Here we go! Welcome to the results of the first Tammy Blog Survey. First, I want to thank all of you for participating. I really appreciated you taking the time. Before we proceed, here are a few reminders–this is a very unscientific survey, it was open to everyone, subscribers and regulars, but not everyone participated and those who did didn’t have to answer every question. What I was looking for was a general sense of who Tammy Blog readership is and I think we’ve got a pretty good initial ‘snapshot.’

I want to thank Barnaby S. (he recently adopted Pat S.) for his expert statistical numbers crunching. Here is a pic of Barnaby at work. You can see his passion for details. Here I think he’s covering up the “dog person” answers to see if would affect the end result. It didn’t πŸ˜‰

I really enjoyed seeing your answers for the personal questions, and your responses on the political questions also gave me a good sense of where you’re at on those issues. The survey was taken just as Herman Cain’s issue began to manifest, and pre-the Newt rise, so already the President 2012 question is a bit dated, but gives is all a good benchmark for to compare to future surveys. Also, I really appreciated the comments in the original survey post about what you liked and your suggestions about how to make the next one better. All very helpful.

I hope you enjoy seeing the results as much as I did πŸ™‚ Thanks again for participating!

It’s hard to tell from the graph how many people Canadians responded–the answer is 9. Some of you wrote in where you live. I have been reminded that Texas is still its own country πŸ™‚

I refuse to believe we live in a new Russia
The Empire of Texas
The Netherlands
I live in what USED to be the United States. Don’t recognize what country THIS is.
Panama–Central America
United Arab Emirates
Denmark (expat from Phoenix)
On my way to a Retirement place in Panama, Panama

Some of you had other choices. Here they are:

General Petraeus
Tough choice between Ryan and Rubio
Gov. Walker
Jim DeMint
Tom McClintock
Nikki Haley
Boehner–so he would get the hell out of House!!!!
Rand Paul
Can Allen West run for President? Please….
Dennis Prager
Jan Brewer
Cheney, West or Bolton
Ahhh Liz Cheney! There’s one from the back bench:) Looking forward to her running one day:)
Gary Johnson
Duncan Hunter, Sr.
someone with a un-forged birth certificate
The VP is only important with respect to their ethics as the position is mainly a contingency in case the President must be replaced.
Susana Martinez
Rudy Giuliani
Want Bolton and West in leadership roles; don’t know if VP is best use of their abilities
Susana Martinez.
Too early to say
John Kasich
I really don’t know. Sigh… Love Allen West but think he’d be better as Sec.of Def. Love Liz Cheney but could see her in a cabinet position rather than VP.
Condoleezza Rice

