Well, this is progress:

From lashing out at “sexism” of voters, to “women hating women,” the “horror” of the Electoral College, “Russian hacking,” etc., Hillary’s people are now getting closer to the real reason for their loss.

And when they get over trashing Huma, let’s hope they will be able to take an honest look at Hillary, and begin to acknowledge what a really awful candidate she was.

I do have one question, though:

Did Hillary and Huma always color-coordinate their outfits?


Via Daily Caller.

….In a shocking new profile published in “Vanity Fair” Wednesday, former advisers ripped into one of Clinton’s closest aides — claiming she enjoyed the limelight a little too much and suffocated Clinton to where she couldn’t embrace new campaign ideas.

“She was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion,” another added. “She enjoyed being a celebrity too much.”

“I really don’t give a sh** about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one adviser said….

The insider said suggestions for new campaign tactics “fell on deaf ears” because of Abedin.

“The real anger is toward Hillary’s inner circle,” the source continued.

“They reinforced all the bad habits. Right away it was either regarded as an intrusion or a naïve suggestion or maybe someone has an agenda. And so people just stopped bothering. Where in most presidential campaigns the circle grows broader and broader, hers grew smaller and smaller.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Hey, Hillary’s presidential campaign staff is acting just like McCain’s post-election. So, Hillary must be a conservative?

  2. deaves1 says:

    As so often is the case with whacked out liberals, it’s always somebody else’s fault. Hildabeast ran this campaign as if it was given that she would fleet up to the Oval Office. They over looked the fact that We the People decide who resides at 1600 PA Ave.

  3. hbmuzik says:

    Using a Biblical metaphor:

    Trump = Noah
    Trump’s 2016 Campaign = The Ark
    People laughing at the fools on the big dumb boat = Hillary & Co.
    The American electorate = Rain & floods

  4. Alain41 says:

    ‘Word is’ that the Hillary campaign’s autopsy begins with an Ex Huma.

    What are Dem donors thinking? Asking for a campaign autopsy from the Party that pushes Fake News conspiracies. If they’re asking for an autopsy as serious and honest as the 2012 Republican autopsy, then I think I see a flaw in the plan. Trump didn’t follow it and he did okay.

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