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Happy weekend everyone. Here’s a post for your thoughts and anything else in the news that’s stuck in your craw 😉 I’ll start, but don’t feel limited to commenting on my linkage. I’m curious to see what’s on your mind, too.

Tammy Radio–No “Weekend Update.” Doc says vocal cords inflamed or something. Voice rest ordered, but will be good to go Monday. And will continue to kick liberal ass on the interwebtubes.

Sarah Palin: Last Frontier Women Don’t Tolerate Misogynists

Treyvon Martin shooting: Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

Liar. Obama: Oil production ‘key part’ of my energy plan

My tweet on this issue:

Coverage of Chicago’s 10 murders last weekend

Japanese ghost ship lost in tsunami drifts to B.C. coast

Penn State Update: Report: Psychologist called Sandusky ‘likely pedophile’ in 1998, years before he was arrested

>>>Hope you don’t mind, Tammy, I’d like to add this up here. (h/t to Kat in Tam Wire) —-Pat_s

Our sincere president

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  1. TheGreenHornet says:

    Happy weekend to you too Tammy, and all the TAMS. My wife and I went to see Glenn Beck on his “Unelectable 2 Tour”, in Tampa last night. Very, very funny. When I see people who still love this country, who want the Constitution restored, and want to take this country back from the enemy within, it gives some hope that we can do it. We may not all agree completely on a lot of issues, but at least we are not the left. I have been to a few events like this, and it’s really nice meeting other people that feel like I do. I would really like to someday, have some sort of TAM meet up. I’m sure it would be quite interesting. Thanks.

  2. LucyLadley says:

    This weekend the current events have not stopped. I’ve spent a reflective weekend reading The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. Most TAMS have probably already read it. It is about prophesy from Isaiah 9:10 & how it came about in ancient Israel with the Assyrians & how it overlaps with America. It is profound & I feel a must read for citizens of the USA that love our country.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    Good Evening Weekend Updaters!

    My contribution is the MF-Global Scandal, featuring the BFF of ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden, et al., Jon Corzine. Here’s the latest news plus an excellent explanation by the Top Notch Senior Reporter of FBN, Charles Gasparino(his book, Bought and Paid for, is a great read, btw):

    Recall during his testimony, under oath, he played dumb.

    Open Question: How can these people be so rich, yet be so stupid, lack common sense and business ethics?

    posted 3/24 920pm Texas[Where the Money, Jon?] Time

  4. Acumbent says:

    I’ve always loved your pipes from the very first time I heard you fill in for Laura Ingraham. Do all you need to take care of yourself -you’re worth waiting for. 🙂 ‘Looking very forward to Monday since I’m on “staycation” and get to be in Chat!!! Thanks whole big bunches.

  5. ancientwrrior says:

    Get well quick dear lady. Listening to you is a daily part of my life and not hearing you feels like something is missing. Give your furry friends a hug for me.

  6. Shifra says:

    Tammy’s voice needs to be insured by Lloyd’s of London — for 50 million dollars.

  7. aardvark says:

    AJC Finds Suspicious Test Scores Nationwide >>
    [driven by “No Child Left Behind” & “Race to the Top”].

    “Teaching to the test” doesn’t work*, it just leads to this. Thanks to the all-powerful NEA, teachers may have jobs-for-life, but the districts don’t have guaranteed Fed-money-for-life (read: your tax $) unless they perform — or make it look as if they do. Look at the generalized decline in education since the emphasis on standardized scores began. I could write tons more, but have a nasty headache. Y’all have a restful weekend – we have a big fight ahead to retake what’s left of our country! #tbrs #homeschool

    * among numerous possibilities for further reading on the failure of teaching to the test

  8. Patricia says:

    Please take care of yourself Tammy – we need our General healthy 😉

    This administration is so corrupt we all know this, but I am constantly amazed to what extent they will go. A trial has not been held for Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, but Obama decides to throw money at the ‘victims’ anyway: Afghan official: US paid $50,000 to families of each victim in shooting spree

    And get this New York City-funded group teaching homeless how to invade apartments. Two weeks ago, board member Andres Perez held a teach-in on how to wrest “control” of vacant apartments. He called it “homesteading.”

    “The best time to enter a building is in the late hours,” he advised a group of about 20, who gathered in front of the half-empty East New York housing complex Arlington Village. “You make sure you have your proper tools. You remove the chains and padlock, and then you go in.”

    November 2012 cannot get here fast enough…

  9. Patricia says:

    Prayers, good vibes, Maypole dances, Isis – ohhmmm ohmmm for Dick Cheney who underwent heart transplant surgery last evening. Cheney, who is in intensive care, expressed his thanks to the teams of doctors and other medical professionals at Inova Fairfax and at George Washington University Hospital, where he also has been treated, for their “continued outstanding care.

  10. LucyLadley says:

    Kat & Pat S liked the “Sincere” video! Thanks for sharing! I passed it on.

