As you can tell from my previous post about the USS Enterprise situation a Palin ReTweet of one of my Tweets seems to have become another story unto itself. I’ve been getting tons of emails asking me to expand a bit on what I think the RT means. So, in this post I’m going to expound briefly on what I think Governor Palins’ intention was and my assessment of her in this context.

For those who don’t Tweet, a little explanation–when I tweet something other people on Twitter have the option of “Re-Tweeting” (aka an RT) what you have sent out. In other words, they can send along your tweet via their Twitter account to their followers, much like if you saw a flyer in a store and handed it to someone else to read. It’s that simple.What you meant by handing that flyer to your friend is another discussion, and that is the discussion today in the media and on Twitter–what did Palin mean when she RT’d the Tammy Bruce tweet. I tweeted last night I would need to get my s’mores ingredients ready to watch the inevitable overwrought LSM analysis of the deeper meaning of the RT. It looks like I may need more s’mores today!

Matt Lewis at Politics Daily notes this, which is a good place to start:

Palin re-tweeted something originally sent out by gay conservative radio host Tammy Bruce. Angered by Republican opposition to the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Bruce wrote: “But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already–the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed.”

Bruce took Palin’s re-tweet to mean that the former Alaska governor was endorsing her position. Bruce tweeted: “I think @SarahPalinUSA RT my tweet is her first comment on DADT, treatment of gays & attempts to marginalize us–thank you Governor.” …

Palin has not commented on any of this — which has gained notice from CNN and ABC — but I can’t help but think that Bruce may be unfairly (or at least prematurely) interpreting Palin’s actions. Re-tweeting, it is generally agreed, does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.

Before I proceed, let me make it clear that I have not spoken to to Governor Palin about this. I do not speak for Governor Palin. I have met her and have spoken to her on a few occasions. I believe I have a very good sense of who she is and what she stands for. Based on my assessment of her, I am a firm supporter of the governor in all of her endeavors and will support whatever she chooses to pursue politically.

That said, let me remind everyone the context of that tweet–the issue that spurred my tweets was the production of homoerotic/homophobic/misogynistic videos by Capt. Honors of the USS Enterprise. I found that revelation, combined with the military’s public position regarding DADT and the ‘disruption’ supposedly posed by gay men and lesbians serving openly, rather hypocritical. That was the ultimate context of that tweet–military hypocrisy on the issue.

So, at the very least I do think it’s fair to say anyone, regardless of their position on DADT, would indeed find the situation on the Enterprise rankly hypocritical. My tweet was also a condemnation of DADT as an attempt to continue to marginalize gays and lesbians in the military and beyond. In a previous tweet I mention the absurd “boycott” of CPAC by certain anti-gay groups which call themselves “social conservatives” simply because conservatives who happen to be gay will be there. I do take the Governor’s RT to also be a condemnation of this social ostracizing.

When it comes to Sarah Palin’s position on DADT, I have never asked her about it and she has never spoken to me about it–but I assess her as a Conservative with Libertarian influence. Both her husband and son are Independents, with Mr. Palin serving as his wife’s primary adviser. I will remind people of things already in the public realm about the governor–she refused to veto partner benefits legislation as governor of Alaska and is a firm believer in fairness and “live and let live.” She is not a Culture Warrior, however. She is, which should be apparent by her Facebook postings and opinion pieces, a Policy Wonk. She is also, which is clearly evident, a charismatic leader who remains grounded by her character, faith and family.

Some have suggested this ‘completely changes the 2012 election.’ Not really–perhaps for some who believed the LSM and Gay Gestapo lie that Sarah Palin was somehow a bigot or homophobe, I hope this does cause some to take a second look at Palin, away from the left’s predictable “She’s a Hater!!” meme.

Knowing the governor somewhat and having made my assessment, I support her specifically because she is a decent person grounded in a patriotism and appreciation for the American tradition that allows all of us to pursue the American dream however we each see fit. “Live and let live” is also only possible when government is small and off our backs. It is only possible when conservative ideals prevail in this nation and through our government. No one should be surprised by the fact that a conservative Alaskan woman has a libertarian streak and believes all Americans have a right to live the lives that best suit them.

