You know you have a failed presidency when the president’s supporters fantasize about beating up the opposition. It’s a defense mechanism. Obama should just tell ’em this is what we’re going to do. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Joe Scarborough is so angry with Obama he’s regressing. Joe projects his temper tantrum onto Obama who probably will have a temper tantrum in next week’s speech.

Obama wants to go to congress to deliver his speech because, as usual, he will lecture, berate and blame them. Obama postures as the only rational person in government who heroically has to step in from time to time to save the day. His supporters are as fed up as we are with his pretense of being the coach, the guru who has to contend with faulty humanity and whimsical nature.

They want him to strike fear into his opponents. We’re waiting for him to grow up.

Speaking about the President’s jobs speech conflicting with the GOP debate–

Barnicle: I think it shows a complete lack of fear of the presidency, this particular president…a little element of disrespect. But on the president’s side, the lack of fear comes from the fact that — and you hear many democrats talk about this…there’s no punch back.

Scarborough:…from Democrats, frustration that this White House doesn’t know how to fight tough. Imagine, imagine congress telling LBJ, no, you’re not going to give a speech here. It’s not any more complicated than the fact that politicians are moved mainly by fear. They really are. Fear of their voters or fear of a president, fear of reprisals. LBJ, there is not a single member of congress that would do that to LBJ because they know he would…hit them where it hurt.

Obama was sold as the man who would change the way Washington works. Now his supporters long for the bad old days. Those who have been bemoaning the lack of cooperation are now advocating raw bullying. It’s the last defense.

A reminder to Joe from Obama’s inaugural address.

On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.

Obama’s career has always been based on other people’s fantasies. As reality dawns on the once true believers, the sun sets on the Obama administration.

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  1. Tinker says:

    So this epic crisis du jour is so epic that it could wait while he took his latest vacation, but it couldn’t be postponed one more night? This is the kind of speech he should be making from the Oval Office anyway, not a joint session of Congress. But he likes the big stage doesn’t he?

    Is it just me or are the lefties really getting frustrated with this whole silly idea of co-equal branches of government?

    • Kimj7157 says:

      Right. This is a joke. Jobs were going to be his “number one priority” for the last three years, but he REALLY means it this time. He’s playing politics–again–and has no real plan. Never did. He’s a narcissistic, arrogant candy-ass who is using the Presidency as a four year joy ride. It’s all about him. Always was.

  2. otlset says:

    I wish the left would COOL IT with the violent rhetoric. Geez the flash mobs are bad enough, do they want to get the Bill Ayers crowd worked up now too?

  3. LJZumpano says:

    I saw that this morn. Kept thinking , hey guys, TEA is all about changing that DC attitude you are pining for. No more thuggery and big bullies!. Notice how they are all going back to the history books trying to find a way for BHO to promote progressive policy the way FDR & LBJ did.

  4. strider says:

    I think they’re correct about LBJ. Part of the current problem is LBJ’s revenge on the hippies – “The Great Society”.

  5. “Is it just me or are the lefties really getting frustrated with this whole silly idea of co-equal branches of government?”

    They’re not frustrated, they just plain don’t believe in it if it gets in their way of bringing us Utopia.

  6. Really great show today!!! A real pick me up:)

    Some great quotes worth repeating to your conservative friends and family.

    Tammy Bruce: “For generations Republicans have compromised.
    Conservatives and Christians have become almost trained to not expect the best, or to not believe that they can have the best.

    Conservatives and Christians need to begin to believe not only that they deserve the best, but them getting the best is what will save this country and there is no reason to compromise!”

    Tabatha Hale: “This is the time. This is our opportunity to duke it out, and I’m not willing to sit back and not fight for the best candidate because I am too afraid that he is going to lose!”
    “The Senate is as important if not more important then the presidency!”

    This is great conversation for my mother, an extremely religious evangelical, who wants to favor Perry. -of course because of his religiosity. She doesn’t feel Palin can win because of the MSM smears. She admits that Perry is not as conservative as Palin.” I sent her two pics, one with him speaking at La Raza, and another sitting around a bunch of ACORN stooges. I’m gonna keep working on her. Plus I think Palin is still the better candidate even if you value Christianity over policy.

    Looking forward to streaming the speech at Palinstock Saturday! And new Hampshire on Monday! Hope she announces, but I can wait. (maybe one day I need to be slapped around like the lady in Airplane-the movie, cuz I can’t handle the wait no mo;)
    Until then, think Mel Gibson in Brave Heart. Hoooold! Hooooooold! NOW!!!
    Keep your powder dry!

  7. Teri says:

    This moronic sonofabitch marxist and his machine that put him in the White House will never turn our America into a socialist/marxist state as they had hoped. We the people will never let that happen. Evil gets a swift kick in the ass as we send them back to their rotten communes in 2012.

  8. makeshifty says:

    An interesting thing about Obama is he has prompted some people to expose who they really are. I remember I was disappointed to hear that Gen. Colin Powell had endorsed Obama in ’08. I am not sure yet if Powell will be vindicated in that endorsement. I assumed it was a massive fail in judgment on his part at the time. Obama has had a few foreign policy successes in my book (killing bin Laden being one of them), but from what I hear, the U.S. is ignored nowadays, and is no longer respected elsewhere in the world. So I’m tending towards still giving Obama a low grade in that area.

    I heard conservatives write off Scarborough several years ago, but I found this clip you showed revealing. He obviously hates the Tea Party. That tells you something right there. What he wants is a “father leader,” someone who’s going to tell you what you’re going to do, and dammit, you’d better do it!! He thinks this attitude will work to get the economy going. Maybe if it were a different leader, someone who believed in getting out of the way of business, and facilitating a predictable market, then that attitude might fly, but with Obama, Scarborough is just asking for Stimulus II, The Sequel, and I’m sure he knows that. That’s not a conservative stance to take on the economy. That’s asking for more destruction.

    A few conservatives used to wonder if MSNBC’s socialist atmosphere had rubbed off on Scarborough. I wonder if he always was like this, but he just didn’t let on. Glenn Beck said perceptively that now that Obama is in office, socialists are “taking the mask off,” and starting to show who they really are. I think he was right about that. There are some people I will never look at the same way again after all this.

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