I loved your answers in the category, it really gives me a sense of who you are. It also gave me some good hobby ideas! Below I’ve included your write-in answers. We’ve tried to eliminate duplicates and it’s still a big list but it’s worth seeing what your fellow Tammy Blog readers are up to πŸ™‚ I trust you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Cooking, Baking
drummer R&R
Gaming/Flight simming, aviation, architecture
IFR Private Pilot and fishing
Being involved in my children’s activities.
Hobbies??? lol
Playing Musical instruments
Formula 1 Racing (A fan, but wish I could drive one of those!)
Brisk walking on beach
Visiting news sites
Making Baskets
Wood Working; Home Improvement
I design & make jewelry.
Audio/Visual Production
gun history
Baseball, Philosophy, football, thinking
1700’s Reinactment & hooting owls!!
cooking, radio
skateboarding, duh!
Building electronic doo-dads
cat rescue (more of an avocation)
working on my truck
DYI Guy stuff
computers.. online and not
DYI projects at home
golf, boating
Do-It-Yourself (“Home Depot MY Toy Store”), aviation, Inet researching, mystery and spy thriller novels devouring
walking, surfing on the computer
No time for hobbies. To busy working two part time jobs along with my fulltime job in order to keep the bills paid.
Snow Skiing.
Modern Art/Mid century Moderne and Art Deco antiques/old movie posters/espionage and pentecostal artifacts/into specific classic directors/actors and Abe Lincoln stuff/vintage paperbacks, really into Apple computers, some fashion, danceable glitter glam rock
Crafts, scuba, flying stunt kites, visits to national/state parks, lighthouses, canoeing
I Build & Play Classical Guitar
Model airplanes
foreign languages
Over 75 w/arthritis – play Mah Jongg & cards
Talk radio junkie: J. Gibson, Spencer Hughes, Levin
I spend all my time raising my kids, working, and reading/listening to current events.
forensics,documentaries, military channel
Growing arboreal orchids
Singing (I am planning on learning how to shoot, but I am working constantly to stay afloat, so am looking forward to some leisure time in the future.)
dog sledding
automobile collector
Thinking, Computer programming, Enjoying my dog
designing jewelry, playing alto saxophone
xc skiing
Twitter, Music
Studying Philosophy–more specifically Objectivism
listening to and collecting music
Concerts, Restaurants, Music
Restoration of vacuum tube radios esp. built before 1940
Building Cars
Boise State Football
playing the piano
Auto (drag) racing
Sprint car racing
Walking is a life sport, skiing & 14ers
Reading on line
political JUNKIE
Ukrainian Easter Egg, making animated gifs.
Rescue Work
Pipe Smoking
Writing, reading, trying to learn French
ice skating
My collection of comics. Cooking. My wife and I love to take day or weekend trips to the desert or wine country.
Blade smithin
Knit crochet
Classical Music,Classical Literature, Cats and Certain TV NEWS channels
knitting aquarium keeping
Roller Hockey
freshwater fishing
crafts – beading, cross stitch, little projects around the house.
Various crafts, writing and blogging
Gaming – Battlefield Series
Playing guitar
knitting/crocheting, digital scrapbooking
robotics, electronics, computer programming, video games, camping, star gazing, listening to silence.
Studying ancient history
don’t do much bike or horseback riding lately, but love it
Cooking, Conversing, Driving for fun, Fixing stuff, Beer
Listening to, Making Mix CD’s
sports of all kinds
table tennis
Crafts ie scrap-booking, beading.
raising Guide Dog puppies
learning to cook (in my late fifties-can you imagine?)
Cosmology,Electronics,Model Aviation,Model Rocketry,Writing
privet polite General Aviation
sports, politics
Motorcycle racing
Sons of Anarchy woo hoo!!!!!!!
Rabblerousing on social media sites. :0)
playing with/training my dogs
Music and cataloging music
Live music and Speakers
computers & technology
Ballroom Dancing; Farming; Shooting my guns, a lot!
in home gym workouts
camping, fishing
Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won)
fishing spending time with my family God and I time defending Palin and supporting Palin. Making my voice heard.
Guitar, Tactical/Defensive shooting, firearms instructing
sewing, quilting
Cooking, Interior decorating
Dance, Radio, Twitter, Facebook
golf, motorcycle/trike riding
needlework of all kinds with a passion for quilting.
Egyptology; playing instruments
music(guitar) martial arts and I’m an inventor
Harley rider
Cooking, playing tennis and volleyball.
Live video production, playing in a Rock/Metal band
All-analog, all-vacuum tube music system!
Playing Guitar (Gibson J-45)
pack ratting lps
motorcycles, classic/hotrod cars
Genealogy and scrapbooking.
politics, proglem solving and inventing
Home Gym Workouts, kettlebells, free weights, exercycle, etc.
web surfing
Needlearts, sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, decorating and design
Sailing and kayaking
playing the piano/working on my hobby ranch/health/cooking
railfanning (watching trains) with my husband; walking; riding in the country
Playing and listening to music, cooking, writing
classical pianist
Home Bible Studies
motorcycle riding
Motorcycle camping trips
computer blogging and commenting
In Line Skating (Rollerblade)
Music (I have had a band for 20+ years)
Studying finance, economic news
Time with family, history (museums, battlefields, walk around old downtown city areas, cards/board games
golf, tennis
watching NCAA and WNBA basketball
Creative Writing, Dancing, Anything where I can be silly with people I love
Full Time Student-Very little time
Baseball. Online muckraking.
taking my kids to their games, practices, events, etc.
Sports, Cards, Nature
Hanging around with my family
Role-Playing Games (AD&D 1e, Star Wars, Star Trek)
fishing- esp salt water; anything on the water
talk radio, piano, listening to music, family gathering, crafts
Antique Street Rods
Music, Fish Aquariums
Mission work in India is my greatest delight
Motorcycling, Kayaking
politics, ice cream
a second job
Sewing, quilting, crocheting
Working on my house
family gr children
Defensive Shooting
knitting, card making
Animal advocacy
Astronomy, computers, live theater, classical music
#1 Quilting; also cross stitch, needlepoint and embroidery
talk radio
…been very ill for a few years…getting back to life soon!
Video games
graphics, web media, politics, RV travel
Surfin’ the Interwebtubes
Preparedness, Old West novels
pottery, journaling into blogging & writing one day, basket weaving, knitting, quilting, yoga (because my bones don’t like high impact)
Meditation and Spirituality
Old Time Radio
Genealogy and historical research
Martial Arts

