According to Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Dumb), the Democrats – the party of “We believe in science and there are 57 different genders,“unemployment is so low because everyone has two jobs,” “Guam might capsize and tip over,“When they go low, we kick them” – and the party that Tammy Bruce, in her latest Washington Times column, writes how the Democrats are making fools of themselves at the Barrett confirmation hearings – are apparently so smart that they have trouble connecting with the great unwashed, er, American voters.

Because Dems are so “left-brain.” Or because they left their brains somewhere…or something.

Via CNS News.

In explaining why Democrats seem to have difficulty in connecting with voters, liberal Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said it was because they speak more to the brain instead of the heart, that “Democrats know so much” and tend to be “very left-brain.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Although Maizie does not have a privileged upbringing (interesting family story as immigration from Japan was difficult during Great Depression, WW2 & aftermath), this is the losing Democrat elitism. Ie, losing Democrat Presidential candidates had some upbringing privilege, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, Hillary. Whereas winning ones had upbringing adversity; Clinton abusive stepfather; Obama parental abandonment.
    Joe Biden is not from a privileged family but I think he was never bright enough to be a good Presidential Candidate.

  2. Pat_S says:

    This is what liberals believe about themselves. According to Jonathan Haidt, the author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, it is a fact that liberals are more caring and tolerant while conservatives are more authoritarian. Liberal researchers in study after study confirm this. Well by golly!

    Haidt has gone out of his way to announce he is a liberal and will never ever vote Republican. He explains that conservatism was utterly incomprehensible to him until he spent some time in India where he witnessed a patriarchy at work and that gave him insight into the nature of conservatism. He really believes he is looking at conservatism with an open mind.

    Liberals are conceited and self-delusional. They are true believers in themselves first and foremost. The claim that they are rational would be laughable except that this self-deception is currently destroying Western civilization. Critical Race Theory and the broader critical theories underlying it are a poison that is sickening and weakening society throughout the English-speaking world.

    Critical Theory was utter nonsense from the start in the academic Humanities in the early 20th Century. It was conceived by a handful of disillusioned Marxists who were perplexed why the expected proletarian revolutions never came off in Germany and England after WW1. They concluded it was because the Capitalist oppressors manipulated the culture so that the oppressed masses were deluded into thinking they were content. This Cultural Critical Theory eventually erupted in the 60’s in the counterculture, anti-establishment movement. The “critical” of Critical Theory means to abstractly deconstruct society specifically with the end purpose of finding Western culture and particularly Capitalism as oppressive. It is not an intellectual pursuit. It is an ideologically driven agenda.

    Postmodernism is anti-Enlightenment. It claims there is no objective truth or even objective reality. Everything is constructed through narratives. Science and even rationalism itself are denigrated as a white cultural construction which is oppressive and devalues “other ways of knowing”.

    Mix Postmodernism and cultural neo-Marxism and you have this irrational, Western-hating creed. The genius of this latest left-wing radical flare-up is the use of racism as the focal point of deconstruction. All societal imperfections are the fault of racism which is the power tool of white, Western, Capitalist oppression.

    The deeper agenda is not emphasized at the moment. Things are going along well focusing on so-called Anti-racism. Academia, public education, business, government. Get the roots down tightly first. But it isn’t hard to dig into this if anyone is mildly curious. There’s a ton of stuff out there. A good start is the work of James Lindsay. Who buys into this massive manipulation of society without an ounce of curiosity? Liberals of course. They do not examine closely what they believe as long as that belief results in them feeling good about themselves. These are the flamingo liberals who like to show off while standing in shallow water. It appeals to their conceit and their penchant for virtue signaling. You get to call yourself Woke. How cool! They can be seen as caring which is so flattering to their egos. Rational thinking is nowhere near their attraction to this awful, illiberal and regressive cult. They are killing the civilization that allowed them to flourish while patting themselves on the back.

    (I must also point out the warriors defending Western civilization are also liberals, the ones whose liberalism is rooted in Enlightenment values not personal vanity. The conservative establishment is useless.)

  3. Right Is Right says:

    When Democrats say they’re “left brain”, what they mean is they’ve left their brains in the dumpster.

  4. Los2000 says:

    Democrats’ difficulty connecting to voters is a result of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. They (the democrats) think they are sooooo smart, but in truth they just don’t have the frame of reference to understand how little they know. AOC exemplifies this perfectly.

    They always say things like, “We believe in science.” Well, if they understood science, they wouldn’t use a term like, “believe in” which implies the term, “have faith in.” Science is a thing one does to prove or disprove a hypothesis; faith has nothing to do with it.

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