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Direct link to “Palin Report” Podcast

Big Hollywood review: ‘The Undefeated’ Review: ‘By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them’

C4P: Video) Governor Palin speaks with Judge Napolitano on Fox

Inventor’s Business Daily Editorial: Times’ Bias Shows In Palin Email Affair

People: Bristol Palin Calls Levi Johnston ‘The Gnat’ in Memoir

NYT: Conservative Bloggers Cheer Palin Film

RCP: Makers of Palin film scouting Iowa premiere venues

Where you can see the Undefeated on 6/15. More theaters will be added. Plus, VOTE to bring the documentary to your town.

American Spectator: Palin Decision Expected Next Week

Palin disputes on Twitter

My column from Tuesday at Big Government: Why Sarah Palin Must Run in 2012

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  1. BostonBruin says:

    This may be a false alarm, but vets4palin and others have tweeted that Gov. Palin was seen in New Orleans today and will speak at the SLRC (which is over at 6:00 PM ET). It’s being shown now on TV (C-Span) and on-line ( If true, I am sure there will be video at C4P.

    • BostonBruin says:

      In any event, I did listen to Rick Perry’s speech. Content was good, but delivery – forget it, too stiff. Not sure he’s the best choice for VP either.

      FYI – Sarah Palin’s Alaska will be on TLC for 6 hours on Sunday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM ET. Happy Father’s Day!

      • deaves1 says:

        I’m happy to hear this. I still haven’t got off my duff and went to buy this DVD set. I watched the “Sarah Palin’s Alsaka” in it’s entirity last fall and wished I would have T-vo’d it. I know this show must drive the looney left and the rinos on the right absolutely crazy. Maybe that’s one of the biggest draws for this show, and the fact that she was able to knock down a boat load of cash for doing. Fight like a girl Ma’am! America needs you to take charge and re-instill good common sense Reagan Conservatism in to politics.

    • Tammy says:

      I can tell you with complete certainty that Governor Palin *is not* in New Orleans at the RLC. Hope that helps.

  2. redbrightandtrue says:

    Love the Palin/weekend lounge. What a fantastic idea! Haven’t listened to the Palin report *yet*. I save it for my Sunday run. Hope everyone is having a restful, relaxing weekend.

  3. Mutnodjmet says:

    Tammy – Have a safe trip to New York!

  4. Dragon Lady says:

    Dear Tammy,

    Happy Big Apple (take lotsa $$$.)

    I sent out a link to many friends to:

    It’s a website that shows the voting records of the various Members of Congress (even past members), AND the presidential candidates, even those who haven’t announced, but are planning on doing so.

    Check it out…it’s VERY informative.


  5. devitor says:


    Good evening, here is tonight’s US for Palin run: all links from original authors’ sites:

    Pursuant to the American Spectator story above:

    @SarahPalinUSA Tweeted: “Really? Hmm, guess they forgot to inform me what I’m “expected to do” next wk MT@AmSpec: Palin Decision Expected Next Wk!/SarahPalinUSA/status/81756159467470849

    “The Undefeated” Review: I Dare You to Go See it – by Adrienne Ross

    Todd Palin — the “Good Dad” – by Missy Stewart

    Rob Port Gives the most Moving Review of “The Undefeated” – by Kristina Lazzaro

  6. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy GREAT palin report as usual…i’ve always felt that unless palin or someone like her runs, and tea party doesn’t take over congress, our country will be lost lost….

  7. danthebarbarian says:

    In case you haven’t heard, SarahPAC got permission from the makers of “The Undefeated” to send out early-release DVD’s. A donation of $100 or more and you can get one! Watch your inbox or regular mailbox if you are on SarahPAC’s mailing list.

  8. elleb says:

    Tammy, the movie opening in the list of cities you read in the report are for the NATIONAL debut in July (15th).

    The movie will open earlier in Iowa, SC, and NH in late June.

  9. lawmom90 says:

    Our official song for the Palin Report this week should be “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the The Who 🙂

  10. devitor says:


    Good morning:

    Happy Father’s Day Heath and Palin Gentlemen – by Ron Devito
    US for Palin original content

  11. dennisl59 says:

    The Palin Lounge and Breakfast Bar is Open for Brunch!

    Dress code: No shirt, no shoes, no clothes, no service.

    On/Off Topic Comments:

    #1) The Republican Establishment at the RLC, New Orleans:
    Reince Priebus was introduced him as if no one knows who he is? Whew, that’s BAD.
    Comes off as a College student body president; no presence, bland speaking style, bad pacing.bad tie: aqua blue with stripes; pin-stripe suit; he should be wearing a washington black suit with power tie. Very tepid response;few applause lines at all. Uninspiring. He will be the lightning rod for any screw ups, I guarantee it.

