I’m trying to follow the “logic” here, but… what?

How about: We need safe borders. Period. And let the Europeans determine their own fate.

Albright is promoting her new book: Fascism: a Warning. She tells the interviewer that fascism is “hard to define,” but offers this definition:

“a fascist leader is someone who identifies himself with one group, tribal of some kind, in order to really isolate and insulate the people who are disagreed with”

Ok, Madeleine: here’s a better one:

A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions.

Sounds very much like the Democrat Party of 2018.

Via Breitbart.

Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has slammed U.S. efforts to secure the border, telling the BBC that the immigration policy of President Donald J. Trump “makes it very hard for America to tell Europeans … to be more humane”

Promoting her new book entitled Fascism: A Warning on the Andrew Marr Show, the former U.S. Secretary of State said she has been “very troubled” by the Trump administration’s moves to end the ‘catch and release’ of illegals into American communities while they await immigration hearings.

America’s former ambassador told the BBC that detentions at the U.S. border “remind one of things that happen in fascist countries”, adding that “there’s plenty of room for people in the United States and there are a lot of companies now saying that we need them”.

When people ask her opinion “about what’s happening to Europe on the same issue”, Albright said she thinks the President’s “offensive” crackdown on illegal immigration “makes it very hard for America to tell Europeans what to do if we can’t figure out how to be more humane ourselves”….

How Europe Lost Its Way

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  1. idaho_karen says:

    Everything Madame Secretary says is a contradiction to common sense and the rule of law. These Democrats are crazy.

  2. Alain41 says:

    How has Europe not acted humanely?
    Everything I’ve seen is Europe taking in thousands of economic migrants, letting them traverse countries, not sending them back even when crimes are committed, pamphlets to explain No means No, looking the other way by authorities, providing financial support, etc. Hard to see how Europe could be more humane. Except for recent elections with the citizenry electing politicians to get tougher against the economic migrants. Isn’t that Albright’s real concern, The People of Europe voting.

  3. MACVEL says:

    Actully, this is a Common Core history assignment!

  4. RobW says:

    And to think this dingbat would have been taken seriously in a Hillary administration. We dodged so much disaster, it’s frightening.

  5. Gordon says:

    Is she saying that we must commit suicide so that we may understand the suicide of Europe ?

  6. Maynard says:

    At the economic level, fascism is the merging of government and corporate entities, with the resulting juggernaut dominating the individual. Obamacare is a good example. In the old-school model, the individual described his insurance needs and providers would compete for his business. In the Obamacare model, the government orders insurers what to sell, and orders consumers what to buy, and assures that corporations are get business while consumers are hung out to dry. Meanwhile the corporate media ignores the plight of the victims and proclaims success, and many people don’t know what’s happening but they get the vague impression that it’s “helping people”, and anyone who says otherwise must be a villain. That’s how we swap freedom for fascism, all in a “good cause”.

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