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MSNBC released a preview clip of Obama’s exclusive interview with drooling Matt Lauer which will air tomorrow. (video)

Matt Lauer: Let’s talk about health care reform. Health care law. It is seen as a huge victory for you, your presidency, for Democrats and a tough pill to swallow for Republicans. It has been described in a lot of different ways, your Vice President described it in colorful terms, how do you describe it?

President Obama: I think it is a critical first step in making a health care system that works for all Americans. It is not going to be the only thing. We are still going to have adjustments that have to be made to further reduce costs.

These people are really feeling invincible, aren’t they? They think the American people can’t smell what we stepped in.

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  1. RuBegonia says:

    WOOFAW Pat – DogPoo, CowPie, HorsePucky – slippery and stinky!

  2. Maynard says:

    Obama has created exactly the dynamic he campaigned on a promised to end. He’s shut out the Republicans and lorded it over them that he’s now unstoppable. In playing hardball, there’s no more room for middle ground; either you do it Obama’s way or you’re an enemy, and you’ll be shut out just like the Republicans. I had had some hope that a centrist coalition against Obama’s lunatic excesses might form; however the health control vote has disabused me of that. The Democrats ultimately signed on board. So much for the “blue dogs” and other supposed moderate voices. So Obama’s firmly in control, and he will roar ahead until the coalition against him is strong enough to stop him in his tracks. And when (it had better not be “if”!) that happens, Obama will melt down in a final terrible fury. His fall will be far messier and worse than Nixon’s. Obama is a man obsessed by his insane quest of control.

    I think the Democrats know they’ve got a serious problem. But, like everyone else in Washington, they lack the character to do the right thing. They’re waiting for someone else to take Obama down, and then they’ll jump onto the winning side. In the meantime, the fate of the nation becomes ever-more precarious.

  3. mrcannon says:

    “A huge victory for you”? . . . “A tough pill to swallow for Republicans”? . . . Thank you, Matt, for reinforcing the belief that it’s all about the legacy of Obama, and the not the bigger picture. I also resent the assumption that only conservatives have a problem with this Barack-cracy of death management; there are plenty of Obama zombies who didn’t see this coming and want no part of it. When Urkel realizes how alone he truly is, he’ll wipe that smug look off of his anti-semitic face. Even though Matt Lauer will always be around to kiss his cigarette-smoke-reeking butt, it won’t be enough to prevent the inevitable anti-climax of the myth that was the Messiah. God help us, but even He might be covering His eyes.

  4. lawmom90 says:

    And coming up next on the Today show . . .. . Matt Lauer lovingly holds the butter knife over the towering heap of &%*@ as Obama squirts out the Miracle Whip in some deranged hope of improving the taste of the crap sandwich. Don’t you miss it!

  5. Pangborn says:

    I’m still confused. Now which one’s the health care bill and which one’s shinola?

  6. vitadMD says:

    This interview, like all interviews with Obama, is infuriating enough but I was watching c-span commiserating with that “Wingnuts” author John Avlon who also irritates me to no end. Have you seen the cover of the book?.. Beck, Gov. Palin, Olbermann … This “incitement of violence” theme is disturbing, extremely dishonest, and insulting. One caller asked why Obama wasn’t on the cover… that’s what I want to know. But Avlon sees nothing extreme, radical, or “wingnut” about him. I’m getting very impatient with the conflation of passion and intelligent satire with hate speech and violence.

  7. Bastiat Fan says:

    It’s awfully hard to understand Matt with Obama’s dick in his mouth. Didn’t anyone ever tell Matt not to speak with his mouth full?

  8. 1elder1 says:

    Pat_ess I am laughing at the comments to your post.
    Wait let me open the windows first.
    Come on guys.
    Pat _ess is a lady and doesn’t speak like that. (so you had to do it for her ? lol)

  9. k.nelson5047 says:

    Alternative Universe TODAY Show:

    Matt Lauer: What do you think about companies like AT&T, Catapiller and Verizon saying that they need to downsize employees and retiree benefits due to this health care law? Do you really think its necessary to hire 15,000 IRS agents to enforce this law? How will penalizing companies with hefty fees for not having the right type of health insurance help the joblessness situation? How could you not know that eliminating pre-existing conditions limits for children was not in this bill when you were saying it was for over a year? How does this plan save money when Medicare savings are counted twice and payments for doctors will not be cut in a future vote by congress?

    President Obama: Those are all very good points Matt! I am going right back to the white house to sign an executive order to rescind this healthcare bill! Thanks!

    • 1elder1 says:

      During the Big F…en Deal signing of the Death Care Bill notice the child prop pushed up next to Obammy. He needed health care…so they put the same color tie on the kid as Obammy had on and a black vest to match Obammy’ s suit.
      Now how could his Dumb Butt in Chief have forgotten to include pre-existing health issues of children?
      Obammy is a POS.

      • naga5 says:

        i noticed urkel’s use of the human prop also.
        who’s kid is that?
        who dressed him?
        shouldn’t he be on spring break with his family?
        urkel is hopeless

      • Carol-1R says:

        I think that’s the kid who lost his mother to “lack of health insurance”, or was it to pulmonary heart disease… I can’t decide which of those can actually kill you. Play Jeopardy music. ” What is uncontrollable high blood pressure, Alex” .
        It’s disgusting! Libs are sick!!!

      • sandyl says:

        He is all show, no real truth. He “forgot” it because he didn’t write the bill or read it, and neither did congress. Most of Urkel’s bills have been written by Apollo Group or Center for American Progress, which is also unconstitutional, but that list keeps getting longer and longer.

    • sandyl says:

      k.nelson5047 That is an alternative universe. I think Bastiat Fan is right. Matt isn’t worried about the companies, because he is too busy “penalizing” Barack Obama

  10. sandyl says:

    Pat, the sad thing is they don’t care if we can smell it. They know that we can’t do anything about this right now, and they are now showing themselves for what they have always been, and always had to hide. Now we’re all socialists—whether we like the smell or not.

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