cracker jack bag clipThe Nobel Peace Prize!

My first thoughts upon hearing Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize: 1) Hahahahahahahaha!!!! 2) peeps at the Onion had managed to fool everyone, or 3) we had been thrown back to April 1st in a time machine, or 4) everyone on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is on crack. 5) How can I get that crack?

Then, I found the answer–the new prize in the box of Cracker Jack is, that’s right, the Nobel Peace Prize! I have one now, too. In addition to the million or so dollars he’ll receive (perhaps he should he should donate that to the US Treasury) I bet he’ll get a Mood Ring with the prize. He can keep that for himself.

In other words, it’s now a meaningless joke. It really got that way when Jimmah Carter got it, but this take the cake.

But hey, if you laugh at Urkel getting the “prize” you’re now siding with terrorists, according to the DNC. Yes, it’s come to this.

John Bolton on Fox News, of course, the Peace Prize is now all about politics. It used to be about actual accomplishments. He thinks this was a philosophical decision, not a partisan decision. “Fundamentally a political message.” If you view the world the way the committee does they’ll give you a prize. Also notes this very well may impact Urkel’s view on whether or not to respect General McChrystal’s request for more troops in Afghanistan.

Obama has noted he will “accept this award as a call to action.” To his credit The Fool-in-Chief also seems to have the good sense to try to distance himself from the absurdity.

President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is quickly turning from a singular honor into a gold-medal headache, as even supporters call it premature and critics say it proves he’s a darling of the international elite.

Obama himself sought to put some distance between himself and the award, saying, “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but a recognition of the role of American leadership” in the world.

…seemingly mindful of the political risks involved, he seemed to go out of his way to puncture the solemnity of the moment, joking that it was also a good day because it’s his dog Bo’s birthday.

Make no mistake, this is an attempt by the Euro Elite (and we know what a great track record they have running the world) to directly impact the American president’s decision making, as well as hasten our demise as the world’s political and moral foundation. They know what they’re doing as they confirm Barack Obama as epitome of a Useful Idiot for the Left.

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  1. JHSII says:

    Yep, I was just reading this – everywhere!! LOL

    I have been calling it the Nobel Putz Prize for many years now – the definition of Putz being fool or idiot. I mean, come on, Arafat got one, Carter got one, Gore got one.

    It has nothing to do with “peace” nor anything to do with any actual accomplishments. That’s why Conservatives are never nominated – we have actually brought peace and/or accomplished something!!!!

  2. Carol says:

    Great summary!
    I knew he’d get it someday. Still sickening, though. I’ve seen that award as a farce since it was given to terrorist pedophile Arafat. And the winners have not gotten any more peaceful since. It’s ashame the once prestigious prize has been hijacked by anti-American appeasers. They should’ve waited at least another year to give Urkel time to follow through with destroying this country. but they needed to do it today as consolation for last Friday and encouragement to continue.

  3. franknitti says:

    Tammy, we’re living in a madhouse. Right now, I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. This is crazy. Urkel has done nothing but apologize for America and kiss the ass of every dictator on the planet and he receives a Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel is turning over in his grave.

  4. ffigtree says:

    He was sworn in January… so was he nominated two weeks after he became president or before he became president?

  5. Rob_W says:

    Imbeciles giving awards to each other. Nothing more.

    Meanwhile, the world awaits substantive commentary from Sarah Palin.

  6. CO2aintpoison says:

    Look over here
    No, look over there,
    No over there on the other side,
    Well I see something behind us,
    Really, I see something under us we better look there first

    You know when you buy the groceries and you really think you can fit them into one bag because you are busy with your other hand carrying, oh, I dunno, your purse or, well – whatever. So you jam pack the grocery bags with all your goodies for the meal you’re going to cook tonight – lots of delicate stuff: fresh tomatoes, a couple of brown eggs (large of course), a beautiful thin glass container of olive oil, fresh flowers for the table. Happy after having gotten all your stuff in the bag you pick up your bag and begin moving towards the door. See….it’ll be okay – the bag is holding. Then c-r-a-c-k. Like Tammy says – it only takes ONE. Now, your dinner is all over the parking lot.

    The Once is packing all this crap into one big gigantic roll of gigantor-crap-roll and stuffing it down into the bag of America. We won’t burst at the seams trying to carry all this baggage. We can do it! Uh, oh – there seems to be a small tear….

