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Oh, jeez. File under: So Jackie Kennedy. Not. Here’s a pic of our illustrious First Lady visiting royalty in Spain. You’ll have to guess which one is Michelle Antoinette. All I have to say is, Thank god she at least pulled up her bra strap.

The other women? I know the lovely woman on the left is Spain’s Princess Letizia. The one in the middle, I have no idea, but she can be whomever she wants 😉

As if we needed another reason to despise the Dumb Bastard. Obama backs mosque near ground zero

Sacrilege at Ground Zero

Asra Nomani: A Muslim Questions the Mosque

Spy Agencies Check Background of Alleged Serial Knifeman

McCollum’s Immigration Bill Is A Political “Hail Mary”

Tabloid Tracks Down Homeless Man Who Borrowed AmEx

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  1. Kelly says:

    Holy hotties, Batman! (Well, two out of three anyway.) I totally agree, Tammy. The woman in the middle can be anyone her little heart desires. Just keep wearing lovely dresses and hot shoes. That’s all I ask.

  2. thierry says:

    … and in silver flats. oh, the shame…

    well, at least she wore the modern dyed type of sackcloth .

    instead of paying a lot of money for questionable single items michelle really should pay a consultant to show her how to dress for her body type. that for sure is some seriously fierce competition to be up against, but there are plenty of women without ideal shapes who dress hot and or classy. she always looks dumpy.

  3. The Ugly American says:

    The one in the middle, I have no idea, but she can be whomever she wants.


  4. IloiloKano says:

    Borrowing heavily from the infamous Tea Party sign…

    Given the picture, it doesn’t matter what anyone here posts, it will be called racist.

  5. cheryl says:

    I’ve seen other pictures from the same day. The woman in the middle is Carla Bruni.

    Although it’s a perfect illustration of Michelle’s relative tackiness, I think this is Photoshopped. It’s not the same day.

    Still. . .perfect.

  6. eMVeeH says:

    Good LORD! Que rición!*

    No doubt that what she paid for those rags, she could’ve bought all the clothes in the entire Midnight Velvet Catalog, and still come off looking fairly decently!

    You’re right, Tammy. No matter how much her fans may wish her to be so, MichelleO is NOT JackieO!

    *What a joke!

  7. ancientwrrior says:

    Tammy, why are you perplexed about the president and the proposed Mosque at New York’s ground zero. He’s a Muslim that’s why. Here’s some more info I ran across about this man:

    So what do you think – Have you seen this article and if so, any truth to what is being reported of our President?
    “If you check President Obama’s last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to France. She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. Why is Michelle returning to the states when ‘official’ trips to foreign countries generally include the First Lady.”
    Here’s one thought on the matter.
    While in a Blockbuster renting videos I came across a video called “Obama”. There were two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama. These guys were Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michele Obama headed home following the President’s recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband.
    They told me she could not go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iraq. I said “Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Dubai.” They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries that adhere to Sharia Law.
    Two points of interest here: 1) I thought it interesting that two American Arabs at Blockbuster believe that our President is a Muslim, 2) who follows a strict Islamic creed. They also said that’s the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. It was a signal to the Muslim world, acknowledging his religion.
    For further consideration, here is a response from Dr. Jim Murk, a Middle Eastern Scholar and expert on Islam. This is his explanation of what the Arab American’s were saying.
    “An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices Sharia law, particularly Saudi Arabia where the Wahhabi sect is dominant. This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe. She will stay home when he visits Arab countries. He knows Muslim protocol; this includes, bowing to the Saudi King.
    Obama is regarded as a Muslim in the Arab world, because he was born to a Muslim father; he acknowledged his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus.
    Note that he downplays his involvement with Christianity, by not publicly joining a Christian church in D.C. and occasionally attending the chapel for services at Camp David.
    He also played down the fact that America is a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense.
    He has publicly taken the side of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel and he ignored the National Day of Prayer, something no other President has ever done. He is bad news! He conceals his true faith to the detriment of the American people.” — Jim Murk, Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern Culture & Religion.
    ACTIONS speak louder than words.
    Another interesting item regarding Sharia Law..
    Why has Barack Hussein Obama insisted that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials of the 911 Muslim Terrorists in Civilian Courts as Common Criminals, instead of as Terrorists, who attacked the United States of America?
    If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military Tribunals, convicted and sentenced to death, by LAW, Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United States, would be required to sign their Death Warrants.
    He would not be required to sign the death warrants if they are sentenced to death by a Civilian Court.
    Recently, Muslim Jihadist, Army Major Hassan slaughtered non-Muslim, soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas rather than go to Afghanistan and be a part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that Muslims ‘could not and should not kill fellow Muslims.’
    Is the motive for Barack Obama’s insistence on civilian trials, to make sure he doesn’t have to sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he, as President of the United States, not sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who attacked the United States and murdered over 3,000 U. S. Citizens on 9/11? Could it be that he is FORBIDDEN by his RELIGION to authorize the execution of Muslims?
    Think about that! Open your eyes, ears and mind to who the President is, how he behaves and what he is doing.

