Burning bibles has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd, nothing to do with police reform. This is about devaluing Judeo-Christian principles and attempting to taking down the United States of America.


Via PJ Media.

On the 63rd night of riots in Portland, antifa rioters set a bonfire in front of the federal courthouse. Since they care so much about the death of George Floyd, they decided to burn Bibles. Seriously, they threw copies of the Bible on the fire….

Portland activist Lilith Sinclair explained the mentality behind her “protest:” “There’s still a lot of work to undo the harm of colonized thought that has been pushed onto Black and indigenous communities.” As examples of “colonized thought,” she mentioned Christianity and the “gender binary.” She said she organizes for “the abolition of … the “United States as we know it.”….

In a November 9, 1995 op-ed, the 1619 Project founder condemned Christopher Columbus as “no different” from Adolf Hitler and demonized the “white race” as the true “savages” and “bloodsuckers.” She went on to describe “white America’s dream” as “colored America’s nightmare.” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) expressed a similar sentiment when she called for the “dismantling” of America’s “economy and political system,” in order to root out supposed racist oppression.

Yet the “1619 riots” have arguably oppressed black people far more than the U.S. supposedly does. The riots have destroyed black lives, black livelihoods, and black monuments. At least 22 Americans have died in the riots, most of them black.

Burning the Bible fits this destructive narrative, and it also provides yet another powerful contrast with the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Rather than burning Bibles, Martin Luther King Jr. quoted them, in order to galvanize peaceful protesters and shame the segregationists who opposed them. Rather than attempting to burn down federal courthouses, King appealed the consciences of Americans — using the very Bible that Portland rioters burned….

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  1. midget says:

    This is so unacceptable. Defacing the Word of God is defying God Himself.

    • TigerAim says:

      So true midget. I would not want to be those people, but then it also brings shame, to say the least, to the entire country. Also, these people conveniently ignore the facts that everywhere the Judeo-Christian ethic has taken hold, it has always brought up the standards of living, the humanity, etc. of those societies. Yet, they try to say it is the source of our misery. Of course, if you’re a person who’d rather live under the boot of socialism, Marxism, etc., then I guess it is always “opposite day” for you, and true goodness is always bad; true suffering is always happiness.

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