Urkel’s freakish terrorizing of New York with the “photo op” of Air Force One was just one and now many indications of his contempt for this nation. At first, of course, Urkel’s Mob refused to release the pics, but now, only after a FOIA request, the Pentagon has released more–146 to be exact–from the obscene buzzing of New York at a cost of $328,835 taxpayer dollars. Isn’t it great how Obama started his term by having us pay to implement bin Laden’s fantasies? Obviously this was just one sign of things to come.

Pentagon Releases New Images of Air Force One Flyover

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon has released 146 photographs from the ill-fated April Air Force One flyover over Manhattan that resulted in the resignation of White House Military Office director Louis Caldera in May. Air Force spokesman Andy Bourland tells ABC News that there have been several procedural changes to ensure nothing like this ever happens again, with more approval required for proposed flights, and more public affairs involvement to make sure the public and relevant officials have been informed.


Just as a reminder, here’s the reaction of New Yorkers out at lunch on a sunny day, around the World Trade Center ground zero site, which was chosen as one of the low fly-over areas. And these are the same people who want to be in charge of our health care?

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  1. jnarcus says:

    Wish they would tell us who was on board

  2. Mr24p says:

    Outside of the utter idiocy of this I just want to point out how lame the photos are. There are a few that are decent (and I’m being nice) but these are just bad pictures. How many millions were spent?

  3. Shifra says:

    As a New Yorker who lived through the nightmare of 9/11, this is so outrageous. You cannot imagine the memories that came flooding back with this stupid Urkel-stunt. This underscores how self-absorbed they are, and how little they care about the rest of our country. Because it’s ALL ABOUT THEM! And, they believe that the term “war on terror” is some ‘neo-conservative scare tactic.’ btw, my husband worked right across the WTC, at the World Financial Center, and thank G-d he missed his bus, and had just gotten off the later bus when the second plane hit. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened, as he usually walked right by the WTC on his way to work (several people were killed by falling debris right outside the WTC) The cellphones were down, and some payphones too, and we did not know where he was until 2 pm — he had been stuck in the subway, and he ended up walking several miles until he got home. But we were the lucky ones….. We did not want to go to ground zero during the recovery, bec. it was too upsetting, but I heard of a Holocaust survivor who went to ground zero, and said, “This is what Auschwitz smelled like.”

  4. TammyChicago says:

    Hope N Change flyover………. HOPE it doesnt kill ya then CHANGE your underwear.

  5. radargeek says:

    And just think, 99% of those drones probably voted for BO.

  6. intheknow says:

    Yes Morons! And the beat goes on. That is terror!

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