    BO: Let’s see, what short of WWIII could bring on some good ‘ole distraction (I have to save that one for my big “Tah-Duh”)? I mean – so many of my tricks have been played already. Hmm…, no, it’s too risky. Giggle – hey Michelle wake up. If I were awarded the Nobel Piece Price, I mean Prize, do you think that would fool the people to go back to sleep and just forget all this Town Hall nonsense and let us get “the work” done? I mean – I am trying to bring peace to the world, right baby?”
    MO: Go back to sleep you fool”

    By the way, has this already been covered, or is it the height of narcissism to name your dog after yourself? “BO” I mean….who DOES that??

  7. Pat_S says:

    The audience booed when the announcement was made in Oslo. Racists!!!!

  8. jnarcus says:

    The One

    The Prize

    Our shame

  9. trevy says:

    I disagree, Tammy. It became a joke when it was given to Mikhail Gorbachev, a communist dictator. And to Yassir Arafat, a terrorist.
    After that it just went downhill to giving it to Al Gore instead of Irena Sendler, who saved thousands of Jewish children from the Nazi death camps.

  10. PhillyMom says:

    Norway thinks I’m great
    Take that IOC!
    I’m in with Yassar, Jimmy and Al
    and as loved as could be

    It’s all about me!
    It’s all about me!
    The whole world loves me
    This is who I am!!

    LOL, can’t stop laughing!!!

  11. Count Crash says:

    What you need to recieve the Noble Peace prize:
    1) A Democratic President or Former Democratic Vice President
    2) make nice to terrorists rather than fight them
    3) play footsie with rogue nations
    4) denouce your own country Publicly
    5) make hours and hours of speeches that endorse yourself as the savior of the world
    6) do nothing in paticular
    7) play kissy face with anti-American facists
    8) Nationalize two car companies
    9) try to nationalize health care even though a majority of the citizens don’t want it
    10) blame everything on the other guy
    11) curl up into the fetal position when you have to make real decisions
    12) think that by touching something it will turn to gold
    13) beat the populace into submision with telepromters
    14) speak about hope and change till you believe it too
    15) have alot of money to buy it
    16) fail to get the Olympics so everyone feels sorry for you
    17) Name your dog Bo, who then takes a dump in your plane
    18) spend other peoples money as often as you can on useless programs and call it community organizing
    19) lie thru your teeth
    20) do alittle more of nothing in particular
    21) marry a woman who beats you up every night
    22) hire hundereds of people to do your job and then take the credit for when something good happens
    23) throw those same hundereds of people under the bus when something bad happens
    24) make a few more speaches about how great you are
    25) put people on notice, what ever that means
    26) bow to muslim leaders who provide financing to terrorists
    27) give your closest allies presents you bought at a dollar store
    28) send your children to a high quality school but, deprive other parents the ability to do the same for less money
    29) blame the other guy again, repeat as often as you can
    30) bribe… (um ahem I mean) hypnotise reporters and other new media personnel into thinking you are the greatest thing since sliced bread
    31) condem another country’s citizens revolt against their corrupt leadership. such things can multiply
    32) throw you paster of 20 years under the bus
    33) invest in a bus company. you never know when you will need to throw some more people under one
    34) never get tired of heaing your own voice
    35) see 1 through 34 and repeat

  12. Tinker says:

    Hey Tammy, I don’t really think he’s distancing himself… his words are always empty.
    He should have declined it.

  13. JLThorpe says:

    Is it wrong to suggest they rename it the Peace (of Sh*t) Prize?

  14. padrooga says:

    Gorbachev but not Reagan? Come on…

    Arafat? oh please…

    Doesn’t the fact that everyone (including those who support Obama) is surprised mean something?

  15. BarbaraM says:

    They must have felt bad about the Olympic slam, in Denmark…
    I thought Scandinavian’s were smarter, or maybe there was a behind the scenes trade off regarding the above??
    I am ashamed to admit I am Swedish.

  16. SoCalGal52 says:

    Hey Tammy,
    It is Fleet Week in Ess Eff this weekend. Navy ships rolling into the bay as well as the Blue Angels performing all weekend. Little Italy having a parade on Sunday. I was suppose to go up there this weekend to see the magnificent Blue Angels but can’t. Will you go for me and report back with pictures? Should be awesome!! I was also at the Sound of Music sing-a-long at the bowl, hoped to see you there, lotsa fun wasn’t it?

    As far as the NPP for Nobama, I and I believe most in the world are shocked. Even his supporters I think. This award has been a joke for so long, but this really takes the cake. Outrageous!!! Check out Katherine Hamm’s article on those who were passed over. A brave lady from Afghanistan who helps young women was passed over, as were some Chinese disidents. This would be laughable if it weren’t so serious and disgusting.

