I’m very excited to announce that my new book, “FEAR ITSELF: Exposing the Left’s Mind-Killing Agenda,” is available NOW for pre-ordering! It hits the shelves July 23rd, but pre-orders send a very important message to booksellers about the popularity of the book making sure enough copies are available and we don’t “sell out” because they underestimate the appeal. Amazon also offers a price guarantee, meaning you will pay only what the lower sales price is on the day of publication.

This is my first book since 2007. I had to do it because of what we’ve been facing and the urgency of confronting and defeating the left’s agenda. THANK YOU everyone for your support! Here is the link to the book page on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and my publisher with more links. Here’s the bit of the what the book is about:

As progressive policies get more extreme—and challenging them becomes more dangerous—the left expects most people to submit to the madness.

“Leave this to your betters,” they tell us, as the left and our bureaucratic state refine the weaponizing of fear, gaslighting us into a new normal of chronic dread and anxiety with one goal in mind—unprecedented government control over our lives. COVID, climate change, systemic racism, terrorist parents, identity politics, vandalizing lan­guage, cancel culture—from vague designer threats to an array of random rules, carrying life-altering punishments, it’s all a scam to take away our freedoms by killing our minds.

Fear is the method of the left’s madness. As the rules dictated by progressives become more absurd, the dan­gers associated with challenging the left’s status quo are designed to be frightening, leaving the average person no alternative but to submit, leftist organizers imagine. We are expected to surrender not just from engaging in public life but also from caring about our country and what our survival means for the world. Killing our minds (along with our motivation, passion, and power) is the only way their backward and deadly progressivism can survive.

In Fear Itself, you’ll see how none of this is nor­mal nor is it organic. And, most important, you’ll see that it can be defeated. Overcoming the weaponization of fear first requires recognizing it. Once no longer in the dark, defeating it becomes second-nature as we take back control of our lives and the destiny of our country.

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