Yesterday, as I am inclined to, I lightly and snarkily Tweeted a response to a supportive Tweep who said I should be guest hosting the “O’Reilly Factor.” Here’s the Tweet:

First, the “I’ve been told…” you can add “by a friend of mine.” Bwahaha! I think that bursts a few liberal bubbles out there. With only 140 characters, one is so limited! (Can I collect your Fox Hating Tears of Sadness for my coffee? I love the bittersweet taste of them).

You know, I’ve never even asked to host the Factor (or any other show at Fox), and no one at Fox ever told me I couldn’t. I do find the sudden interest in my career by the Left to be…amusing. Considering Media Matters has multiple pages involved in bashing me one might argue they’re the ones who prefer conservative gays are not seen or heard.

Considering the problems liberals have with Obama’s War on Women, Class Warfare and his shameless (and disgustingly insincere) pandering to the Gay community, you’d think they’d have better things to do than latch onto a Tweet of mine as some nefarious statement about Fox News. But lo and behold, I get an email from a young man at Media Matters who, obsessed with hating Fox (apparently a job requirement over there), all hot and bothered, thinking he has a ‘scoop’ on his hands.

I’m sorry to have to disappoint him. I do have a few suggestions for everyone on the left, including to more than a few of The Gheys, slobbering at the bit over this—look up the meaning of “Irony,” “Sarcasm,” and “Absurdity.” And let me say a few things about Fox to those who might be too young to know—when Fox News hired me years ago the entire crew over there knew they were putting the first openly gay person as a political contributor/commentator on any television—cable or network. This is something I mention often and am pleased to have an excuse to state it again publicly.

I have a no-nonsense reputation and am not known for being a doormat, so the fact that I re-sign year after year after year with Fox News might indicate that I like them! And they seem to like me. Oooooooh! Weird for a bunch of H8ers! (Note for Liberals—this is called “sarcasm”).

So for all you liberals out there hating Fox, we know you make things up, but you’re not going to do it at my expense, or the expense of a network that was willing to hire an openly gay woman before anyone else in television. Will this appear on Media Matters? Since it doesn’t fit their “We Hate Fox Meme of the Day,” likely not. And they certainly don’t want the truth about Fox to somehow sneak out amongst the hippies.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Go get’em Tammy. With Shaft playing in the background of course.

    On a similar big freakin deal note: I’d love to fill in for Joe Biden, but I’ve been told that it’ll never happen because I’m coherent. Go figure…

    Come and get me Soros coppers!

  2. Shifra says:

    Alain41 — Just get roarin’ drunk, and you will be a perfect fill-in for our esteemed VP 🙂

    The problem with Libs is that they do not understand nuance. Black and white, they see. Areas of gray? not so much….

  3. trevy says:

    Fox News discriminates against me just because I’m a middle-aged, hetrosexual, Caucasian, Christian, man!

    Oh, by the by, I’m being sarcastic.

  4. RuBegonia says:

    @BarackObama just tweeted this: President Obama has appointed more than 250 openly LGBT professionals to his administration—more than all previous U.S. presidents combined. Must be some of those created/saved jobs.

  5. imacat says:

    Tammy, my guess is Fox doesn’t call you more often because you’re pro-choice and brunette. As for liberals, most have never progressed beyond childish concrete-thinking, which accounts for how humorless and judgemental they are.

  6. Maynard says:

    As they used to say on South Park: “Oh my God! They outed Tammy! You bastards!” Or something like that.

  7. midget says:

    I would love to hear you host the Factor where you could get more than 2 sentences out compared to the libs who are allowed to drone on.

  8. AniMel says:

    Tammy – you’re GAY?!? That changes everything. I’m so disappointed.

  9. dennisl59 says:

    Request: Whenever you ‘rollover/swipe’ the LOL emoticon with the cursor, we should hear the sound of Tammy laughing…

    posted 5/24 650pm Texas[Hardy,Har Har]Time

  10. […] Matters and AMERICAblog picked up the “story” and ran with it, prompting Bruce to respond on her blog. Newsflash: Liberals Confirm They Have No Sense of Humor or Irony #tbrs— Tammy […]

  11. Ben says:


  12. IloiloKano says:

    I love me some Tammy! Oh, wait. You’re gay? Nevermind.

  13. Brontefan says:

    I think you’re terrific and could host any show you choose. I happen to like the O’Reilly show, but sometimes the host is annoying. One of the perks is that I occasionally see you on the Factor. Your tenacious grasp of COMMON SENSE is overwhelmingly refreshing. I love to listen to your show whenever I get the chance!

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