An entire segment on President Trump and honeybees…and CNN wonders why their ratings are sinking like a stone?

Via Western Journal.

An increasingly common, if disheartening, aspect of the predominately liberal establishment media’s coverage of President Donald Trump is to frame everything he does or says in the most negative fashion possible….

CNN has arguably perfected the “art” of portraying everything done by Trump as being terrible, and its recent report on the U.S. Department of Agriculture temporarily suspending a survey on honeybee populations is just the latest ridiculous example….

The USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service announced on July 1 that it would not collect data for July ahead of the release of its annual Honey Bee Colonies Report. That study helps the USDA, beekeepers, environmentalists, farmers and others to keep track of the nation’s honeybee population — specifically growths and losses within that population — on a state-by-state basis.

The NSAA said in the statement, “The decision to suspend data collection was not made lightly but was necessary given available fiscal and program resources.”

The agency noted that the program had not been ended but was merely suspended temporarily for budgetary reasons.

To hear CNN report on the issue, however, one would think that Trump has declared all-out war against bees and is traveling nationwide destroying beehives….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    So, I read the announcement. The next quarterly report issuance is August 1, 2019, for the 1st quarter of CY2019 data. In other words, missing the July data collection will be reflected in the quarterly report of Feb. 2020. Not exactly an imminent disaster.
    In skimming the May 2019 report, it looks like the 2018 honey bee population is about the same as 2017. No reflection of a deep decrease. #FakeNews

  2. Super_Cat says:

    Is this the precursor to calling Trump a speciesist? *sigh*

  3. IndieGal4USA says:

    No need to worry! The bees will continue to do exactly what the birds do, and they’ll be fine until the next report. ( CNN is clearly for the birds, however.) With apologies to our intelligent feathered friends.

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