Perhaps he should bring some Purell with him. Major Garrett, that is.

Fox’s Major Garrett gets interview with Obama

Fox and the administration have been in a public fight since former White House communications director Anita Dunn said the network acted like the research or communications arm of the Republican Party. The president pointedly avoided Fox when he gave a round of interviews to Sunday shows about his health care plan.

Garrett, Fox’s senior White House correspondent and a CNN reporter before moving to Fox, will have 10 minutes with the president. Other network correspondents traveling with the president — Chip Reid of CBS, Chuck Todd of NBC and Ed Henry of CNN — will also get interviews. ABC gave up its slot when Jake Tapper spoke to Obama earlier.

It’s the first time Obama has spoken specifically to a Fox correspondent since he talked with Garrett in July. Obama gave one other interview to Fox as president, to Sunday morning host Chris Wallace in February.

Maybe Urkel thought he should talk to Fox after spewing in China about how he hates censorship and loves a free press. Ah, the lovely smell of hypocrisy in the Chinese morning…

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  1. kissjrj says:

    Urkel? Too funny. “Did I do that?”

  2. CO2aintpoison says:

    The once actually thinks there are 59 states. He said he’d been to 57 states, with two states to go. What a genious. How, historic. Maybe this extra 9 states’ tax base can pay for death care?

  3. morecowbell says:

    It’s interesting to me this came a week after Anita Dunn resigned.

  4. trevy says:

    Well, talking to Fox is the only way people will actually hear him. Hardly anyone listens to the All Barack Channel, the Nothing but Barack Channel, the Channel for Barack Soundbites, the Channel for Nothing but Nonsense, or Mostly Stuff NoBody Cares about.

  5. Hannibal says:

    Should be a softball interview.

  6. 1elder1 says:

    10 minutes of Major with Obama so let’s all get out there and shoot our ak47’s in the air. Ya know…just like they do in them other muslim nations to celebrate our leader who will be on the TV.
    Crank up the electricity so the TV will stay on……..
    Which one of you gets the hot water for your bath tonight?
    You have to bathe with your clothes on and your prayer rug to save water…..


  7. ecu22331963 says:

    Trying “suspected” terrorist in New York federal court?

    It’s time for the American people to ask a simple question.

    Who do you trust in the Obama Administration?

    • Multitudes of Czars?
    • David Axelrod?
    • Valerie Jarrett?
    • Pete Rouse?
    • Christina Romer?
    • Susan Rice?
    • Ronald Kirk?
    • Peter R. Orszag?
    • Lisa P. Jackson?
    • Rahm I. Emanuel?
    • Janet A. Napolitano?
    • Eric K. Shinseki?
    • Arne Duncan?
    • Steven Chu?
    • Raymond L. LaHood?
    • Shaun L.S. Donovan?
    • Kathleen Sebelius?
    • Hilda L. Solis?
    • Gary F. Locke?
    • Thomas J. Vilsack?
    • Kenneth L. Salazar?
    • Eric H. Holder, Jr.?
    • Robert M. Gates?
    • Timothy F. Geithner?
    • Hillary Rodham Clinton?
    • Joseph R. Biden?
    • Barack H. Obama?

    This is the question to personally answer; whom do you trust with the Iraq war (yes we are still at war regardless of the lack of media coverage), Afghanistan war, the US Economy, Health care, the Justice department, the Educational department, the US Diplomacy’s, etc….

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