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It’s that time of year again so I hereby announce the official Christmas Tree Palooza! This thread is for the entire Tammy Blog community, TAM and Civilian.

Here’s the deal: Please post a link to your Christmas Tree (and other holiday decorations) for all to see. This will be a great way for all of us to get to know each other and, of course, to compliment your holiday creativity 🙂 Eventually this thread will move to the top of the right hand column so you can add to it and visit it easily at your leisure 🙂

WordPress doesn’t allow picture embeds in Comments, so here’s what to do: Go to a site like Instagram or Flickr and upload your pic(s) and then in the Comments section for this thread, give us the pic web addres URL and any other details about your Christmas Tree, special decorations, etc. We will also post some of your tree pics in the body of the thread itself as well. In the meantime, everyone can see your creation via your picture link.

Who will be the first to post? It’s TAM Gkin!


Here’s our tree, http://www.flickr.com/photos/90965230@N06/11374022655/ complete with our blue and green ornaments and matching star. You also can’t forget about the giant stockings!

Here are a few shots from my trip to NY:

NY Lincoln Center Christmas Tree 12/13

NY Lincoln Center Christmas Tree 12/13

NY Hotel Christmas Tree

NY Hotel Christmas Tree

Outside Fox News NY 12/13

Outside Fox News NY 12/13

And here is the overflowing Toys for Tots area in the Fox News lobby. Notice the Duck Dynasty guys protecting all of it 😉

photo (1)

GreenHornet’s tree==>


This cutie pie from Rob W, “Santa, I’ve been a good dog” :


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  1. gkin31 says:

    Here’s our tree, http://www.flickr.com/photos/90965230@N06/11374022655/ complete with our blue and green ornaments and matching star. You also can’t forget about the giant stockings!

  2. midget says:

    Since I don’t have an iphone, I can’t take a picture of the cutest actual Charlie Brown tree tilting to one side with a single red bulb. After years of lugging real trees or putting together fake ones, this little guy takes the cake.Love it !

  3. TheGreenHornet says:

    We have two trees up this year again. I have a retro aluminum tree from the 1960’s. I put some fiber optic lights on it for the first time. I usually have the color wheel shining on it. It also has a rotating tree stand. The other tree is an artificial one with fake snow on it.

  4. Rob_W says:

    “Santa, I’ve been a good dog.”


  5. Kitten says:

    All these trees look great! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂

  6. ConservativeSue says:

    I don’t have a tree this year, but I have a picture of my tree from last year in the old apartment. When visiting the Malibu area in 2011, I took a picture of the Malibu Christmas Tree.


  7. KCBob4Tam says:

    Only picture so far. My daughter’s cat seems to find the camera every time!!


  8. KCBob4Tam says:

    The world famous Country Club Plaza and its Christmas lights.



  9. PeteRFNY says:

    Here’s my sweet little Kiki under the tree, waiting for Santa to bring her some new catnip toys…! http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r54/PeteRFNY/kiki.jpg

  10. SmartGirlJen says:

    Merry Christmas from the Smart Girl Jen and our rescue dogs, deep in the heart of Texas. :-). http://instagram.com/p/iFjCD2HMDb/.

  11. Alain41 says:

    My contribution is link to NRO column on how, A Charlie Brown Christmas, came to be. Thank you Coca-Cola.

    And a Merry Christmas to All.

  12. iDAHOGiRL says:

    Wait, I don’t remember putting any green lights on the tree… oh those are the dog’s eyes haha! 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

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