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No mention of radical Islam? Or suicide bombing?

Um, ok…

Via NewsBusters:

….The knowledge that the attacks were bombings didn’t stop Atlantic Washington editor Steve Clemons, who phoned into MSNBC and was inside the country, from criticizing Belgium for their “ease of getting guns here.”

Clemons’ criticism was in response to a question from Huffington Post Senior Political Editor Sam Stein about how it could of happened and why Belgium. “I guess that’s a bit of a surprise to us around the table because the city was on high alert owing to the arrest [of Salah Abdeslam] … why is Brussels and Belgium at large being the epicenter for this? What is it about that city that allows something like this to fester?”

Clemons’ immediate response was not about the proliferation of Radical Islam in Europe or of the swell of migrants streaming in from Syria. It was also not about ISIS using the refugee flows to hide their movements. Instead he hit Belgium for having what many countries have, a black market for illegal firearms.

I don’t know if I can answer that. You know, when we were, on Sunday morning, with the — the foreign minister of Belgium. I had wanted to ask him, “ You know, why is it known that it’s so easy to access guns in Belgium than other of the major states in Europe, it’s something that everybody knows here, that there is a black market, that there is an ease of getting guns here. As compared to many other parts of Europe.”….


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  1. Stupid boob would have been complaining about how easy it was to get rocks 3000 yrs ago when people used them to stone others to death. You just CAN’T fix stupid!

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