It’s obvious with last week’s Time cover featuring the breast-feeding of a 4-year-old and now this tripe, both magazines illustrate what ‘dying-throes’ look like for the increasingly irrelevant and plain stupid Lamestream Media. With the media slipping on its own slobber over Obama, it’s clear how pathetic the entire situation is. so I think it’s time to address why the Chicago Jesus suddenly went Gay for Pay. I’m happy to provide that analysis to you 🙂 It turns out it’s more Gay for Pay, a Legacy and a Job After I’m Fired.

The following revelation come from a dinner conversation at a fancy restaurant last night (she’s a 1percenter, I’m proudly Friends with 1percenters 😉 In the midst of some complaining about Obama, the conversation naturally turned to him becoming Gay for Pay, a phrase normally used for heterosexual young male hustlers who are willing to sleep with men if the price is right. Obama’s sudden support for gay marriage, and the fundraising-mania surrounding his confession, makes the phrase unfortunately apt for the Preezy of the United Steezy.

That said, we then wondered why Obama would really do it. We know he doesn’t give a damn about the issue, and oh sure, he’ll get a bit more cash from the left, but it really won’t even make a dent in what he wants to fund-raise or plans on spending. None of the swing-states at risk during the election were hanging by a thread on this issue (to say the least), and in fact this will likely hurt him in at least North Carolina and Virginia.

Then it dawned on me–Obama’s internal polls must show him losing to Romney, and handily. The latest Rasmussen certainly show the Golfer-in-Chief in trouble and behind the GOP nom. He must realize it’s over and is now simply looking to establish his “legacy,” while reinforcing leftist relationships he desperately wants to keep–like with Hollywood–after we kick his ass to the curb. For an obsessed, cynical and narcissistic president like Obama, he only makes moves that serve his agenda one way or another–and the only upside to this exists out of the White House. Liberal gays will vote for him anyway, and 1 in 6 of his top bundlers have already raised $500,000+ for him. I believe he’s frantic to not have his legacy be the truth–one of disaster brought by narcissism and incompetence, he hopes this sort of story, covers like Newsweek, will be the thing that allows him to walk away at least within his liberal/leftist base as not a complete pariah.

Even more telling–throughout this conversation in the table next to us were a couple of gay men. When I declared my realization that Obama knew he was out, it was, well, a little louder than I would have liked. The two fellows next to us looked over, and as I expected some snarky remark back, they both just looked depressed and then down at their very French appetizers. They knew, too, that they were being played by Obama and that as gays we were all now being saddled with a gigantic “gay friendly” failure of a Preezy.

That’s my take–Obama’s now thinking legacy and a job, and who’s gonna pay for that Obama Library in Chicago. Hey, liberal Hollywood and establishment gays sure do have lots of money and shouldn’t they give it to the First Gay President as opposed to the First President Who Really Hated the Country? And maybe with this little “evolution” the Obamas will be able to throw their own parties and still have people attend. Considering the people he’s pandering to, he better invite some of those union people to the dance parties he’ll be throwing at Katherine Hepburn’s mansion in Connecticut.

Me? I’ll sending over a Gracious Parting Gift on November 7th–a Disco Ball and CD of Studio 54’s Greatest Hits.

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  1. greenlantern2011 says:

    Well, Kate, guess who’s coming to stay!

    Makes sense, Tammy. I thought maybe the Newsweek cover was a terrible miscalculation, but now he is doubling down (so to speak) on the gay by going on The View. This is a great way for him to take credit for really doing nuttin’. I’ll bet he is salivating at the prospect of getting more of the brainless adulation he adores. He’ll retire a gay cultural icon!

  2. Shifra says:

    Random thoughts on Tammy’s most excellent post:

    Is Obama “out” — or “out of his mind” ?

    What is that rainbow halo/flying saucer thing on his head? Is this a poster from “Lost in Space” ?

    Next Evolving Obama Opinion: “If I had a son, he would not look like Trayvon; he would probably look like Elena Kagan.”

  3. MaryVal says:

    Imagine what the Islamic radicals will do with this.

    • geezee says:

      I agree! No one mentions this! NO WONDER we read today that Iran selling arms to Syria & ignoring agreement with Obama. he is a ZERO to them, invisible.

      YA KNOW, I’M STARTING TO FEEL SORRY FOR THE PREEZY! He can’t get a date no how!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    It was a long Sunday with no access to the website due to the internet explorer issue. I was thrilled to wake up this morning and FINALLY log on- What an excellent piece… It should run in every newspaper as a full page ad! Ru Paul says “all sins are forgiven once you start making a lot of money”? Our Preezy can only hope that’s the case. As a (Coulter coffee mug carrying) Homocon I can only tip my hat to Tammy and close with a big ole “Hallelu”!

  5. midget says:

    Tammy, I seldom disagree with you, however, I feel that Obama knows he already has won. If you factor in what he said to a world leader, “when I’m re-elected” and the fact that he made an executive order that bypassed congress to hire a company in Spain (socialist country), that is associated with G. Soros, to count the votes overseas, you have to wonder. Joe Stalin once said ” It doesnt matter how many voted but who counts the votes.” By bashing marriage, he just wanted to put another nail in Americas coffin.

  6. midget says:

    P.S. I still hope that Moochelle gets her wish to walk out the front door and never come back on Jan 20 2013 taking Barry with her…

    • Charles_TX says:

      I’d prefer that Mooch and the DB get the Dalai Lama treatment: out the backdoor past the garbage and into a taxi. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Romney’s don’t seem to have my mean, vindictive streak.

