**UPDATE: Little Daisy Audio–Mosque Leader: Opposition Is About “Hate Of Muslims”

Women patriots demonstrating against the GZ Mosque today in New York

I do have a few choice words at the end of this post. Here’s coverage of the protest today at Ground Zero and the pathetic complaints of Obama’s favorite Hillary Clinton Department funded Islamists.

Ground Zero Mosque Opponents, Supporters Turn Out to Demonstrate

Several hundred opponents of the project turned out in drizzling rain, chanting, “No mosque at Ground Zero.”

They carried signs saying, “You Can Build Your Mosque at Ground Zero When We Can Build Our Synagogue at Mecca,” and “Building a Mosque at Ground Zero Is Like Building a Memorial to Hitler at Auschwitz.”

“We don’t care what bigots say, religious freedom’s here to stay,” the community center’s supporters responded…

Daisy Khan, who, with her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, is leading the project, said today on ABC News’ “This Week,” that she fears the rising wave of opposition to the community center is an indication that Americans’ anger against Muslims is deepening.

“We are deeply concerned because this is like a metastasized antisemitism,” she said. “That’s what we feel right now. It’s not even Islamophobia, it’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s hate of Muslims.”

What Daisy Khan doesn’t seem to understand is that perhaps this isn’t about Muslims at all, but about Americans protecting and defending a site that is now precious to us. The malignant Narcissism of these people is astounding and so encompassing they, like the Obama admin in fact, cannot see beyond their own self-obsession. Little Daisy is loathsome–we didn’t start this, they did. We didn’t choose the location, they did. And the gall to claim opposition to the GZ mosque is “metastasized antisemitism” is the same as our own government calling Tea Party Patriots Nazis, UnAmerican, and the Mob. They’re all the same. There’s only one group of people who were mass murdered on 911 and that was Americans, not Muslims. And there has been only one group continuing to implement mass murder since then–Muslims. And there is one country that still calls for the mass extinction of Jews in the world, and it’s a Muslim country.

As Khan and her gang point fingers at Americans, another little reminder–since 9/11 we didn’t set out to annihilate Muslims around the world–we set out to free them. Thousands more Americans have died voluntarily serving in our military knowing they would be sent to the front line and whom ultimately liberated 53 million Muslims. And this detestable woman and her parasitic husband call us names as they decry that we haven’t gotten over 9/11 yet.

I’m convinced this mosque was Obama’s idea. The notion of it and its location. I think he knows he’ll be a one-term president and wants as much destruction to the American psyche as possible. The legacy this man is now establishing is a continuation of the terrorism unleashed in the 90s and defined by 9/11.

So do not blink, keep the pressure on the stop this atrocity at Ground Zero and…Remember in November.

The obscenity as envisioned by the good folks at Iowntheworld. It can, and will, be stopped.

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  1. mrcannon says:

    You know, if you apply the (il)logic of the left, there’s really no reason not to put up an espresso stand and gift shop right next to Ted Kennedy’s grave.

    btw: Obama is going out of his way to portray himself as a devout Christian. Is he going to have a Christmas tree at the White House this year, or will it be another Winter Holiday Festival Soltice tree?

  2. franknitti says:

    Ira Hayes would roll over in his grave if he saw that photograph from Iowntheworld. Muslim scum.

  3. trevy says:

    “That’s what we feel right now. It’s not even Islamophobia, it’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s hate of Muslims.”

    Not yet, but build that mosque and it could turn into that!

    I suppose their next project is to build a monument to anti-government militias at the site of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.

  4. Slimfemme says:

    I think you are right Tammy. Obama may have been behind this from the start. This whole situation is sick. I’m so tired of people calling this a freedom of religion issue. Nothing could be further from the truth!!

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  6. LJZumpano says:

    Daisy, Daisy, get the facts. we didn’t fund BinLaden & his ilk in Afghanistan. His guys were jokes to the real fighters against Russia. We tried to help the REAL freedom fighters there, and by the way, BinLaden had the leader of the Northern Alliance murdered (remember the fake journalists suicide bomers) days before 9/11.

  7. GoofusKAC says:

    The line has been crossed between “needing help” and “government takeover”.

    The bailouts, healthcare, stimulus, etc., etc., all sound good on TV, and even sometimes look good on paper. However, everything B. Hussein has done so far equals little more than turning this country into a corporation.

    Americans have been screaming so loud against this man’s agenda for so long, we have no voice left. We barely had one to begin with as far as “government” is concerned.

    Democrat, Republican…it doesn’t matter what letter is beside your name anymore. Washington has been slowly PURCHASING the American people for decades…it’s just that Hussein and his D.C. mafia have grossly sped up the process, d*mn near to a point from which we’re not going to be able to recover.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to take back this country, exercise our Constitutional rights, and stop this “government” from turning the United States into communist Russia.

    We’re running out of time!

  8. […] Tammy Bruce identifies Imam Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan as “Obama’s favorite Hillary Clinton Department funded Islamists.” And while “Little Miss Daisy” made some rounds on the Sunday talk show circuit, our “bridge-building” Imam is little to be found. He has turned up, of course, in Bahrain. Most press outlets don’t seem to care, but see the New York Post, “‘Ground Zero’ Imam on Mideast Tour to Make Islam ‘Americanized’“: The imam behind the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero surfaced yesterday far from the controversy — in Bahrain, where he’s on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Middle East to spread good will. […]

  9. CMill says:

    This is completely off topic, but I am locked out of the podcasts after my credit card info expired. I cannot access customer service (believe me, I’ve tried) and I’ve updated my info. Do I need to make a new account? Help. It would be helpful to make public an email address to post customer service questions, unless I’ve somehow missed it.

    • Tammy says:

      CMill, all you need to do to access customer svc is email Chris, but I will do that personally for you and I’m terribly sorry about your problems with this. Thanks for wanting to renew. We’ll get this handled today.

  10. varmint says:

    Can anyone think of a single move by this President which is inconsistent with weakening this country, making it more vulnerable to those who want to impose Islamic Theocracy and Sharia upon the U.S. especially, by any means possible including force?

    • Teri says:

      varmint, the sonofabitch is on yet another vay-cay. The Marxist machine that selected him wants him out of the way and for him to keep his moronic pie hole shut while they make their next move. I’m sure Sharia was promised Obama but they want their agenda also.

      They are scurrying like rats and cockroaches because they see the resistance that we the people are throwing at them at their every move. The machine expected us to lay down our will and give in but that is not what we are about.

      So let’s fight on. We will defeat this evil that seeks to destroy our freedom. So my good fellow American, fight on ! Teri

  11. eMVeeH says:

    Hmmm…Looks like “little ChickWeed DandyLion Chaff Whatever chocking plant Daisy [like that gentle name masks her bad intent] Kahn needs not one, but two “little” smack downs from Bob.

    I can barely wait ’till Pamela Geller and Steve Emerson’s Imam Rauf anti-American audio rants are released!

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