I’m pleased to announce the Beta launch of the Tammy Army Members (TAM) Book Club. This is exclusive media for TAMs wherever you may be 🙂 Please visit the Members page for more details and your first project, an article about the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, whom launched the beginning of the “Progressive” assault on America.

The TAM Book Club is open for all TAMs and you don’t need to participate in the chats or discussions if you would prefer not to, you can just enjoy the articles or books as they get recommended. For this week’s selection, you can read the article online, or print it out and read it at your leisure. I’ll be choosing articles and books that I think will help us with all the work we’ve got coming up for the next few years. This article will help do just that with an exploration of Theodore Roosevelt and his introduction of ‘progressive’ (leftist) policies to America. A man, according to the author, who was “at war with the constitution,” a man very different from the legend that has been propagated for the past 100 years.

If you are not yet a TAM, now is the time to join! You will receive immediate access to this media, Tammy Radio podcasts, show archives, netcasts and other exclusive media.

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  1. RuBegonia says:

    Sit, Stay, Roll-Over. Ready to tackle Obama Obedience training with some dog sense. Let the fur fly – WOOF!

  2. noflyzone says:

    Terrific way to start your new venture. I hope it becomes more successful than Oprah’s.

  3. 1elder1 says:

    Tammy Bruce has gone all high brow on us. *smile*.

  4. Foreverautumn says:

    I hate to ask a stupid question, but when exactly is the chat room going to be active? It’s possible I’m just being terminally clueless, but I don’t recall Tammy saying anything more specific about the time, other than it’s probably going to be sometime Sunday, and I can’t seem to find any announcements more specific than that. I hope I didn’t miss it already.

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