This section is for comments from's community of registered readers. Please don't assume that Tammy agrees with or endorses any particular comment just because she lets it stand.
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  1. Bri says:

    I am sorry I will not flip flop canidates like the rest, I will stick with Sarah. I do not flip flop like Newt or Mitt. Like Tammy I stay the course. Palin has left them on their own and did not give them an out with her running. They all failed now she will be free to run. Viva La Sarah. She was not the clown in the circus or on the liberal stage. She said do not get in to early. It is your time Sarah.

  2. tamcat says:

    Thanks for the results. I was surprised at some of the graphs. Probably because all participants are not TAMS. Interesting though to see ratio of TAMS to non-TAMS. Most responders are male! I am looking forward to the next survey. πŸ™‚

  3. Kat says:

    This was soooooo cool! I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime to see the survey results!!!! LOL! πŸ˜€
    Seriously, Tammy I want to thank You, Pat_Ess, of course Barnaby_Ess and any other TAMS and TAM critters that had any part in coming up with the survey questions and then the daunting task of tabulating the myriad of answers! All of your hard work is GREATLY appreciated! It was alot of FUN!
    Love Ya!

  4. ReardenSteel says:

    With regard to Sarah Palin, it’s time to live in the “is” not the “was”. She had as perfect a moment as there has been in recent memory, not only to kick Obama out, but to become the first woman President. Sadly, for reasons we may never know, she stood in the batter’s box and didn’t even swing. I must say it left me shaken and saddened. Having already passed a few significant primary filing deadlines, if she entered anytime after today, it would take a convention floor fight to have a shot at the nomination. A fight that could very well splinter the GOP all but guaranteeing Obama’s re-election. No candidate is perfect, but it’s time to support someone who is actually running. Live in the “is” not the “was”.

    • nordic_light says:

      I’d say , good or bad news , we need to know what happened.

    • Kimj7157 says:

      Agreed. “Shaken and saddened”, too, at the time. (Still hope we find out the real reason one day… .)

    • MaryVal says:

      I truly mean no offense to anyone, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or start a fight; but I’m really sick of Sarah Palin. That’s all water under the bridge; she’s done. The recent chatter about her changing her mind? That’s wishful thinking. She could declare tomorrow and would never be the nominee, any more than Bachmann or Santorum. The Palin phenomenon is over, and it won’t happen again. Palin killed the wave herself. She kept her supporters hanging on, hanging on….. teased them just enough to keep them hanging on, hanging on,…… then dropped them in a rude way. She was a phenomenon. Now she’s a former politician and a talking head.

    • imacat says:

      What I have learned about Governor Palin is to expect the unexpected. That’s certainly not a comfortable thing, and I’ve been through a grieving process much like what Tammy has shared with us of her own. I’ve concluded that Palin’s perception of things is clearly different from ours, and therefore any speculation on her future is futile. Her future is whatever she chooses to make it, as far as I’m concerned, and I respect that even though I disagree with her choice not to run. I consider Sarah a teammate, and although she apparently doesn’t want to be the team captain that I wish she were right now, and I will always be a Palinista.

  5. TheresaMC says:

    That sure was fun!

  6. ReardenSteel says:

    Thanks Tammy, the survey was fun to take and illuminating too. Surprised to see how many took the survey who weren’t TAMS. Come on guys, get off the bench and join “The Army”. You won’t regret it! We’re a fun-loving but focused force with the best Field General you could ever have. I love us!

  7. makeshifty says:

    Sigh. I’ll have to pay more attention. I would’ve enjoyed participating in the survey, but I missed it. Do some more, please.

  8. otlset says:

    Liberals? We got liberal listeners? Spies! Get ’em!

    On second thought, they may just be awakening out of the fog, coming out of the fever-dreams of the liberal kool-aid intoxication, and have found their way here to the shores of what is right and true. Yes, then welcome! And may Tammy and the rest of the TAMS gradually nurse you back to reality!