  7. Shifra says:

    My comments above were offered under somewhat sleep-deprived conditions. I would now like to offer a more sober assessment: I worry that this may have been a brilliant move on the DB’s part – Why? Because we are now having a “National Discussion” on gay marriage – and the horrible economy, his failed policies, the horror/hype/hoax of Obamacare, the *real* unemployment figures? Off the table.

    I hope Tammy is right. I hope this is the move of a desperate, failed POTUS….

  8. PopArt says:

    I am maintaining my optimism though Shifra and midget make valid points. Yes, this is one mega-sized bright shiny object but the Dumb Bastard can’t keep even this doosy of a bright balloon up in the air as the prime issue all the way to November. I have faith there will be enough people diligently working to force the economy back into the forefront of the campaign and also be on the lookout for the next giant hot-air filled bauble Obama will launch in the air to distract.

    I’m also hopeful that while they felt obligated to comment on it, both Romney and Reince Priebus seem to be addressing this in a fairly rational way and not giving in to the hysterics that Rick Insanitarium would like to see happen. But again the Tea Party and the rational wing of the GOP NEED to buckle down and push the economic issues back into the national discussion.

    And if this East Coast gay who has spoken up for gay rights over the years can understand that it remains “the economy, stupid” , the majority of the rest of the electorate feel the same and will vote accordingly.

  9. Mkironman says:

    I’m with MaryVal.
    Just think what the Islamic fundamentalists are doing sitting in their caves thinking how were getting weaker and then the President of United States makes this issue a platform for discussion? I believe it this just helps their recruitment and hatred for America

  10. _CarrieP says:


    I had a similar revelation with one of my ‘political junkie’ friends on Friday. We expored as many ‘Why would he do this?’ answers as we could.

    We came to a similar conclusion – although not as well-thought out with Preezy library and all – but that the DB knows it’s over for him. It’s over.

    Any one of our dogs could run against the DB in November and the DB’s gonna lose and he simply knows it.

    This is NOT good, not good at all. Why?

    Because Lame Duck Session started last week, the day he made this announcement.

    He doesn’t just have from November to January to really screw us – he has 7-8 months to really, really screw us – and it won’t be silly things like removing the W’s from the WH keyboards. It will be monumental things like changing the code to “the suitcase” and then not telling anyone they did it, kind of stuff.

  11. greenlantern2011 says:

    There is an old Chinese saying, “Even happy turns of events come in a form that at first seems strange to us”. Then there’s another more American colloquialism: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

    Remember when some of us used to be Dems and we said the same things about Bush/Cheney: They will never leave the WH, they will declare martial law, suspend all elections and stay forever! Well, now I kind of think that would’ve been better for us, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

  12. Alain41 says:

    Speaking of Bill Clinton, BHO, and Mitt; so the first Black President, the first Gay President, and the first Mormon President walk into a bar…

    Which one will actually mean it when he says, how are you?

  13. strider says:

    Portrait of a hoaxster.

  14. BronzeStarNamVet says:

    He’s known by many names. Because of his rainbow halo can we now refer to him as President GayLo?

  15. naga5 says:

    i kinda get that this may be a deperate legacy saving move.
    it will tarnish his brand with all the black churches. he’s already meeting with them to spin it his direction. good luck with that.
    but what of the muslims and their money? i’m pretty sure they don’t like the gheys, or women for that matter. has he hitched his unicorn to hollywood instead of mecca?

  16. JuanitaDugas says:

    Pathetic desperation!

  17. shellym says:

    Interesting conclusion & one that I’d certainly like to be the case. I’m just thinking about the time between now & November and what could happen when his breathtaking arrogance, disdain for the country & desperation to hold power are fully wielded. Mix in our lying, complicit boot-licking media…. we’ve only seen a tip of this iceberg, IMHO

  18. Pat_S says:

    The New Yorker has a special cover also. Rainbow White house pillars.

    Cover Story: Obama’s Gay-Marriage Announcement

    IBD remembers how in 2008 anything other than the economy was a distraction.

    Obama’s Views on Distraction Have Evolved, Too

  19. Paul Anderson says:

    I guess Im stupid. But why the halo? Shouldn’t it be a rainbow?

  20. Paul Anderson says:

    Shiny object people! Keep your eye on the ball…..

  21. Trish S says:

    I think Tammy’s scenario makes sense. Also, BO’s narcissism may help soften the blow in the end with regards to how much real damage he can do from now until January. Who knows. He is a loose cannon in many ways and totally predictable on the other hand. I blame his mother. She was no Ann Romney:)

    Right now, we can follow Andrew Breitbart’s example and be citizen journalists, passing any news tips to the Breitbart site. Twitter is a great way to pass along and move the truth *forward.* We need to weaken the LSM. We can not let them or BO direct the narrative. WE ARE THE TAMMY ARMY and we aren’t victims! Screw DC!

  22. AniMel says:

    Tammy, I don’t know how you feel about it, but as a lesbian myself I’m actually quite offended that they’re calling him the “first gay President.” It’s an embarrassment. The fact that he’d wear that mantle proudly is the most disgusting part in all of this mess.

  23. MaryVal says:

    Obama has actually managed to divide the Black community about supporting him. Amazing. It’s a reverse Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to (something other than gold). Starts with the letter *s*. Obama’s legacy: Division and strife. Military defeat. Economic collapse. Erosion of freedom. Encouragement of our enemies. I can hardly wait to vote against him again.

  24. Alain41 says:

    Mark Steyn shout out to Tammy. And alternative views on BHO’s reason.

  25. […]  Well, he didn’t quite give a speech when he, as Tammy Bruce put it, became the first “gay for pay” president.  His words, on that occasion, did indeed have a powerful effect, helping the […]

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