Well, the “one hundred months” is now upon us.

And in warning about an unimaginable horrific catastrophe that would befall us, maybe Prince Charles was on to something.

I mean, Hillary’s constant whining, Pelosi’s ramblings, Kathy Griffin and her new-found “victimhood,” Anderson Cooper’s eye rolls:

Yes, who could have possibly imagined these horrors one hundred months ago?

Via Weekly Standard.

The Prince of Wales did not mince words in warning about the ravages of global warming. No piddling nonsense about a few inches of sea-rise; nothing so trivial as coastal erosion; no focus on the plight of the polar bear. No, the prince had a louder alarm he was sounding, one about the Future of Mankind: The “threat of catastrophic climate change,” he said, “calls into question humanity’s continued survival on the planet.”

These strong words, The Scrapbook hastens to point out, come from March 2009, when Prince Charles was visiting Brazil. That date is significant because the prince was convinced that time was, even then, running out. And not in some vague, way-off-in-the-distant-future kind of running out: The reckoning was to be upon us on a very specific timeline. “The best projections tell us that we have less than one hundred months to alter our behavior before we risk catastrophic climate change, and the unimaginable horrors that this would bring.”

This was not an offhand bit of scaremongering. The ticking doomsday clock was so central to HRH’s remarks that the speech was titled “Less Than 100 Months to Act.”

Of course, 100 months from March 2009 just happens to be right about now. So where is the irrevocable catastrophe? Where are the unimaginable horrors?….

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  1. Vintageport says:

    He’s right, you know: Manchester London Islam

  2. RobW says:

    Who knew P.C. (Prince Charles) was such a genius?

  3. Alain41 says:

    Current NYT article on ‘stubborn’ high school students not accepting science teacher’s statements on climate change. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/04/us/education-climate-change-science-class-students.html?src=me&_r=0

    Guessing that we voters electing Trump has encouraged some students to push back against the indoctrination and now with Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris Accord, the Left wants to squash that pronto. In the article’s first 2 sentences, the author uses the word ‘provoke’ when discussing the difference of view. Questioning used to be part of science and Socratic education. Apparently, questioning is out, provoking is in, in today’s academia & media.

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