  11. TX Soldier254 says:

    Tammy, a few shots of “Wild Turkey” mixed with Lemon Juice should do the trick 🙂

    Now let’s see:

    Major Nidal Hasan (The Fort Hood Islamic Mass Killer) is considered by Obama and his Administration as “Work Place Violence”, currently residing at the Bell County Jail with full pay and benefits for the past 2yrs.

    Staff Sargent Bales (PTSD/TBI /Partial Amputee/Combat Soldier/ Afghanistan Tragedy) is not being considered by Obama and his Administration as “Work Place Violence”, currently residing at Fort Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, pay and benefits unknown.

    This appears to be an Obama Double Standard:
    Unarmed US Soldiers vs. Afghanistan Civilians

  12. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Take care Tammy, rest, do something fun. Anyone on twitter, I’m TAMjeanee for awhile my computer died. Trying to wrk this tablet, need my avatar, my fingers are all thumbs, yikes! There’s so much crap going on, need to fight back 🙂

  13. Alain41 says:

    Below link is to 3/25/12 NY Post book review section. Review of book on WWII story: Werner Goering (nephew of Hermann Goering) was an Allied pilot flying for the Hell’s Angels flight wing. His co-pilot had orders from the FBI to kill him if he saw any signs of defecting/treason on the part of Werner.

    Werner’s family moved to Salt Lake when he was 11 months old. Family was poor and father worked for the Mormon church (they converted to Mormonism). I don’t believe the author meant telling the story as an allegory for Mormonism defeating Fascism, but the Universe has strange coincidences that appear at the right time.

    (Etc.; just listened to the 3/20, first day of Spring, TBRS. GREAT 1 !)

  14. I wanted to chime in a bit on the Dumb Bastard’s purposely lazy comments regarding our long time allies while meeting their leaders in front of the press.

    I can’t fault him for the “one of our strongest and closest allies” part of it, but would it hurt to site a few things that each country has done in regards to cooperating with the US, instead of the lame boxing metaphor? What happened to “Smart Power”? Diplomacy was supposed to be his fotre’. This is just sloppy and lazy on his part and his staff. Of course he does this on purpose. Search for Dinesh D’Souza – Obama & 2016 on Youtube.

    …and what’s up with reminding a country about how small they are while their leader sits right next to you in front of the press!? The “punching above their weight” line is a totally back handed compliment in this context. It’s like Frank Dreben in the Naked Gun announcing at the dinner for the Queen of England, “No matter how silly the idea of having a Queen may be to us, as American’s we must be kind and gracious hosts.” Translated into DumbBastese, “Even though you are small and utterly insignificant, we think you do a heck of a job doing what ever it is that you do over there.”

    BO is terrible at maintaining our relationships with our allies. I wish the guy on the Danish Detektor show would round up some similar clips of the Pres meeting with 3rd world nations, plus Brazil, China. I bet he sings their praises in great detail.


    While all of these countries mentioned are truly fine places to live, the only small country that truly punches above its weight is Sweden. Besides countless world class companies, (Volvo, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Electrolux, Scania, Hennes & Mauritz, IKEA, Nordea, Saab-R.I.P) they have managed to develop their own nuclear power, their own fighter jets, and their own main battle tanks(up until recently now they lease German Tanks), and make their own cars. They produce generation after generation of world renown musicians/bands. And from what I have scene over the years, they keep trying to re-invent just about everything, including the wheel;)

    They even have their own Institute of “Swedish” Standards. he he that one really makes my smile/laugh. All of this and they still manage to cram a whole heaping lot of socialism down the throats of the population. These guys can do anything or at least are not afraid to try. OK enough kissing up to the Swedes for one post. Tune in next week to find out that the Swedish Bikini Team does not really exist:( I know I can find some obvious things to complain about (Socialized Medicine) but they truly out perform the norms for countries of their size.

  15. Teri says:

    Add Jesse Jackass and Al Tawana Sharpton in with Obama on speaking out only when they can profit somehow from the situation, acting stupidly.. Jesse and Al should be camped out in Chicago asking the same questions and being 10 times more outraged at those murders. They are shameless race baiters. And when is Jesse Jackson going to hire a translator so we can understand WTF he is saying ?

    On a lighter note, I took 3 naps this rainy weekend and made my cannelloni 🙂 Oh Tammy, I bought some Creme Brulee and English Toffee black tea and they are most delectable !

  16. deaves1 says:

    America is going through some very crazy times. The entire Arab world is going up in flames, gas prices are nearly $5 a gallon, unemployment rate is nearly 10%, regardless what the WH says, loss of respect for America is at an all time high. Yet this President decides to latch on to a murder in FL. This is all to stir up unrest and civil disobedious. He’s a community organizer and that’s how they make their living. Stir up the masses and convince them, they are all victims. How did we get here? Easy, congress failed to do their job in ’08. They allowed a candidate that no one knew anything about, run for president without vetting him. Senator McRino bears some of the blame here. He did not want to campaign the way he should have to win. He’s set for life. Not so for the struggling masses who are breaking their backs to keep a roof over their head, food on the table for their family, and security in not only employment, but National Security as well.
    We the People have got to pull together and do everything we can to make sure this president does not keep his job. We must also after obama is out, set out to hold everyone responsible for allowing this to happen to America accountable for their actions. I’m not a vindictive person, but I feel with all my heart, our children and grand children have been wronged by these establishment politicians, they should answer to We the People.

