Considering we’ve been told there is no Death Panel in Obama’s “health care” overhaul, I was really just kinda gobsmacked to read how there is, uh, a Death Panel in the new health care legislation. Of course, one must get to the very last paragraph in Bloomberg’s article to discover that.

Health-Care Overhaul Changes to Start Taking Effect This Year

…The legislation also creates an Independent Payment Advisory Board to suggest cuts in spending by Medicare, the government health program for the elderly and disabled, that could threaten payments for drug and device-makers. Starting in 2014, the panel’s recommendations would take effect unless federal lawmakers substitute their own reductions.

Oh wait, my bad. It’s not a Death Panel, silly me, it’s an “Independent Payment Advisory Board”. But hey Seniors, look at it this way, you not getting that pacemaker or those drugs that manage your blood pressure or Alzheimers–is a sacrifice for the larger good-the Legacy of Barack Obama. No wonder the AARP thinks this is such a great plan!

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  1. IloiloKano says:

    “would take effect unless federal lawmakers substitute their own reductions”

    I can see how this will turn out. Conservatives, if there are any left by that time, will try to revamp the corrupt and failed system, and Liberals will complain about how cruel Conservatives are for not voting for ever more increased taxes (which seems always to be their solution) in order to save lives, and all will be as a direct result of the system Liberals themselves installed. Yet the Liberals will have somehow deluded the masses that Conservatives are actually the ones who caused the mess. They’ve done it before in convincing people it was the Republicans that opposed Civil Rights in America – just try to convince the average Libtard it was the other way around.

    Remember how they said they wanted to ensure every American gets quality health care and how shocked they were that Republicans were opposed to so noble a cause as that? How is that different from centuries past when those opposing torture of Muslims to get them to “convert” to Christianity were accused of not caring about the eternal “souls” of Muslims? After all, the Spanish Inquisition’s ends were “noble”, so any means necessary to get those poor souls saved from eternal damnation was justified. Just like Obama saying he didn’t care about the process (the means) since it (the end) is “the right thing to do”.


    Americans used to accept such a statement as being self evident, but apparently no more.

    Someday, if we don’t first fall into a bloody revolution, (which very well could result), we may be asking each other, “where were you when the Republic died?” Though I hope to continue struggling against such an outcome until the day I die, I truly fear (and shudder at the thought) that we are now passed the point of no return and our doom as a nation is imminent.

  2. BeforeGoreKneel says:


    Since you’re covered by your parent’s insurance until you’re 26, we are going to be phasing out the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals over the next five years. Daddy and Mommy will be taking care of their wounded children.

    (Hospital workers, et al, don’t worry. You be kept busy by the senior Congressional staff and their families. Congress too.)

  3. eMVeeH says:

    OMG. When they go after the military, it will be from different angles. Andy why not?

    Look at how the godling disrespects our armed forces: Sees them as a “pretty good photo op,” and with his prissy AG shackles them with ridiculous rules of engagement.

    The Punch-Drunk Old Boxer shows them no confidence by declaring that the war in Iraq “is lost.”

    The BotoxBiddy, aka Paraffin Witch, aka The Empress of the House, uses military jets to ferry her and her family across the country like “the help.” And at times making last minute cancellations which wastes money, time, and manpower. Getting a jet ready for that woman to fly costs thousands of dollar$$ in aircraft and meal preparation. As well as getting a flight crew and any other necessary personnel to the airport.

    Why the hell should our military personnell’s healthcare concern these evil elites.

    November 2010 can’t be here soon enough!

  4. Maynard says:

    This is so basic and straightforward that it ought to be obvious. Since resources aren’t infinite, resources must be allocated; that is to say, rationed. Whoever is paying is going to make those decisions. This is why I dread the idea of the single payer system, in that it means I only get what the government decides I get…unless I’m very rich, of course. In Canada, private health insurance was actually outlawed, just to make absolutely sure that the middle class couldn’t escape the clutches of the government. (I think they finally had to back away from that edict.) No, I *want* to pay for my insurance and/or my treatment, because that’s the only system in which *I* get to decide what happens to my body, and not some damned bureaucrat. And to the extent that we extend charity to those who can’t pay, the system must be implemented in a way such that it doesn’t simply raise all the prices, including the price I pay. That’s basic economics: A system will absorb as much money as you’re willing to pour into it, and it does so by simply costing more to no benefit. That’s how we got, for example, the real estate bubble: Since the government thought houses were “too expensive”, there was political pressure to make money more freely available….which of course caused costs to rise even more!

    By the way, I have no aspiration to be living in a hospital bed until the age of 150, replacing organ after organ at huge cost. That’s not living, that’s living death! But this is my life, and nobody gets to sit on my death panel who doesn’t love me. And you, Mr. B.O. Hussein, do not love me.

    All of our problems can be solved, or at least addressed to great improvement, without resorting to fascism.

  5. Mrs. Malcontent says:

    I find it strange that the same post-menopausal women who scream “stay out of my womb!” to the right are all for this single-payer Obama system.

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