This is the right verdict, made possible very likely to corruption of the Italian prosecutor being revealed. The turnaround is so distinct, the Italian people originally hated Amanda Knox, and tonight cheered the new verdict. Congratulations to the Italians for doing the right thing. The bad news, of course, is that the Italian police have clearly botched the Meredith Kercher murder investigation with what has been termed as a “vendetta” against Knox. Now they will have to start again, years after the originally murder. In addition to Knox being cleared, so was her then-boyfriend who had been convicted as well.

Amanda Knox freed: cleared of murder of Meredith KercherA jury in Perugia, where the murder took place four years ago, overturned Knox’s 26-year jail sentence for the sexual assault and murder of the Leeds University student.

She will walk free from Capanne prison, outside Perugia, after serving four years for a crime that the appeal court ruled she did not commit.

Her Italian former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito also had his murder conviction quashed.

Knox’s family, who had always believed in her innocence, were ecstatic.

American television networks are reportedly offering large sums of money for her first interview, and a book and film are also said to be in the pipeline.

Amanda Knox: Free, But Shackled By Reputation and Stress

American Amanda Knox received the one verdict that has set her free to go home with her family to Washington state, but mental health experts say the 24-year-old’s traumatic journey is far from over.

Since her conviction in the murder of British roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007, Knox has said that she longs to go home and daydreams of catching up on Harry Potter movies and lying in the grass of her Seattle back yard.

After spending four years in a cramped cell in an Italian prison, Knox appeared elated but emotional as an appeals court in Perugia overturned her 26-year sentence.

But her pale face and thinning hair show the toll prison life has taken on the young woman psychologically.

Even before her fate was sealed, cameras showed her nervous breathing and a face buried in hands, ready for the heaving tears that would follow.

“She still has had a horrific experience and her sense of trust in police and in people is gone,” said Ann Rosen Spector, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University. “Some people may still believe she did it and will treat her differently. Her name is well known.

“It will take time to get back to normal,” said Spector, a clinical psychologist who specializes in depression, stress and anxiety issues. “She lost four years of her life.”

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  1. Cernunnos81 says:

    Glad to see this young lady finally cleared. I have to say that seeing this is a relief. The whole case against her was spurious from the beginning, not to mention the treatment when she was taken into custody, as well as the prosecution’s ludicrous “satanic ritual” idea.

    To the accused, congratulations lass, and I apologise on behalf of all law enforcement personnel everywhere.

    To the prosecutors of Italy, do a little real work next time and try to catch the right person.

  2. JLThorpe says:

    All I can say is Ann Coulter was convinced she was guilty. So make of that what you will.

  3. dingohead says:

    I didn’t read the transcripts of the trial, so I base my opinion solely on what I’ve read. She certainly doesn’t look like someone who had committed murder. I read Ann Coulter’s column and she seems convinced of Knox’s guilt. But Ann can be wrong from time to time, just look at her support for Christie. I think justice was served in this case, although that poor girl has lost 4 years of her life, not to mention the fact that I’m sure this has jaded her. How could it not? Hopefully she can move on and make a happy, fulfilling life for herself.

    • SoCalGal says:

      “although that poor girl has lost 4 years of her life.”

      I’m glad she’s free too, but Meredith Kercher lost her WHOLE life. Where is this young girls justice, where is the justice for her family? They’ll never get to hold her and hug her again. She’ll never get to get married and have babies and live to old age. Yes, the police botched the investigation, and the prosecutors had it out for Amanda Knox, but I still think she knows what happened. I don’t think she murdered her, but I don’t think she’s as innocent as she’s trying to come off. This whole case is such a huge lesson and it is every parents’ nightmare. Sending your kid off to a foreign country and then getting in trouble. Not knowing the laws of that or most other countries. It’s what I told myself and my kids when they travelled abroad, don’t smoke pot, don’t do anything illegal that could cause you to land in jail in a foreign country. Come home unscathed with your reputation in tact. I hope Amanda Knox’s parents told her those same things. Her reputation sadly will follow her around, and she will always have people wondering if she is guilty or innocent. I hope she has a happy life ahead of her, I really and truly mean that. But again, sadly, Meredith Kercher’s family will never have that same option for her. And her murder goes unsolved, and the Italian “justice system” looks like a joke to the world.

      I pray that Meredith Kercher can someday Rest in Peace. May God Bless her family.

  4. Atomic Crusader says:

    Blessings for Meredith.

    My goodness the countless lessons to be learned from this case. What an incredible mess, the prosecution with their claims of “she devil” and other irrelevant nonsense greatly compromised their credibility and case, apparently.

    I haven’t enough information or understanding of the case to conclude Amanda Knox’s guilt one way or the other. But, her behaviour in the photos from the past couple of years gives me the sense that something is not right. Her lighthearted demeanor upon entering the courtroom, the smiling glances over her shoulder…she didn’t seem to be taking the situation she was in very seriously let alone greiving for her dead friend. Her boyfriend by comparison was relatively stone faced from what I have seen. The whole thing reminds me of Casey Anthony in multiple respects.

    I loathe what may come to us here in the states if/once Amanda Knox returns, the insane media circus, the interviews, the money, the offer to pose nude by Playboy on and on.

    If Amanda Knox truly is innocent perhaps she will do the right thing and not take a cent of the millions in potential blood money to be made off of the death of Meredith Kercher. That her restored freedom (which is priceless) will be far more than enough to keep her grounded in wholesomeness and decency.


  5. sharon says:

    Ann Coulter has become a huge disappointment. Very glad for Amanda.

  6. dennisl59 says:

    So who killed Meredith Kercher? And while we’re at it, who killed Jon Benet Ramsey?

  7. SoCalGal says:

    No doubt about it. You are right on karaya.

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