Terrorism is just one symptom of the increasing depravity of Islamism worldwide. If the murder of innocent people in the name of God is possible and argued for using the foundation of a certain religion, we shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the rot moves to the core. During Ramadan I brought you the truth of the matter when it comes to the abuse of children during Islam’s holiest time. Last week we endured the story of Muslim beasts in Yemen and the 8-year-old “bride” travesty. Her parents facilitated the abuse of the girl, and the 28-year-old to whom she was given thought it was all fine and dandy too. But it doesn’t stop there. Here is another story of the use and abuse of children in the name of Islam. If Muslims had any real concern about Islam and the image in the co-called Prophet Muhammad, they might be taken a little more seriously if they dealt with the psychopaths who murder in the name of Muhammad and in instances around the world, enslave children.

Boy flees Islamic school that makes beggars of African kids

DAKAR, Senegal – On the day he decided to run away, 9-year-old Coli awoke on a filthy mat…It was still dark as he set out for the mouth of a freeway with the other boys, a tribe of 7-, 8- and 9-year-old beggars…

There are 1.2 million Colis in the world today, children trafficked to work for the benefit of others. Those who lure them into servitude make $15 billion annually, according to the International Labor Organization.

It’s big business in Senegal. In the capital of Dakar alone, at least 7,600 child beggars work the streets, according to a study released in February by the ILO, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Bank. The children collect an average of 300 African francs a day, just 72 cents, reaping their keepers $2 million a year.

Most of the boys — 90 percent, the study found — are sent out to beg under the cover of Islam, placing the problem at the complicated intersection of greed and tradition. For among the cruelest facts of Coli’s life is that he was not stolen from his family. He was brought to Dakar with their blessing to learn Islam’s holy book.

In the name of religion, Coli spent two hours a day memorizing verses from the Quran and over nine hours begging to pad the pockets of the man he called his teacher…Not all Quranic boarding schools force their students to beg. But for the most part, what was once an esteemed form of education has degenerated into child trafficking. Nowadays, Quranic instructors net as many children as they can to increase their daily take.

Read the whole story and learn a little bit more of the beasts who dare to condemn others, and the world, including our president and the Pope actually argue that this sort of society should be treated as civilized and like all others. Shameful.

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  1. ConnecticutBruce says:

    CAIR had no comment …

  2. Young American says:

    Children are used as tools by these fanatic subhumans to further their Jihad . Back in October in an attempt on Benazir Bhuttos life before her assassination a baby was booby trapped with explosives as they tried to hand the baby off to Bhutto but failed when she descended back into her vehicle before she saw the child. the blast killed 130 people.
    A Palestinian teenage girl Rofayda Qaoud was raped by her two brothers and became pregnant was asked by her mother as she handed her daughter a razor to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. Rofayda refused so her mother did the honors amid pleas by her daughter saying no mother , no .
    A method used by Fatah to pressure them into becoming martyrs thus restoring the family’s honor , young women are seduced and raped , becoming ‘ worthless ‘ property and only martyrdom will restore honor to the family.
    The only way to become a respected citizen is to die for Allah. Children and women are mere pawns in these beasts quest for blood.

  3. Ripper says:

    Not a religion – a death cult.

  4. doug says:

    I’m an american conservative republican
    I voted for GW twice,I still think he did the best job he was allowed to,(except stopping illegal immigration), but I think he was stopped from within!
    I carry a gun regularly,(legally)
    I’m a member of the NRA, GOAL (in MA)
    I’m different from the regular conservative, in that I am a muslim, white, irish, republican conservative in MA.
    terrorists in the world (quadaffi, hussein,abadinijad,castro,hitler,arafat,bin laden,and yes obama)to name a few, all use religion (and racial prejudice) to incite the uneducated masses to do their bidding (fight their wars)for them and make them rich and die for them.
    my family is from lebanon, ireland, scotland, syria and we are muslim, catholic, christian, maronite, my wife and I are shiia muslims, my two stepsons are sunni muslims, my stepdaughter is a maronite catholic, my motherinlaw , brotherinlaw, sisterinlaw, son, daughter are christian.
    the idea that two religions can’t get along is only propagated by “terrorist extremists who seek to turn one group against another”
    Tammy, I will stand next to you anytime, and shoot down terrorists who seek to take over OUR country, irregardless of our different religions, which are fundamentaly the same!
    even with your little pissant revolver!!!

  5. Jack Bauer says:

    Tammy – if you lived in France you’d be on trial for writing this post, alongside Brigit Bardot.

    Hell — if you lived in Canada you’d be joining Mark Steyn on some PC hit list for shutting down free speech.

    And let’s face it, there are malignant Stalinist forces right here in River City, USA who want to shut down free speech.

    The price of freedom is not only eternal vigilance. It’s the determination to STAND UP and be counted as a defender of what we used to call western civilization, going back to those dead white dudes like Socrates and Cicero.

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