Joe Biden is currently in the Middle East, shooting his mouth off, visiting several countries.

Funny, though, how he complains about the Republicans.

I seem to recall a debate against Paul Ryan, where, instead of debating policy, he smirked, laughed in Ryan’s face, repeatedly interrupted, called Ryan’s ideas “malarkey,” made exaggerated faces, adopted a condescending tone.

Yes, Biden’s performance was pretty much “petty, venal and mean.”

Via CNS News:

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that not even Ronald Reagan could win this year’s Republican presidential nomination, as he lamented America’s “petty, venal and mean” politics while addressing an Arab audience in a Gulf emirate ruled by sheikhs.

Biden, a Democrat, said self-interested lawmakers had redrawn congressional districts to the point “where the Lord Almighty could not defeat a Republican,” which he said had encouraged the rise of more radical GOP candidates.

Biden told young Emiratis gathered in Dubai that such gerrymandering encourages candidates to adopt extreme positions, like saying they are going to “waterboard people … and indiscriminately carpet-bomb” — an oblique reference to Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who have vowed to use both against extremists in the Middle East….

Biden went on to discuss “all this chaos” caused by the Republican presidential candidates who have “gone overboard.”….


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  1. midget says:

    The liberals own the petty, mean label. That debate brought back memories of
    Ryan looking like he was being tormented by a playground bully.
    The Tea Party were the first to be called racist and Nazis and worse.
    It’s just projection and lies,the only thing libs are good at.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Those gerrymandered districts really affected the Governor races in Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Did Biden acknowledge the Boston marathon bomb victim who just died in a car crash in Dubai? That would be nice.

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