**Bumped up from 2010**

From the conservative caucus of House Republicans. Very well done and cuts to the heart of the matter. It also says volumes that congressional Republicans still need to turn to Reagan to make an important, clear and inspirational point. (HT Morrissey)

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  1. gothicreader says:

    Reagan was our man of the times. Gave me chills up my spine since it so much of today.

  2. hatter83 says:

    Excellent video …..use their own words against them and make them eat those words in November

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    Ronald Reagan may no longer be with us, but what he has given us can never be taken away.

  4. Tinker says:

    I’m just glad there are still some Republicans smart enough to look back and be inspired by his example. He was an extraordinary man. The greatest president of the 20th century, and in the top 10 of all time.

    I do have to add though, Sarah Palin is the only one I see with with his courage and willingness to stand on principle in all matters.

  5. Pat_S says:

    Sadly, invoking Reagan in 2012 is more about desperation than inspiration. The populist conservative cohort, after elevating clowns who one by one fell to earth, now turns to a ghost. The latest popup hero is too unnerving to be gazed upon directly. He has to wear a Reagan mask, have a mythical torch stuck in his hand and be blessed by Sarah Palin who then gave away the masquerade. It’s all about rage. It is the tawdry politics of spite wrapped in a mantle of remembered splendor. It is a desecration of Reagan’s legacy.

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