    • Tammy says:

      Hmm, I don’t think my name and the word “perplexed” have ever appeared in the same sentence, for good reason. I’m not perplexed ancientwrrior, but perhaps you approached your comment that way for rhetorical purposes 😉

  8. mrcannon says:

    Whoa, Michelle has a bit of a wide load, no? Too much sweet potato pie, I’ll bet.

    (Low blow, I admit, but I’m in the mood to pile on.)

  9. jmucciola says:


  10. franknitti says:

    Elizabeth Kortright Monroe (the hottest First Lady of all-time) has nothing to worry about.

  11. LJZumpano says:

    it’s not that she doesn’t have lots of clothes, it’s not like she doesn’t have people to advise her on protocol when dining with the king of spain, its not that she looks like she’s taking her daughter to McDonalds for lunch, it’s that she obviously doesn’t care that as First Lady of the United States of America she is embarassing a whole nation. The more I think about the whole trip, the more I see a woman who is angry at her hubby and is going to show him who is boss. What better way than to scoot off to Spain for a few days, ignoring his birthday (was the original plan for the whole family to go to Chicago to celebrate?) Question now is, did he get the message?? Hilary threw a few lamps to get thru to Bill, it is harder when you’re dealing with a malignant narcissist.

  12. morecowbell says:

    Why does the woman in the middle, in the blue dress, have red soles?

    • Tammy says:

      Ah, the red leather sole is the signature of designer Christian Louboutin, a very appropriate choice for the First lady of France. The shoes are fabulous and lusted after by, oh, all sorts of women (including myself), but they are pricey. Here’s the basic black patent leather, at Saks, $595. But oh my dear… http://is.gd/ei9DZ

      • morecowbell says:

        $595.00 for shoes! My God you can by a Springfield Arms Xdm 9mm for that kind of coin…

        • larrygeary says:

          Good non-designer men’s shoes easily cost $300. I paid that in the mid 1980’s for some shoes in SF – and I still have them!

          • morecowbell says:

            $300.00 for shoes from the 80’s ! My God you could buy 375 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Luger 115 Grain Flex Tip eXpanding Ammunition for that kind of scratch… am I the only one who can see this ? What is the world coming to … Cats and Dogs.. Cats and Dogs !!

  13. Tammy says:

    I hear you, but…TwoLegs, while the pic is photoshopped, the pics used are real and untouched, just placed next to each other. The same point could/would be made by literally placing the pics side by side. I think the comparison of First Ladies is an appropriate one, and that’s what we have here–essentially the First Lady of Spain with Princess Letizia, and the literal First Lady of France, Bruni-Sarkozy. Here we have MObama with her signature issue being how American kids are fat and unhealthy. I do think making a comparison of the woman who points a finger at our kids, of all people, and during the campaign complaining she had never been proud of *us* presenting herself in this fashion on the international stage is fair *especially* with the theme of our First Couple being that Americans (other than them of course) are bitter, clingy, fat and irrelevant. When it comes to mean, I think she has set the tone. In my humble opinion.

  14. Jackie O’Not: “Let me tell you something — for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really not proud of my first lady.“…

    “File under: So Jackie Kennedy. Not. Here’s a pic of our illustrious First Lady visiting royalty in Spain. You’ll have to guess which one is Michelle Antoinette.” — Shots from Today’s 3rd Hour of Tammy Radio Excuse me, but (between vactions) isn’t …

  15. glwinch says:

    …and Michelle Obama wants to tell the rest of us what to eat??? Her nickname should be “The Refrigerator”, and her a$$ is so big she needs a “Wide Load” sign attached to her butt.
    What a schlemp.

  16. Wraith says:

    I saw this the other day at Buns & Noodle…honest to God, I literally broke out laughing.

    This is actually very dry satire, right? Someone please tell me it’s not serious.

  17. larrygeary says:

    “Fake but accurate.”

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