Remember when reporters covering the 2016 campaign went shoe shopping with Donald Trump?

Neither do I.

But I do remember a fawning press swooning over Barack Hussein Obama.

Via BizPac Review.

In what proves to be a perfect encapsulation of what to expect in the 2020 presidential election, reporters tasked with covering the campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., were seen acting more like girlfriends out on a shopping spree with the candidate than journalists.

Harris was touring female-owned businesses in Columbia, South Carolina, when she was “forced” by some of the reporters covering her to try on a nice rainbow sequined jacket, as seen in a tweet from CNN national political reporter Maeve Reston.

“We kind of forced @kamalaharris to try on this awesome oversized rainbow sequin jacket … She snapped it up. @alivitali perfectly named it as “the Mardi Gras Jacket” #2020 #SouthCarolina #CampaignFashionReport.”….

The whole affair was more than Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume could bear.

Hume, from an age when journalism still had some sense of pride, took to Twitter to call the spectacle “embarrassing” in a response to Burns’ tweet.

“This is just embarrassing,” he tweeted. “So now journalists are going shopping with Harris, helping pick out clothes and then putting out glowing tweets about it.”

Naturally, this set the liberal media dogs loose….

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  1. Maynard says:

    FWIW, James Taranto tweeted on this.

    This is a CBS reporter noting, without evident disapproval, that a CNN colleague is helping dress a Democratic candidate she’s supposed to be covering.

    He was responding to this fawning tweet from a CBS reporter:

    When the campaign trail takes you to a boutique, and @MaeveReston spots a great sequined jacket for @KamalaHarris to try on.

    Taranto later followed up:

    A lot of responses to my tweet have been to the effect of “Sean Hannity is partisan too.” Indeed he is. I wonder why people imagine that likening CBS and CNN reporters to Hannity is a DEFENSE.

    And that’s really the point. We KNOW Hannity is hyper-partisan, and we take that into account when we hear him. These “mainstream” lapdogs never cease to piously proclaim their innocent objectivity.

  2. Dr. H says:

    I guess that’s what the Harris Presidency will look like. Expensive and ugly.

  3. Vintageport says:

    “Wow, do you get a free bowl of soup with that (jacket) ? Oh, but it looks good on you! (Eyeroll)”

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