Today’s headlines blare: “Hillary Falls Down Twice in India.”

Via American Mirror.

But really, she “fell down” multiple times: twice on the stairs but also when she continued to whine about her election loss.

And when she insulted those, ya know, “deplorable” Trump voters, who, according to her, “didn’t like black people getting rights.”

Isn’t there anyone in Hillary’s inner circle who can stop her from continuing to make a fool of herself?

Via WaPo.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    So Ghandi like, criticizing the low castes. Wait…

  2. Alain41 says:

    Looks like neuropathy in her left foot. You lose feeling and your brain can’t tell your muscles what to do. Diabetes is often a cause. She may have an insulin pump under her blouse/dress. Body temperature control can also be affected.

  3. rtthorne says:

    41, you’re correct about that left foot. And probably everything else…
    Notice that Huma is back there not even startled at what she sees. Like it’s an everyday occurrence. It speaks volumes, does it not?

  4. Vintageport says:

    Since when is it a good idea wax the stone steps?

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