Here’s an Open Thread post for all things stuck in your individual craws. I’ll start us up with an update of the situation with Israel and the increasingly volatile threats against her and the Jewish community worldwide by Islamist beasts. All of this, of course, while Urkel and his gang would rather have you distracted by his Clown “Budget” and the Lamestream Media helping him along.

Let’s begin with a favorite of mine, a video reminder of the special importance of Israel and the Jewish community.

Sydney Morning Herald: Bombers target Israel in India, Georgia

Times of India: Israeli diplomats world over use taxis after bomb attacks

Haaretz: Sources: Israel not expected to respond harshly to India, Georgia attacks

Hindustan Times: Police on the hunt for biker bomber in Delhi

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  1. tamcat says:

    Thank you Tammy for a funny & entertaining radio show today. Love your podcasts, since I can’t listen in the morning. To Tammy & the TAMS, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I love us.

  2. Maynard says:

    The war between Israel and Iran is already under way at a low level. It could heat up at any time.

    What will happen then? In particular, what will America do?

    It’s easy to say that Obama will stab Israel in the back. He’s clearly given Israel the cold shoulder. But I wouldn’t be so sure he’d do the same in a hot war.

    Here’s the reason. When the bombs start falling, Israel is battling for her life. This means that there’s no stopping Israel, unless the Jewish state should be completely wiped off the face of the Earth. So as much as Obama might have the urge to pressure Israel to stop fighting, he’ll know such pressure would be pointless. It would make him look stupid.

    Everyone else in the world will desperately want a quick resolution. That’s because a war would put the global oil flow at risk. There would be oil shocks and economic shocks that would rock the globe. We’d stand at the verge of the worst meltdown we’ve ever seen.

    America would be the only country in the world that could quickly end the conflict, because we could launch massive raids to decimate the Iranian military. If that’s the only way to stabilize the world, I think Obama would do it. If he wavers, Hillary would push him.

    If he did this without dawdling and it was perceived as having worked out well, Obama would stand an excellent chance of winning reelection based upon this. Don’t think Obama doesn’t know this. (His opponents would mock him and play back his pre-election pledges that he would “press the reset button” and make nice with Iran (it was all Bush’s fault), and it would all be true about Obama being an idiot, but he’d still get credit.)

    By the way, the foregoing scenario changes if the war doesn’t come before the election. Because Obama won’t want to go into the election having destroyed the global economy and ushered in a second Holocaust. However, after the election, if he wins he’s accountable to no one, and we can only expect the worst from him. Don’t think Israel doesn’t know this.

    This also leads to the question of how a President Mitt or a President Newt would lead us through a war. I have the feeling that Newt would do the right thing and Mitt would say the right thing and *maybe* do the right thing.

    I don’t want to be cavalier about an attack on Iran. The aftermath of such a war would cause us grief for years. We do it because it must be done. If there’s another option that’s realistic, that would be preferable.

  3. otlset says:

    I don’t recall girls THIS cute when I was in the Air Force! Dang, all I can say is go for it Tim!

  4. Kat says:

    The website memri (The Middle East Media Research Institute) translated articles written by Senior Al-Azhar Scholar, Dr Isma’il ‘Ali Muhammad, head of the Dept of Islamic Preaching and Culture, titled “The Jews Are A Source Of Evil And Harm In All Human Societies”, for the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. What he writes in these six articles is alarming but not surprising!
    Thank you Furkel for supporting Egypts quest for Democracy….NOT!
    I pray each and every day for our ally Israel and for the Jewish people! May God continue to view them as the “chosen” people!

  5. LucyLadley says:

    I cried when I watched this video. My heart is heavy when I think about Israel & the Jews. I visit frequently to get their updates. I still have a very heavy heart. The knowledge I am gaining is only putting me in a deeper state that I can not come close to understanding the depth of seriousness that Israel & the Jews face. I will continue to pray.

  6. longhorn mama says:

    I have been thinking about this Catholic compromise a lot. Let’s say we make eating a “right” like healthcare. Moochelle gets her fantasy and gets to decide what everyone else eats. Let’s say there is this little Arab grill or even a kosher deli. Lots of customers eat halal or keep kosher but a lot of them let it slide. Now, the government mandates they sell pork. We are told many eat it anyways and only follow the rules on the holidays/ Holy Days and this is the government mandated menu. But there is outrage. Religious freedom! You can’t make me sell pork! You can’t make me buy pork! Well, the government tells them don’t worry, we have a compromise. Since we want complete and open access to the “right” to eat our government mandated menu and most would eat pork anyway, the arab grill and the kosher deli will provide the pork for free to their customers because some of them are going to eat it, wink, wink. Since the customers are not paying for it, that makes it all ok, right. And to carry the analogy one step further, the wholesale butcher is told he has to supply the arab grill and kosher deli pork for free with the rest of the order. The butcher is scratching his head because he was all in favor of the mandated menu with pork because it would give him tons of business. The government never told him before he would be forced to kick in the pork for free to some restaurants. And to add insult to injury, there is this organization down the street that gets plenty of government money and private donations called Planned Porkhood. Anyone can go there and eat all the pork they want. But the government insists that everyone is entitled to full access to the government menu and these little mom and pop restaurants have to provide it.

    How is this not Fascism?

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