  17. thierry says:

    a random feral cat colony somewhere has done more for ‘world peace’…. and would probably make a better president collectively to boot.

  18. andrew4550 says:

    Did anyone see the post of who got passed over? Pass the air sick bag.

  19. intheknow says:

    Regardless of what Obama says about the NPP award. This has got to pump up his ego ever so much more. He will be dreaming about himself ever so much more. Dream on Joker.

  20. aliencats says:

    From what I have researched about Russia and Gorbachev, I do believe both he and Regan deserved the prize. Gorbachev was leading his people to freedom, step by step. It went for naught when he was removed from office. Now look what we have in a ‘Free Russia”

  21. aliencats says:

    With my defense of Gorbachev standing, I must say that I am appalled the the awarding of this award to Obama. Right now, I hold him lower than Arafat. At least you knew who you were dealing with, and what you were dealing with when he was in the conversation.

  22. Sam Joe says:

    I organized my sock drawer. Can I get a Nobel Peace Prize too?

  23. dr4ensic says:

    I think BO was shorted…there’s supposed to be a red clown nose that comes with that particular prize. Perhaps he needs to go back through that box of Cracker Jacks. It’s probably at the bottom.

  24. Maynard says:

    In an odd way, I’m actually grateful to the Nobel committee for making things clear.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but my general understanding is that the Prize is given in recognition of some concrete accomplishment. In recent memory they’ve sometimes jumped the gun with respect to the Peace Prize, and that hasn’t necessarily worked out very well. Kissinger shared a prize for the Vietnam War, and Arafat for the Palestinians, and of course Al Gore is a work in progress. But those examples, however questionable you may find them, at least have something behind them. Obama’s been in office since January, still flailing to implement his policies (other than reading from a teleprompter and running up the debt), and the world situation hasn’t exactly turned around (nor could any reasonable person expect it to). Can anyone intelligently argue that this move is anything other than pure politics? We don’t have to make jokes; the situation speaks for itself.

    It may be the fundamental purpose of this “Peace Prize” is to suggest that Obama should take the military option off the table with respect to Iranian nukes. Iran seems the likely flashpoint for war in the near term. It would be ironic if we repeat the sequence in the run-up to World War II and faced a global holocaust because we lacked the will to stomp out a brush fire. All in the cause of “peace”, of course.

  25. daredevilaccordian says:

    “I’m not sure what the international community loved best; his waffling on Afghanistan, pulling defense missiles out of Eastern Europe, turning his back on freedom fighters in Honduras, coddling Castro, siding with Palestinians against Israel, or almost getting tough on Iran.” – Rep. Gresham Barrett (R), SC

  26. animalfarm says:

    The Nobel system is finally getting more in line with the program. The selection process is no longer based on recipient merit, but on vague notions of feel-goodness. Excellent. But what about this ‘competition’ and ‘winner’ business?. These words imply violence and hierarchy. We all know nothing is better than anything else, for everything is relative. The committee must stop utilizing the capitalistic concepts of “award”, “winner”, “judges”, etc. Further, we all agree that the prize, I mean monetary disbursement, is bank-executive vulgar. This obscene amount insults the less fortunate. For social justice to prevail, the proper amount should equal the averaged annual salary of a citizen of the world, anything more is simply unconscionable. For now, the obscene money award must be redistributed to the needy. I suggest ACORN as the perfect entity to oversee the fair administration of this monetary injustice.

  27. navajosierra says:

    I love the racoon and the cracker jack box, how he has his little legs curled around the box, digging, digging. I had a bad vibe that this would happen, but I am still amazed! I mean this Kool Aid, this suck up juice, is available everywhere. Even in my most dense unawakened state, I cannot see what they see! Neptune rules. The fog is everywhere and dense.

  28. JLThorpe says:

    One argument I’ve heard (from McCain and I think others) is that we should be proud the United States President won the Nobel Peace Prize. The problem is that you can’t be proud of someone winning an award if they did not deserve it. If someone wins a first place trophy for running a race, and the person actually came in 49th place, we’re not going to be proud. We’re going to feel cheated. Remember back during the 2002 Winter Olympics, when, I think, the Canadian skating team had a better score than, I think, the Russian team, but the Canadians won the silver and the Russians won the gold. I don’t think anyone was proud that Russia won a gold medal when the Canadians deserved it.

  29. JHSII says:

    In celebration of Obama winning the Nobel peace Prize North Korea has fired off two short-range missiles and Iran has dismissed Obama’s warning that we wouldn’t wait forever.

    My suggestion is to rename the Nobel peace Prize as the Neville Chamberlain Appeasement Award. It’s more fitting.

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