Yeah, honey, everyone looks better than you do. And on November 7th, you’ll also look unemployed. One note to Mooch–bling doesn’t help.

Yes, I have a feeling this is begging to be a Caption This!

Obama: British pair ‘look better than us’

When it comes to appearances at state dinners, President Obama is keeping score.

Mr. Obama was standing with first lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday night at the White House when their guests of honor, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, arrived for the state dinner on the South Lawn.

As Mrs. Cameron stepped out of a town car, Mr. Obama commented, “very pretty.”

Then he turned to his wife and said, “They look better than us.”

Priorities, priorities. What a jerk.

But this can’t be a revelation to these two. Destroying us economically apparently isn’t enough, they’ve been embarrassing us to the entire world for over 3 years now.

And hey Michelle, envy is ugly. And if you do it too often, your face will freeze that way. Oh, wait…

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  1. Shifra says:

    If this were a “caption this” pic, here would be my entry: Mrs. Cameron: “Uh, Mooch, are you checking out my a$$?”

    Is that just wrong of me? You betcha! I. hate. them.

  2. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Our first…whatever…. looks like she’s gained some weight with that *let’s move* tour??!!! I’m sorry…but her dress needs pressed too!!! yeah I said it….>! LOL She is just so awful, you know she hates that dress Cameron’s wife has on, we can tell just from the picture!! AARRRG!! So rude!

  3. Shifra says:

    Seriously, Mooch looks like she’s in her third month… But of course, we would not want her to be *punished* with another child. Right, Barack?

  4. ancientwrrior says:

    That last image says it all. The hateful envious ugliness inside does show up on the outside. She hates that anyone could look so good and clean. Hate makes one ugly!

  5. LucyLadley says:

    I wonder at times like this if they wish they would not have returned the bust of Winston Churchill? What would Hyacinth Bouquet from the Brit sitcom Keeping Up Appearances say? “These Yanks should meet Onslow & Daisy.”

    • Kat says:

      Lucy….its more like these yanks ACT just like Onslow, Daisy, and Rose! LOL! Hiacinth would be just mortified that the Camerons would have to be seen with the Furkels! She would probably scheme to try and make sure no pictures were taken or released to the British papers! LOL!!

      • SwimnLA says:

        Another candle light supper w the Obamas… Violet may have a Mercedes w room for a pony, but Michelle – are the reins necessary?!
        I love that fellow TAMs love British Comedy!
        I wonder if Michelle is like Elizabeth when invited to tea at the Cameron’s? Does she take her Earl Grey in a sippy cup?

  6. Chuck says:

    Anyone else noticed the nice posture of Britain’s first couple vs. the Obamas? What is it with the slouching and the bending over of the DB and Mooch? Geez.

    Mooch, please, cover your arms. We’ve had enough of them.

    • SoCalGal says:

      Because he likes to bow Chuck. To the Chinese, the Saudis, etc. His posture is in a permanent state due to cow-towing and bowing to dictators. I effing hate them.

  7. Kat says:

    First…why the heck does Mooch and her Pooch (her belly) need to wear so many dog collars? We all know she’s a b-witch (woof woof) and we still noticed her fat belly, so what the eff is the point?
    As for a caption this (typos are intended):”Shramantha can I borrow your DRESH for our next inauguration? I mean, I just look FAB-U LOUSH in the bold printsh! Doncha think so Barack?…Barack?…BARACK!!!”
    Mrs Cameron is thinking:”Honey you are going to have to cut waaaaay back on the BBQ Ribs for just one of your thighs to fit into this dress!”
    PM Cameron is singing to the DEB (Dumb Evil Bastard aka DEBby): “Hey Barack…My wife’s hotter than your wife….my wife’s hotter I kno o o ow…my wife’s hotter than your wife …so kiss my British ru u ump o”! (to the tune of “Someones in the Kitchen with Dinah”)!

  8. TAMocantor says:

    First we have to look at her bra straps now we have to see panty lines. Call the Fashion Police!

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  10. cactuswren says:

    As usual, Tammy, love your tags for this article 🙂

  11. SwimnLA says:

    I agree w Kat – How many necklaces does it take to satisfy the “look”?? The dress has potential – it looks like it was cut by some novice tailor/seamstress… It is like the old Project Runway elimination – as Hedi Klum said: “In fashion – one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Auf Wiedersehen” …. Well the same is true in politics!! But here we say: “Hit the road, Jack and don’t you come back no more”!!!!!

  12. El Gordo says:

    Damn this bling is heavy!

  13. otlset says:

    “Dayum girl, where you put your backside?”

  14. dennisl59 says:

    The First Lady(and I use that term loosely) has No Class and No Taste.

    posted 3/15 1125am Texas[Does this make my butt look big?]Time

  15. greenlantern2011 says:

    @Tammy, what you said in the DTB struck me as being very true: The Obamas know they shouldn’t be in the WH and feel very guilty and ill-at-ease about it.

    @Chuck, I noticed the posture thing, too. They both look like squatters skulking about.

  16. strider says:

    “Shouldn’t have worn the lead necklace.”

  17. Alain41 says:

    1) Humpty and Dumpty meet Barbie and Ken.

    2) I’m Melting, Melting.

  18. Ayeboots says:

    “You can’t make a silk purse…..”

  19. SoCalGal says:

    “Hey Barack, I brought Winston’s bust back over here to put back in the White House. I thought you might want to look at what a real leader looks like and maybe rub his belly to get some wisdom and cajones.”

    All I can say is what a good looking couple the Camerons are.

  20. Acumbent says:

    Mooch is beginning to bow. DB just wants someone to look at him.

  21. IslandLibertarian says:

    “It’s not what you do. It’s how you look while you’re doing it!”
    The Terminally HIP……….

  22. wilde1 says:

    What is great about the Prime Minister and his wife is that they have height as well. Mooch and Obama always tower over heads of state. Best of all they are conservative, and they had a baby during his premiership. I think Mooch is checking out her competition’s post natal waistline.

  23. angelaisms says:

    Good grief, they look like they’re examining mannequins at a department store. I like how Mr. Cameron is ignoring it, while Mrs. Cameron is like, “…yes?”

  24. Marni says:

    Mooch: “Does my butt make this dress look big?”

  25. AniMel says:

    Mooch: “that is simply gorgeous…can I get that pattern in upholstery?”

  26. Trish S says:

    They both are haters. It’s written all over their faces, how they carry themselves, right down to their subtle (to everyone but we TAMS) commentary. I pity them.

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