    #2) 14 months out from the Convention; the RNC doesn’t have these full time positions filled at the RNC: Digital Marketing Director and Engineering Project Manager. These are critical positions in the organization. Two possible roadblocks? Vetting of the job candidates and the salaries. I’m monitoring.

    #3) Tammy, glad you brought the Ryan Illinois Election issue up;
    (it’s been bugging me for a long time actually) perv or no perv, if divorce papers (or any others for that matter) are ordered sealed by the court, how did they get released? To me, that’s the bigger legal question.

    #4) Tammy Axiom #1: Boys and Girls: don’t post pictures of yourself wearing pantyhose on Twitter or Facebook, K?

    My LABOR DAY prediction stands:

    Sarah Palin will announce she is running for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States of America.

    The Outro? Thanks for the Twisted Sister Tammy!


    posted 6/19 950am texas time

    • otlset says:

      To recap then, here we have the Obama-worshipping, relentlessly biased to the point of being tunnel-visioned Capehart’s mean-spirited recycled PDS talking points he crapped out back in May 25, just after the announcement of the movie was made.

      I think I’ll open some windows.

  12. Dragon Lady says:

    I spoke with a friend in Scottsdale who’s afraid Sarah is waiting too long to announce, one way or the other.

    (BTW, there exists near his house, Deer Park Airport, public and a reliever for Phoenix. It has runways long enough for Gulfstreams, Lears, etc., and has just started offering direct service to Reagan in DC). Just a thought…

    His worry: Sarah gets ahead 54% against the Dumb Bastard’s 46%. Trump, who’s working for Obama (and for any money Donald can get, BTW), jumps in, splits the vote and the DB wins.

    (Wasn’t it nice Trump made all that fuss about the DB’s birth certificate, and one was “produced”, now, and not in October 2012? How wonderful for the DB!)

    I’m sure SP has worked this out, but, what’s the end game if this happens, especially since the press won’t question Trump per the DB’s orders?

    My friend wants ONE Tea Party conservative to vote for and send money to, and like everyone else, he likes Sarah, but,(his words) “doesn’t want her to be coy.”

    I told him she is far from that, she’s her own person and to go see her movie… and be patient!

    Please address this, Tammy, since I’m sure this is happening everywhere, and I want Tea Partiers invigorated, even this far out from November 2012.

    AND, the bond guy at PIMCO thinks the Treasury will keep interest rates low for 10 to 12 years so that the U.S. government can pay off debts (especially to China) at a low percentage.

    This will hurt the middle class horribly, because retirees won’t get anything decent on a return, banks won’t necessarily lend monies to small businesses, and we’ll get more of the same we’re getting now.

    But this is exactly what the DB, Soros and the “Old Boys” in Congress want in order to control us.

    What say you?


  13. Bri says:

    It is to early for her for many reasons. They all will attack her,more stupid lawsuits from Alaska, They all will attack her (I know)We are going to be sick of the early entrees, the media made them get in early why play by their rules and finally the early starters are going to make a lot of mistakes

  14. _CarrieP says:


    Tammy going to New York this week – not a whole lot of talky-talky about *why* going to NY, no special *reason* given…

    Sunday C4P Posting: “Special Screening for The Undefeated Will Take Place This Wednesday in New York City”

    Did I mistakenly dust off off my 13+ years of recently retired detective skills to come up with this M.O. regarding one of my new favorite heroines?

    Could 1 + 1 = sneaky, sneaky, Sneaky Tammy…AGAIN???

    I hope not…’cause I find that I’m lovin’ “Sneaky Tammy” even better than I do “Head-Explosion Tammy”!!! 🙂



  15. niner says:

    Sat in a chair with my 5 year old granddaughter and together watched “Sarah Palins Alaska” TLC reruns, my Granddaughter fell in love with Sarah and Piper, not to mention all the grand nature and beauty of Alaska. Sarahs Alaska was a Quality show, I wish they would have done more episodes.

    • BostonBruin says:

      Thanks for sharing this video. However, as someone who has first-hand experience with RomneyCare, the individual mandate is not what bothers me the most. It’s that it was paid for in part by doing away with low-cost, high deductible plans.

      This is one of the major negative consequences of big government programs. The burden to pay for them falls on the responsible people.

  16. Ladybug13USA says:

    This is a great sarc video- “Yup, Sarah Palin Really is a Moron.”

  17. Thanks for sharing my review, Tammy. Loved your commentary in “The Undefeated”. Glad to be a new member of your “Army” even though I’m retired Air Force. ;p

  18. Bash1955 says:

    please tell me there is going to be a showing here in Iowa! I keep looking and still nothing. Waiting and hoping…..

  19. BostonBruin says:

    This Saturday’s Palin Report should be extra special. June 25, 2011 is exactly 500 days until November 6, 2012! Only 500 flippin’ days before “Game On” becomes “Game Over”!

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