I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. We’re a group that is always aware of the importance of being grateful, but it is during this season, especially, when things calm down a little bit, giving us a chance to reflect even more on the remarkable gifts we have.

It is our passion and commitment that can make certain times even more difficult, like the last 4 years and the election, as one example! At the same time, it is difficult times that make that commitment even more important. Our purpose exists for times like these. So when I wake up, on Thanksgiving and every day, I’m grateful I wake u in the United States, emerging into a world still worth fighting for, with my health, good friends, and an even greater TAM Army. We live in the modern age, where our wit, talent, focus, and determination are our weapons. we have technology as our friend and are only limited only, as they say, by our imagination and, I’ll add, passion and faith.

So on this Thanksgiving, no matter with whom you’re spending it, or perhaps even alone chilling, remember to smile that even in what seem like very bad times, so many would love to be in our shoes right now. Those who gave their all in the past years, our troops, our friends who didn’t make, family members who departed, all rely on us to continue not just with the fight, but to do it with a talent for living.

As President Reagan would remind us, we are Happy Warriors. We will emerge victorious for our nation and in our own lives, whatever it is your dream happens to be 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Please consider this your open thread for the day.

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  1. Shifra says:

    Ah, the Holidays 🙂

    Voting For Obama Keeps Families Away From Each Other For Thanksgiving


  2. Chuck says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  3. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy’s SO GOOD with the inspirations!!

  4. mmeusa says:

    Beautifully said, Tammy! Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all TAMs.

  5. Maynard says:

    I have spent my share of Thanksgivings alone. Sometimes I’ve decided I’m just going to wallow in it. I’ll sit alone in a dimly-lit room and dive into my Hungry Man® turkey dinner, taking perverse delight in the pathetic image of my circumstances. In fact, last year, someone tried to adopt me, but it was too much trouble to drive across town, so I hid in my bunker instead. This year, due to a rather strange set of circumstances impossible to describe or explain, I’ll do the social thing for a change of pace. I have been instructed by people who know about such things that I’m supposed to bring a bottle of wine, and I shall comply to the best of my limited ability. To anyone who remains alone, I’ll offer these practical suggestions. First, if you’ve got a Whole Foods nearby, you might find their deli preferable to the Hungry Man dinner. Walk up to the counter and proudly ask for a half pound of orange-glazed turkey and a stuffed baked potato. Take it home, lock the doors, close the curtains, and don’t tune in any media except maybe for Coast to Coast AM, which is a syndicated late-night radio show that specializes in kooks and lunatics (extraterrestrials, ghosts, parapsychologists, spiritualists, phrenologists, and the occasional legitimate scientist). In other words, seek escapism. Lord knows, we need a dose of escapism now and again. That’s my sense, anyway. But if you can handle reality head-on, then ignore my words and boldly go forth. In either case, bless you. And at the end of the day, think about things to be grateful for. As a sourpuss by nature, I have learned the truth of these words: Happiness comes out of gratitude.

    • AD1776 says:

      Since finding you on Tammy’s blog I’ve always enjoyed your writing and point of view I’m grateful you have such ability. Happy Thanksgiving!!
      P.S. Some years back Coast to Coast would occasionally put a serious scare into me when delivering early morning papers in remote secluded areas.

      • Alain41 says:

        Conundrum. Two choices; we who enjoy/enjoyed Coast to Coast are independent thinkers who naturally became TAMS, or are we lemmings that became TAMS because of that voice that speaks to us at night? Hmmm, she does seem to love the animals. If I hear Tammy being toasted on Coast to Coast, I’ll know the answer.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 1ntbtn says:

    Very grateful for health, family, friends, freedoms, and a great God who loves us all. And I can’t forget Chloe, my pug.

  7. Maynard says:

    The carrier pigeon message has been decrypted. See here.

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