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  1. JuanitaDugas says:

    Already cast all my 12 votes for Bristol and Mark and sending positive vibes. <3

  2. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Tammy what did they do to Hillary’s hair? I’m assuming she has someone to style her hair for her, what is going on with that woman? It’s kind of sad to see her that way.

    • naga5 says:

      excellent catch! i saw it over on drudge.
      did michelle antoinette’s stylist give hillary a freebie makeover?
      honestly, who said, “great look, hillary. now go out in public.”

  3. Crueladev says:

    Oh Dear God!….Lisa Murkowski screws up spelling her name…and now this ad for her
    write in campaign shows up?….She needs Therapy!…or I do!…Cripes!…

  4. aardvark says:

    I can see Gen’l. Powell back-pedaling from my house.

    And Tammy, I love you, but (you knew that was coming, right?), can we please get another life besides “Don’t Watch This Show”? There are much better things to focus on than unwed moms — and that picture doesn’t exactly jibe with her purported new message of promoting premarital chastity.

  5. dr4ensic says:

    OMG! I was totally caught by surprise. I’ve never watched this show. I “be thinkin’ that
    Miss Bristol will advance……… YOU GO GIRL!!!! Very impressive!!! I’m telling you now…I’m predicting….this will be a jammed up, lock down, freezed up vote for MS BRISTOL.


  6. jeaneeinabottle says:

    I thought I could watch it again and I can’t which is a bummer because I wanted to have fun and get all excited, but I stopped watching it for a reason and it’s still there. That doesn’t mean I won’t vote for her!!! I would love for her to win and let Hollywood know that they aren’t all that. Here’s to DWS!!!!

  7. radargeek says:

    Its ironic that the black general just admitted that he employs the new slave class. I guess its acceptable and morally correct to do so today…

  8. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Another thing I would like to know, please explain the Hillbuzz guys to me. I love reading what they write and their passion is wonderful to see but why do I get the feeling of don’t trust them when I read their article on c4p this morning???

    • larrygeary says:

      During the final weeks of the 2008 campaign, HillBuzz was soliciting donations to go out and do Get Out The Vote activities in Pennsylvania for McCain/Palin. Many of us contributed. Their analyses (along with others) had many of us convinced the polls were wrong and McCain/Palin would win. Anyway, they took the money and vanished. There was not a single post or picture to prove they were in Pennsylvania. After the election, they were silent for a week while comments piled up demanding an explanation. When they reappeared, they completely ignored the questions and carried on. Ever since I’ve been suspicious that they were an extremely clever Democrat astroturf site. I have no proof of that, but I remain suspicious and wary of them.

    • BastiatFan says:

      Not to worry, jeanee….they’re good guys. I’ve talked to Kevin D. (who wrote the piece at C4P) and I trust my instincts. They’re the real deal, and they’re on our side.

      As Hannity would say, let not your heart be troubled.

  9. Conservatarian says:

    I supported Baby-Palin with all my votes. I hope she can loosen up and get over the nerves. She’s not a dancer or performer so she did fine to me. What was more interesting to me though was Jamie Lee Curtis in the audience sitting next to Alexandra Hedison looking very Lesbo-Chic. Hmmmm.

  10. Hannibal says:

    I don’t know why Conservatives give Bristol “love”.
    She had a baby out of wedlock, and is on some stupid show because her mom is famous.

    • Artgal says:

      I’m not into the dance show myself, but why rake this young woman over the coals because she had a baby out of wedlock? Is it an ideal situation? Maybe not, but there are many situations in life that are not ideal, but people forge ahead and so much good can come from these situation – like little Tripp himself. Would it have been better if she aborted her child so it wouldn’t inconvenience anyone or make some uncomfortable – especially, it seems, the judgemental element of the holier-than-thou public?

      Bristol is trying to help others who may be met with the same situation she was in and if the show helps propel her to doing positive work, then good for her!

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