This would be thigh-slapping laughable if it didn’t highlight the rank incompetence and malevolence toward this nation that envelopes the Obama administration. Truly, these fools are all confused about where the jobs are. They’re down the drain, in a nation which has no idea what the Dumb Bastard in the White House is doing, and consequently no confidence in the future. For some screwy reason, small business is shutting down, not expanding, killing jobs throughout the country. Big business is also understandably frightened about the economic coup de grâce in January. Up until now, you see, Obama’s just been sawing at our necks. Come January with the largest tax hikes in history, they intend to hack off our head entirely.

Mystery for White House: Where Did the Jobs Go?

Welcome as it is, progress toward finally capping the gulf oil leak hasn’t resolved the biggest conundrum facing President Obama before the midterm elections.

That conundrum, which reclaims center stage in Washington this week, is this: Why is unemployment so high?

The whodunit has flummoxed economists in both parties for a year. In 2009, as the new Obama administration grappled with the financial crisis, joblessness rose nearly two points beyond customary recession forecasts…

Analysts looked into whether the troubled housing market created “job-lock” by preventing potential employees from selling homes and moving toward new opportunities. They also considered whether extended unemployment benefits deterred others from going back to work. But they concluded that such factors couldn’t explain the magnitude of job losses.

Instead, their analysis pointed toward the effect of the financial crisis on business owners who reacted to the fear and uncertainty by laying off employees in extraordinary numbers.

Maybe having more vacations and parties will lift the unemployment rate! Or maybe not.

Mort Zuckerman chimes in with Obama’s Anti-Business Policies Are Our Economic Katrina. Seems like everyone else knows what’s happened to the yobs except Obama and his partners destruction.

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  1. robertraybishop says:

    Easy questions at lunch are always good. Here some math for ya. Take your manufacturing and move it off-shore by treaty and environmental regulation, add Investor, Mega Corporate and Federal Reserve Greed, divide by business as usual two party politics, multiply be a socialist administration, and then multiply that by a new world order. That’s right it equals NO [email protected]#EN JOBS.

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