  17. ron982 says:

    Check out the adverse results of root canals before proceeding.

  18. fortress112 says:

    How did we get here? Good question, no quick smart answer.

    I suppose in the end it all comes back to us, the citizen. For well over a century the Left has been moving us in this direction, by little bits and by an occasional leap.

    The desire by Woodrow Wilson to create the League of Nations to begin to diminish soveriegnty for a noble cause, to FDR’s Supreme Court telling a farmer his own wheat was able to be regulated by the Commerce Clause even though it was for his own use, to all the legislation for the good of children and of course our security.

    The list is endless, the point is that each of us has allowed a “few” to become the “ruling class,” and they not only like the idea but believe now in their execptionalism. This along with the ability to legaly steal our wealth has presented to them a power unimaginable before in history.

    This group of CO’s now has all the agencies and power of the United States to move forward it purpose. The task is daunting, but it is not beyond our ability to do.

    First and foremost we can no longer give our authority to a few for extended terms, that day is over. Second, and most important is this “elite class” must be made an example of so the results of this coming revolution does not fade easily from the minds of those wishing to serve.

    I have been at a loss since Gov. Palin stepped out of the fray but I cannot let this muddy the task at hand. We must come together, must show passion, and must be willing to pick up the standard when it falls from another’s hand.

    Our opponent’s do not believe in “We the People,” as Tammy always say’s “keep your powder dry,” because in my heart I can feel the intensity of our unified will; a will that will not let our posterity live with the despair of our failure. “Allons.”

  19. RedMoonProject says:

    Long live the Swedish Bikini Team. 😉

    Larry Kudlow of CNBC and National Review brings us this article in which he looks at just how conservative Romney is and argues that the primary process has helped to make him a more conservative and focused candidate. (where have I heard this argument before?) He also looks at how Paul Ryan’s budget plan will affect Romney’s campaign against Obama.

    And for some non-political fun, here is a site where you can see the positions of the moon and the planets:

  20. Artgal says:

    I would just like to pipe in regarding commentary earlier this week involving Rep. Terri Proud of Arizona.

    Allow me to tell you about Rep. Proud. She has been a very good friend of mine over the last few years. She is 40, a single mother who has worked to help women suffering from domestic abuse, and she ran for office to do what is right – not what is politically expedient. So when I hear her words being misrepresented, yes – I will defend her!

    It bothered me a great deal to hear only a fragment of Rep. Proud’s story being highlighted on the show earlier this week. Let me place some perspective on the matter.

    Rep. Proud’s comments (wherein she suggested legislation making it mandatory that a woman watch an abortion before having one) were in a letter sent to a constituent after the individual contacted Proud asking her to vote against legislation which would forbid abortions after the 20th week. Most Americans are opposed to late term abortions. My question is: Why is THAT part of the story not being told – only Proud’s response?

    Proud was NOT making a public statement during an election year (and quite frankly, so what if she was?). Why doesn’t someone ask why the constituent made the letter public in the first place and made sure HuffyPost reported on it more than once this past week?

    Not every woman (especially a very young woman of 13,14,15, etc.) is given full disclosure on abortion. Keeping relevant information from a woman or girl who is about to undergo a life-altering ‘procedure’ (and a life-ending one for the unborn child – and sometimes the mother, too!) does more to keep her in the dark and victimized than anything Proud suggested. Frankly, I look at Proud’s THOUGHTS on viewing an abortion as very empowering for women and girls: it gives them full disclosure and knowledge on what they are consenting to.

    All Proud has suggested is that we lift the thin veil of denial by facing the truth of what an abortion truly is. Roe vs. Wade determined the unborn child has no right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; those unalienable rights are now left to representatives such as Proud to defend – or rather, to uphold. The laws protecting unborn lives in every state were dismantled in 1973 by an activist court; therefore, it will take overturning The Law in order to restore a state’s authority on the issue.

    Interesting the media has failed to report the threats placed on Rep. Proud especially since those threats obviously violate ‘civil discourse’ in Tucson. Not too surprising to see those so offended by legislation protecting an unborn child from suffering an unnecessary, grizzly death now threatening to perform bodily harm against another human being – Rep. Terri Proud.

  21. Alain41 says:

    Good column by Mark Steyn on the Justice Dept. hiding of evidence abuse that would have helped the defense of John Demjanjuk including an FBI written statement that the Nazi concentration (death) camp ID card that was the main evidence against him, was likely a Soviet fabrication.

  22. Alain41 says:

    Iconic Japanese paintings to be shown in Washington for a month starting Friday. Paintings are rarely shown in Japan and I believe that this is the first (and only) showing outside Japan.

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