Had a terrific conversation with columnist and best-selling author David Limbaugh about his new book, “Jesus On Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.” When I spoke with him, the book was #1 in all books on Amazon, which means, obviously, David has a bestseller on his hands because the American people are hungry for smart discussions about the significant issues which affect our lives, including the role of faith.

I think you’ll enjoy this exchange as much as I did 🙂

Click here to order the book from Amazon, and you can follow David on Twitter @DavidLimbaugh.

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  1. hbmuzik says:

    This was a brilliant interview. Loved every second of it!!

  2. Di Grace says:

    Loved the interview. Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks, Tammy. 🙂

  3. LJZumpano says:

    and if you purchase from Amazon thru this website, it will help the TAMs. Win Win

  4. midget says:

    God Bless Mr.Limbaugh and Tammy’s efforts to bring to the world the importance of the Judeo-Christian beliefs, the only preface to a civilized society. I’d like to add the reason I think the Bible is important. Being a “God breathed book”, it identifies God. It is called the “Word of God” and in Genesis it states that God created the world. In Exodus, God identifies Himself as “I AM “. In John 1:14, it states that “The Word was made flesh and dwelt amomg us”(speaking of Jesus). In John 4:22 Jesus states that “salvation is from the Jews.” In John 5:46 Jesus said that Moses wrote about Him. Then He quoted Exodus by identifying Himself as “! AM ” as in the bread of life and the resurection and the way,truth and light. It seems impossible that the Creator of the Universe would want to be divinely human with us, to bridge the gap between heaven and earth that was broken in the fall of Adam, but that takes faith in a loving God that would give His life to preserve ours.

    • midget says:

      I forgot to add what C.S.Lewis said about Jesus. “He is either a liar,a lunatic or Lord”. The Catholic Church has a Latin saying offering only two choices: Jesus is God or He is a bad man.

  5. Dave says:

    David Limbaugh is correct in his declaration that history is evidence that Jesus Christ is God. It is conclusive for a number of reasons. This means that people who choose to have faith in Jesus are more practical and reasonable than those who choose to have faith in nothing or to have faith in a lie.

  6. rickh says:

    Thank you for this AWESOME interview, Tammy! Fantastic.

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