Priceless. One of the best investigative reports I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny and scary at the same time. The reporter approaches this with perfect amounts of shock, mockery and ridicule. From MyFox Detroit, here’s their footage of losers getting high during their lunchbreak on pot and booze. What do they make at Tower Defense? Humvees and Striker vehicles for our troops. They have also received a contract to make airplane body parts. I feel so safe!

The defense contractor apparently refused to watch the footage of these slobs, but now “After the station’s report, officials from the plant said in a statement that 17 of its employees have been “suspended pending discharge.”

That’s right, suspended, not fired. I have a feeling the MyFox Detroit will keep on eye on what happens to those bums.

We not only have to make sure these bastards are fired, but that somehow we make sure incompetent losers don’t get hired like this on the tax payer’s dime. I know that’s a tall order considering what we’ve got in the White House, but I can dream.

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  1. Kat says:

    Since they have a Government contract to build/make the Body Armor and airplane parts….we, the taxpayer, are technically paying for their pot too! Also, stoned Union workers….what could go wrong?
    My advice to any military person who may be wearing the Body Armor these “dopes” made…..DUUUUUCCCCKKKK! Please do not count on your armor to work!
    Maybe we should test the body armor on these “dopes”! (Yes, I like calling them what they literally are… dopes!).

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Didn’t I see these same knuckleheads gettin’ wasted workin’ at Chrysler in Detroit?

    posted 11/28 920pm Texas [Don’t Bogart that joint] Time

  3. Rob_W says:

    I worked for one of the Big 3 as a salaried employee, and had to pass a drug test as a condition for employment. Guess what – UAW employees are exempt! This goes on everywhere. The UAW has no one to blame but themselves for losing their jobs to the imports.

  4. Alan K. Henderson says:

    Someone should figure out how to weaponize weed, so Humvees can pump it toward attackers.

    Still need the armor for IEDs, though.

  5. AniMel says:

    I have two jobs; in my main job, I am a fraud investigator. Secondary? I’m an EMT. I do both because being an EMT-I full-time wouldn’t pay the bills. Even once I make paramedic, I’ll start off around $15/hr.

    There is no way in hell my union would ever protect me from getting fired if I were caught using an illegal substance. Even if I used at home and pissed hot for anything at work, I would be gone so fast the door would still be hanging open by the time I made it out of the parking lot. Don’t even mention pulling that crap on the job – my captain would personally hold me for police to come and haul me out of the station.

    I would like to know how in the name of the Almighty these nitwits are able to obtain union jobs that pay outrageous sums of money with ZERO education and STILL MANAGE TO KEEP THEIR JOBS WHEN THEY’RE CAUGHT ON CAMERA SMOKING DOPE AND CONSUMING ALCOHOL RIGHT BEFORE GOING BACK TO WORK. Occupy my one-fingered salute, losers.

  6. […] All that considered, it pisses me off to no end that this was captured on camera outside a plant staffed by UAW workers. […]

  7. When I was 21, I briefly worked as a general laborer for framing new built houses. My forman and the others in my crew where smoking weed and drinking beer on our 2 x 20 minute breaks almost every day. I used to take little cat naps during my breaks, then jump right up once the break was over. One day the foreman told me that he could not let me sleep on my breaks. Yeah, the same guy who is smoking weed on his break!?!?

  8. cactuswren says:

    All I can say is: “Jeezoo-Freakin-Peezoo”

  9. cellis says:

    Get the hell in the unemployment line, you freakin ingrates!!

  10. EllSee says:

    Drug testing anyone? I wonder what their Workers’ Comp premiums are at that plant. Hmmm . . . maybe the Workers’ Comp carrier needs to see this. Where my significant other works, everyone is drug tested before hiring. If you have an accident with a fork lift, first you pee, then you get first aid. Oh, that’s right, they work in a non-union shop. Perhaps Tower should check into that policy. How can you not smell it!!!??? Where I used to work, my coworkers and I would be exposed to those who smoked pot; it would overwhelm us and there was a thick glass window between us!

    Hello, DEA? Here’s a good bust!

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