After LeBron James called NFL owners ‘old white men’ with a ‘slave mentality,’ he then quoted a rapper’s lyrics to his 43 million Instagram followers, using the term “Jewish money.”

For those who might not understand why this was so offensive, Alex Kirshner writes in SBNation:

….The association with Jews and money goes back to at least the Middle Ages and has had dire consequences all over the world. It played a key role in Nazi propaganda leading up to the Holocaust, when Hitler sought to portray Jews as leaches sucking up the German state’s resources as they infringed on the country’s racial purity. Visit any Holocaust museum, and you’ll see 1920s and ‘30s propaganda like this poster, which depicted Jews as rich people “pulling the wires” on the rest of society:

The Nazi regime then killed six million Jews.

The branding of Jews as a money-grabbing cabal quietly corrupting society has persisted, sometimes subtly, as a tool of bigotry for generations. It goes right along with insinuations that we, the Jews, control global politics and media….

James has since apologized, pleading ignorance about the meaning of the lyrics.

But Newsweek’s reporting of the story featured a headline that is either the dumbest of the century, or an unconscious “compulsion to confess.”

Or maybe both.

HT Twitchy.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I went to the Newsweek page because I had to see it for myself. Wow, just wow. I guess the definition of the code phrase “old white men” is broadening. Personally, I’m sick of that phrase and what it’s come to mean. As for Newsweek and LeBron, Bye Felicia. Lol! I learned that one from the O So Distinguished former first lady.

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