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Liberals endlessly congratulate themselves for their compassion. They are forever in search of a thirsty man in order to hold a cup of water to his lips, taking along their camera.

President Obama is making a spectacle of himself trying to be in the spotlight in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Part of it is the post-Katrina template of being seen as on-the-job after President Bush was unfairly branded as uncaring and bungling. It may also be an attempt to boost Obama’s numbers or, ahem, a distraction from his political difficulties with the health care bill.

I’m not suggesting the President is entirely opportunistic. It is right for a U.S. President to speak up and aid the Haitian people who live in abysmal misery even without devastating natural disasters. Obama’s attentiveness strikes me as conspicuously overdone. For example, it is unnecessary for the President of the United States to personally give mundane progress updates on TV like he did yesterday afternoon when a press release would suffice.

While Obama is all over this one, there’s another disaster that has been building which could result in massive human loss, horrible suffering and shake the entire world. President Obama is doing nothing about it. It isn’t an earthquake. It’s Iran with a bomb.

After wasting a year under the pretext of following some kind of smarter strategy on Iran, the deadline for talks has passed. The next step was to be stronger sanctions, but without China signing on for that, nothing will happen. China wiped their shoes on us.

Expectations low for big powers’ meeting on Iran

The meeting comes after Tehran ignored a year-end 2009 deadline set by U.S. President Barack Obama for the Islamic Republic to respond to an offer from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China of economic and political incentives in exchange for Iran halting its nuclear enrichment program.

Five of the six nations that made the offer are sending senior Foreign Ministry officials — so-called political directors — to the meeting. But China decided not to send its political director. Instead, Beijing is expected to send a low-level diplomat from its U.N. mission, diplomats in New York told Reuters.
“We’re expecting a political expert from the Chinese mission who won’t have any decision-making authority,” a diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

China’s virtual snub of the six-power meeting has caused consternation among the four Western powers in the group, which had hoped to use Saturday’s meeting to reach an agreement on whether to begin drafting a new Security Council resolution on a fourth round of U.N. sanctions against Tehran.

Diplomats said they did not know China’s motive, speculating it might be to illustrate Beijing’s resistance to punishing Iran with more sanctions or dismay at U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, which Beijing views as a renegade province.

There’s not much point in having the meeting in light of the Chinese representation but we’re going to have it,” a diplomat from one of the six countries said. “We need to send a message to Iran that we’re not dropping this issue.”

Earlier in the week, this was a topic of discussion on the Fox panel.

Krauthammer: Well, the farce continues. To hear Hillary speak again about smarter sanctions, smarter ways, smart diplomacy, this is comic arrogance on the part of the administration which has had a disastrous year in terms of Iran and still speaks of how smart it is

…The idea that we can impose unilateral sanctions because, remember, the Chinese have said today and last week they are not going to join us and in the absence of the Chinese, you have nothing out of the Security Council. If you are going to impose unilateral sanctions, others will take our place.

…Unless you have universal sanctions, extremely strong, cutting off the gasoline, really targeting everything important, nothing is going to happen. The administration knows all of this. The lassitude with which it’s acting. It says the pressure track is on, engagement is on, it means nothing. Nothing is going to happen. This administration accepted the fact of an Iranian bomb and it’s prepared to do practically nothing except kabuki.

Hayes: The reality is there is no pressure track. There never has been a pressure track. It’s a joke. They pretend there is a pressure track because they want to seem like they’re being tough. When you pass on deadline after deadline after deadline, you don’t actually do anything, you cannot look tough. Fascinating article, one of the under covered story or under discovered stories of the past two weeks in the Washington Post, that reported to the extent that they are pursuing sanctions, and we just heard they’re going to be targeted smarter sanctions. To the extent they are pursuing the sanctions, the goal of the sanctions is to force the regime back in negotiations. So it’s all about engagement. It’s all about making a play to look tough when I agree with Charles. They’ve accepted the reality of a Iran with a bomb.

It is easy to be compassionate and send aid to people in need after natural disasters. That doesn’t distinguish a person as a great leader. It is managing the difficult problems in the face of evil intent by madmen that measures a leader’s greatness.

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  1. RuBegonia says:

    Iran sneaks through the back door while O paints the front porch. Leave it to Pat to see the real choreography behind the kabuki!

  2. snit3 says:

    To quote Pat, “President Obama is making a spectacle of himself trying to be in the spotlight in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Part of it is the post-Katrina template of being seen as on-the-job after President Bush was unfairly branded as uncaring and bungling. It may also be an attempt to boost Obama’s numbers or, ahem, a distraction from his political difficulties with the health care bill.”

    Not only is Obama making a spectacle of himself, but earlier today O’Biden was in Miami explaining that the administration’s actions in Haiti are bound by the requests of the Haitian Government – that the apparent slowness of our response isn’t really our fault – and that everything possible is being done to provide help in a timely manner. So, now that the Katrina shoe is on the other foot, Joe has begun spinning excuses well in advance of the criticism! This promises to be entertaining.

  3. eMVeeH says:

    Obama putting the much needed spotlight on the suffering of the Haitian people is good use of his popularity. However, whether he likes it or not, he’s not doing an “Obama” thing. He’s doing an America, Red-White-&-Blue thing.