  9. cactuswren says:

    Very interesting reading through the results of your survey. I am going to come back and read through that list of hobbies, maybe I too can get some good ideas! this was fun, looking forward to the next one πŸ™‚

  10. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Most are men???? And the non TAM’s? Great survey!

  11. Kimj7157 says:

    VERY interesting! Fun and informative, for sure. Noteworthy, for me, were the ratio of TAMs to non-TAMs who participated, AND how many were considering Newt at the time the poll was taken. Also loved reading through the list of hobbies. πŸ™‚ What a diverse group of peeps.

  12. dogbite says:

    fabulous tammy! Really enjoyed reading the results!I want to meet the TAM who grows “Arboreal orchids”. Please tweet me @rockethechihua. we have grown orchids for over 15 years- forgot to mention.

    Awesome group of people we are- we β™₯ us!!! and ALWAYS the TammyBruce…
    “got a tammybruce jones…oohh..a..weeeeeee”

  13. cellis says:

    2 shockers…there are MEN who listen to talk radio, and there are LIBERALS too!
    What fun to read about everyone! I agree w/ others regarding Sarah. I would just like to know who, or what, got to her to make her drop like a stone. It’s bugging the hell out of me!

  14. 1ntbtn says:

    Tammy, this was fun as well as interesting. I was surprised, as well, to see that there were more male responders. I’ll be looking forward to the next one:)

  15. aardvark says:

    Sorry y’all, but Jindal and Rubio are NOT qualified for Veep or the top slot. They are NOT “natural born citizens’ by original intent because their PARENTS weren’t BOTH born here — same as Obama’s problem.

  16. SmallgGay says:

    Interesting stuff. Next time give us more pet options! All you offer us is dogs and cats. What about the fish people, the bird people, the ferret community etc?

  17. LJZumpano says:

    I still hate surveys, but it was kinda fun β™₯

  18. ffigtree says:

    Most enjoyable reading! Special thanks to . . .cue music sound bite . . .Barnaby and his fabulous number crunching.

    I love us!

  19. IslandLibertarian says:

    So, my life has been reduced to a collection of horizontal colored bars……..except for “Surfing”!

  20. MaryVal says:

    Okay, so who are the other quilters? Identify yourselves, ladies and/or gentlemen! I think we should make Tammy a round-robin or friendship block TAMs quilt, what do you think?

    • LJZumpano says:

      raising my hand. sounds like a way to help keep some balance during the next fast and furious months we face.

      • MaryVal says:

        If there are enough people interested, I’ll make a medallion center and send it on to the next person. Who can add a pieced border of some kind; then send it on to #3, who adds another pieced border section; and so on. Then send it back to me, I have a long arm quilting machine, I can quilt it.

  21. Ellen says:

    Wasn’t there a question about your age? Or did I dream that up…. It’s possible.

  22. mzsuz says:

    Thanks to all for the wonderful analysis provided to us and many kudos Tammy and Company.

  23. lord-ruler says:

    I am sad to see Elizabeth I so far down the list. I wish Winston Churchill had been a choice as desert island companion on the male list.

  24. mindidawn says:

    Thanks to Tammy for the results. Looked like Barnaby was a great help to Pat. What I found interesting was that the audience is almost a 50-50 split between men and women listeners and the same stat for listeners that are TAM’s or not.
    The list of hobbies had some very interesting topics, and along with the hobbies I listed, I may pick up a few more.
    Also, would like to point out that ReardonSteel and MaryVal, seemed to sum up my feelings quite nicely here in the comment section. I am still upset that Sarah pulled this on the American people but she can do as she chooses. Just wish we knew why! I am not one to write anyone in on a ballot, but this may be the first time I do so. Voting for a third candidate splits the vote and we could end up with another disaster. Anyone remember Ross Perot? Hope history doesn’t repeat itself this time around.

    • MaryVal says:

      I do remember Perot: fruitcake with nuts. Sounded good initially, but didn’t hold up well under scrutiny. I also remember the Ken Follett book On the Wings of Eagles, about Perot getting his people out of an Iranian prison around the time when the Shaw was ejected and the mullahs took over, and started slaughtering their countrymen. It was the best thing I knew about Perot, that he went to such heroic lengths to get his people out.

  25. CIVLAKFLT says:

    I got all excited when I read the hobbies stats and saw that the first one was “reloading.” Dang! I need to wear my reading glasses. That was a lot of fun to take and to see the results. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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