whole thing is being ‘enabled’ by the mainstream media, of course the story isn’t over yet. The real issue is about us. When did it become OK to sit back and play armchair quarterback with anyone’s family? Call in child services for this tripe, are you kidding me? What’s the crime against the children, bad parenting? Does anyone realize that wanting child services to investigate is wanting the government to come in and judge someone’s family situation? What, it’s OK, because we feel there’s something else deeper.

    Children may be taken away from their parents by the government. (The fact the government can do this at all is sketchy on it’s own merit .. props to Antigone for pointing that out).

    Isn’t this the kind of thing we don’t want…government intrusion into our personal affairs? I say turn the spotlight off… the police have done their job, no one is hurt and the Heene family problems are the Henne family problems… God bless them and move on.

    Plus, I believe, and always have believed that ‘Hillary Clinton is a Lizard/ Shapeshifter’ thing was true too. It totally explains why Bill had to go outside the marriage! (did you see that video of her in the bar on youtube… it’s creepy)!

    • JLThorpe says:

      While I understand your feelings about government intrusion, in the case of children who are not able to make decisions for themselves, there needs to be some kind of third party to look at the situation and make sure nothing bad is going on. Since the Heene’s 6-year-old son was apparently being used as a ploy for publicity (after all, if no one thought the kid was in the balloon, he and his siblings would not be on TV at all), he is basically being used by his parents and is not in a safe family environment. Also, as Tammy pointed out, the behavior of the kid during interviews and his parents’ reactions shows that the parents have a lack of concern for him. If the dad and his wife wanted to pull a publicity stunt on their own, let them face the consequences for that alone. But the involvement of children requires more attention.

      • morecowbell says:

        Who decides a safe family environment? Who has the authority to say to a parent they do not have enough concern for their child? What kind of involvement is needed that requires more attention. How do you measure the above and who makes these decisions? The government? In our communal concern for the children, are we willing to abdicate the most important individual responsibility we have and literally ask the state to become a Nanny? As a parent, unless a crime of measurable physical abuse is actually committed, I don’t want the government to have any authority over my or anyone else’ s children under any circumstances.

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