    Isn’t it something that among the first responders to tragedies like the Haitian earthquake are the Big and Little Satans: US & Israel, and not to mention the private American charities? Heck, even today, with it’s own president going on a world tour to rag on America, the world’s poor, wounded, oppressed, or those simply looking for betterment, still turn to the US for help and opportunity. That’s probably what burns Obumler’s a**, that the “idea” of America is greater he is. It doesn’t matter who the president is, people have a certain knowledge that America will be there, and with that, hope. I mean real hope.

    The Iran situation is quite scary. Because it seems that Obama thinks he can totally ignore ImADinnerJacket’s threats, play footsie with the Iranians, and come out a winner. Obama’s effort to quietly send Lurch to Iran didn’t work out so well. Perhaps in deference to the Islamic view of women, Obama picks the Junior GasBag from Massachusetts [“See, Muslims, see. I respect your cultural practices. Unlike the ‘previous administration.'”]. In so doing, he shows incredible lack of respect to Hillary Clinton and her abilities as Secretary of State. So what does he get in return? Another humiliation to his childish overture: The Iranian Parliament votes [a very public action] to deny “Jon Cary” his request to visit Iran, and basically tell Obama, “We don’t want “a man” from the US. We want THE man representing the US to come on over.” Making the US president look like a lap dog instead of a leader that should be respected and feared.

    Jim Hoft at his blog posted that there are “SEIU Purple People Beaters” campaigning for Scott Brown, purple t-shirts n all. Hopefully, it’s not some kind of ruse.

    • Pat_S says:

      Sure. We know how Obama takes every opportunity to wave Old Glory and sing praises of America to the world. Call me a cynic, but I think the orchestration of Haiti relief is seen by this administration as another crisis not to be gone to waste.

  4. vitadMD says:

    And what’s up with O’Reilly last night?… once again, going out of his way to bash conservatives and pat Obama on the back. What is the point of this and how is this “looking out for the folks”? Why is it wrong to notice the stark contrast of responses and attitudes with respect to Ft.Hood/underwear bomber and Haiti?

    • sanmaz says:

      That’s why I don’t go out of my way to watch the O’Reilly Factor anymore. He’s to wishy washy. Like the time he said he thought Obama means well. I do make a point of it to watch when Laura Ingraham is on.

  5. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    I can’t help but think that Obama would make a great President of Haiti. Just tourism (such as it is) and export farm produce as its sole public income stream. Only 3% are acknowledged elites. Everyone else is just a community needing organizing. Deficit spending, ie depending upon the largess of Uncle Sugar, is the norm. No one would bat an eye if the schools don’t teach, the roads don’t lead anywhere, that everyone in power is Chicago-corrupt, or even spending a month in every three in Paris.

    It is true he would be taking step down from his current campaign for UN Secretary General. But decent weather, never cold; it could work….

  6. mrcannon says:

    Hope and change update for the people of Haiti: the Messiah-In-Chief threw a surprise birthday party for his wife, a day early because he’ll be too busy on her real birthday trying to con the voters in Massachusetts to choose the senatorial candidate who makes Harry Reid look like an altar boy. People of Haiti, don’t feel bad; the President of the United States cares more about Martha Coakley than your country AND his beloved ball and chain. Besides, charity work is beneath him, anyway. He’s got a couple of CINCs to do it for him.

  7. CO2aintpoison says:

    Allen West takes on Helen Thomas question of “why do they hate us” (hat tip – RedState.com):

    “At the Reclaim American Liberty conference, I asked the national security panel participants how they would respond to Thomas’ question of “why.” Lt. Col. Allen West’s answer was explosive and without fear.

    Here is the audio of his response:
    Click to open in your media player

    If the cut and paste doesn’t bring over the audio, you can grab it at redstate.com at the article entitled “Col. Allen West Answers Helen Thomas”. Love this guy!!

  8. Young American says:

    If the liberals really were compassionate the ones in Hollywood could cancel these stupid golden globe awards they are going to tonight. The amount of money they will spend to fix their hair, buy their outrageous looking gowns that will only be worn once [ heaven forbid they be seen in the same thing twice ] rent the limos taking them to, from the show & dinners & parties that will last all night, will be an astronomical amount. Imagine what that money could do to help the Haitian people. The money that a party of six will be spending on themselves for dinner alone could probably feed thousands for a month in that disaster stricken area.

    They will laugh, party, gorge themselves with food, get drunk and tell each other how wonderful they are. I know some will give & help but most will just shake their heads and say ‘ what a shame ‘.

    Pat, I was thinking death-care was the other disaster looming that will cause human loss & much suffering..

  9. americanegoist says:

    I think that once we (as a nation) accept Iran (as a Mullah Muppet sideshow) with Nukes, we are accepting catastrophy, at some uncertain date in the future, on American soil. I don’t think sanctions, naval blockades, and talks will change that reality. The only proper message we can send now, comes in the form measured in tonnage and dropped from B-52’s or launched from naval vessels nearby. This administration will not act with a show of force, and it emboldens the enemy more and more as this charade of tit for tat talks continues.

  10. Leon says:

    Leftist “compassion” is very chancy. They tend to accomplish the opposite of what they claim. Like Castro.

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