That’s who Sarah Palin has been, is now, and will be. And if people watch, and read, and listen without bias, it will be as obvious to you as it is to those of us who know and support the governor.

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  1. melonee says:

    Nicely put, Tammy.

  2. RuBegonia says:

    ‘Twas a very loud echo.

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  4. Filesoof says:

    Tammy, your closing remark “It is only possible when conservative ideals prevail in this nation and through our government” is exactly what Jon Stewart has tried to explain: this whole staged head to head battle between Dems and GOP, between liberals and conservatives, doesn’t do your country any good, let alone right. The “only possible” way to achieve the American Dream again, is when the media in the US finally stops with this really stupid agenda of showcasing ‘the others’ as the devil. The meaning of the words ‘free’ and ‘liberty’ have no meaning whatsoever if they are followed by ‘and we will determine for you what may and may not’, something that is on both agendas!

    The rest of the blog was carefully articulated, keep that up!

  5. Shifra says:

    What is this Matt Lewis character talkng about? Obviously he has no idea about Twitter. In my experience, RT’s constitute an approval of the tweet. Why else send out someone else’s tweet to your own followers? To annoy them? Case in point: two weeks ago, after I tweeted a scathing critique of Urkel, I received the following tweet back: “Conservatives like you are what is wrong with this country.” I immediately blocked him/her, as I figured the biggest “diss” of all would be to ignore the tweet. Please note, however, that this Libprog did *not* RT my tweet. So, using Lewis’s logic, Sarah Palin took Tammy’s tweet, then retweeted it to her many thousands of followers, but Tammy “jumped the gun” in thinking that Palin was endorsing her tweet? My head hurts from the illogic of Matt Lewis….

  6. Maynard says:

    I have heard nothing but positivity and inclusiveness from Sarah Palin. She stands in stark contrast to, for example, President Obama, who has a long history of divisive rhetoric and unsavory associations. A quick rehash of some prominent examples: Obama was a leader at Rev. Wright’s “damn America” anti-Semitic Trinity Church. Then there’s the tight alliances with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. The other day Obama made a speech in which he urged “Latinos! Punish your enemies!” Obama and his associates regularly state or imply that opposition to his policies is rooted in racism. On the face of it, it’s obvious who is inclusive and who is divisive, and who is upbeat and who is nasty.

    The policies Palin advocates are worthy of discussion and criticism. But these attacks on her fundamental decency are ridiculous. There’s a concerted effort to tell the public how to think about Palin and Obama, and to induce them to ignore the facts that paint a picture that’s the polar opposite of what some prominent people would have us believe.

  7. mrcannon says:

    “Sarah Retweet Raises Questions”? Heck, it looks like we’ve been had, everyone: Sarah Palin is clearly not a reliable conservative. We should never have doubted Krauthammer, so I guess I’ll shave my head.

  8. flaggman says:

    There’s no other explanation for Palin’s re-tweet other than: she agrees with Tammy and wants her followers to see the wisdom and humor. What other explanation is there? If she disagreed, she would have said “look at this stupid opinion, and here’s why I disagree.”

  9. blackbird says:

    Excellent post Tammy, thank you. God bless and protect all who support and defend Sarah Palin the next President of The United States of America and her family.

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  11. As they beat a retweet……

    Via Ann Althouse, I learned that CNN is all atwitter over Sarah Palin’s retweet of Tammy Bruce’s pro-gay twitter:  Normally, it’s what Sarah Palin tweets that makes news. This time it’s what she has re-tweeted. The former Alaska governor Monda…

  12. ConservativePup says:

    Very well said, Tammy. Thank you.

    It’s funny–the left try to lessen Sarah Palin and make her seem so unremarkable, even “a joke,” but what other person’s RETWEETING A TWEET ON TWITTER makes such big news? 🙂

    I am loving it, and am glad you’re a part of it. Glad it was your tweet she re-tweeted. (Agree with you too, btw, as does Palin obviously.) And as blackbird so eloquently said above, “God bless and protect all who support and defend Sarah Palin…”

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