(Thanks to TAM RuBegonia for this great artwork)

UPDATE: A podcast of the show has now posted for subscribers. Here’s your direct link πŸ™‚

UPDATE: CSPAN link for coverage

I will go live with a special Tammy Radio presentation of Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style coverage of Obama’s “No Jobs and there will never be any jobs as long as I’m president” speech to the Joint Session of Congress tonight. This is a public broadcast and can be accessed the exact same way you hook into the Daily Tammy Radio at TalkStreamLive. We will launch at about 3:50pm PT (Urkel’s speech starts at 4pm PT) with our special brand of snark, ridicule and mockery of Obama. I’m especially curious to see how he proposes setting fire to ash.

We have also learned Rep. Michele Bachmann will have a press conference with her own response to Urkel’s speechifying right after this edition of Kabuki Theatre. Now that she has been betrayed by the Establishment, I think this is a real opportunity for her to show us what she can do. I hope she does well.

This presentation takes the place of today’s “Daily TAM Briefing.” TAM Chat will also be open during this special live broadcast and this program will also be a podcast for subscribers after the fact, so if you can’t join us live, you can listen on demand πŸ™‚

Courtesy of TAM PPalin2012 (@PatriciaSmiley) Here is your Special Bingo Card for tonight’s game of charades!

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  1. Palin2012 says:

    Love the artwork Ru – wow, that would make a great poster. Looking forward to the snark and general DB A&& kicking.

  2. JLThorpe says:

    All that picture’s missing is a cow.

    And what’s the bird in that picture?

  3. lawmom90 says:

    It’s got one missing “I won’t rest until . . . . . . ” LOL GREAT JOB ON THE BINGO CARD!!

  4. Trish S says:

    This all is fabulous! Thanks, Ru, Patricia and Tammy, of course:) The TAM world is awesome!

  5. San says:

    Oh darn. If only ‘PASS THIS BILL’ was a bingo block.

    • dennisl59 says:

      BINGO!!! We have a WINNER!!!…”Pass This Bill” WAS the ‘Secret Phrase/Word/Cliche”!

      Congratulations and a huge TAM round of applause!

      The ‘prize’ is first in line at the TamChatRoom Margarita Machine and Tex-Mex Buffet Bar for the next week!

      Well Done San! LOL!!!

      posted 9/8 948pm Texans for Palin Time.

  6. ecu22331963 says:

    Darn it!!
    I missed it ALL again……oh well.

  7. Ladybug13USA says:

    As a relative newbie this was my first MST3K event. I loved it! I truly would have cleaned toilets rather than to hear a word that Urkel said. Tammy was incredible! I am so glad to be a TAM. πŸ™‚

    • Tammy says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My main goal is for us to be informed but to make it as palatable, and even as fun, as possible πŸ™‚ I think laughing and having our fellowship is the only way we’re going to get through the next year with our sanity intact LOL!

  8. chris1058 says:

    The Saints/Packers pre-game show was great. πŸ™‚ Kid rock sang a great song ‘born free’ with jumbo screens displaying unruly Americans and the American flag repeatedly. Great podcast Tammy – thanks for allowing me to spend some time with my wife. I listen to the TAM briefing every morning on my drive to work.
    We rise at 4:45am – I get home at 5:00pm or so and my wife usually doesn’t get home until 6-8 (she’s a gr 3-8 principal – one of the ‘good ones’) unless there are bd of ed mtgs/back to school nights/plays, etc.
    Hopefully my company will not need to cut any further positions.
    Keeping my powder dry – We can have EVERYTHING – Palin 2012!

  9. Pat_S says:

    Republicanss were vilified as reckless extremists when they balked at automatically raising the debt ceiling. Now Obama uses that debt deal as the mechanism to pay for his jobs plans. And so the world turns.

  10. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Love the artwork Ru and Patricia and Tammy! You TAM’s are so talented it’s an honor to be around such talent. That picture is so sweet, it’s perfect. I tried to listen to him, my stomach won’t let me. Thanks for all you do, I appreciate it so much πŸ™‚

  11. Mutnodjmet says:

    Irony alert: Historic electrical blackout impacting a large portion of Southern California occurred while Obama, the guru of green power, was just about to go on the air with his jobs speech.

    The only thing I am really upset about: I was looking forward to the MS3000 rendition from Tammy

  12. […] plan on listening to Tammy Bruce’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast. However, it seems that Professor Jacobson has distilled Obama’s campaign-oriented rhetoric […]

  13. strider says:

    The president is busy trying to sell it to some students this morning. Wonder if their university wil open a new school of asphalt managerment.

  14. ronald says:

    I really do not understand how raising taxes does any thing but pass down that pain to the consumer. Mark my words, i have yelled and screamed about this until i am hoarse, The jobs need to come back here any incentive that sends them elsewhere needs to end. You must allow production of energy not controlled by international interests to be developed here.This creates the jobs and pays down our debt, not government but private enterprise does this.

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